Four Bellator 127 Fighters Fail Drug Tests; Bellator Issues Stern Statement

October 31, 2014
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Four fighters from Bellator 127 have failed their post-fight drug tests. Bellator 127: Straus vs. Wilcox took place on Oct. 3 in Temecula, Calif.

Bellator officials on Friday confirmed the four failures following an initial report by, citing information from the California State Athletic Commission. CSAC executive director Andy Foster also confirmed the news to

All 22 fighters on the card were drug tested, according to Bellator. Keith Berry, Nick Moghaddam, Rob Emerson, and Fernando Gonzalez were the ones who tested positive for banned substances.

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Berry and Moghaddam both tested positive for marijuana and an elevated testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio exceeding California’s limit of 4-to-1. Gonzalez also tested positive for marijuana. Emerson, meanwhile, tested positive for Modafinil, a substance that improves cognitive functioning, wakefulness, and energy, according to the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

The CSAC has yet to hand down sanctions for the failed drug tests. Bellator president Scott Coker, however, on Friday issued a stern statement in support of California’s drug testing efforts.

“I want to make very clear that under new management, Bellator will simply not stand for performance enhancing drugs inside our cage,” Coker said. “We fully support the California State Athletic Commission in their process, and stand by any disciplinary action handed out by Commissioner Andy Foster and the CSAC. Fans, media and our athletes need to have a clear understanding that drug use will simply not be tolerated by Bellator.”

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  • Seth

    It will not be tolerated…yet Bellator itself won’t punish those guys. Why Im not shocked by that? I don’t blame two of those guys for being high – you HAVE to be high to work for Viacom as MMA Fighter…

  • TheCerealKiller

    It’s the minor league and the fights are fake. Bonnar is a roider and they are putting him up as a main event! Bellator makes it hard to convince people that MMA is real.

    • r

      Pro MMA is not real. Look how the match-ups are manipulated in the UFC. Even if the fighters are unaware, which is doubtful in every case, the UFC has too much control, and there is too much money on the line for it to be legitimate. It is entertainment, just like a movie, a song, or pro wrestling. Its still fun to watch, don’t get me wrong, and the athletes are incredible. But many of the outcomes are heavily influenced, or outright predetermined.

      • Alex

        Either you can give the example, or you’re just a moron talking rubbish.

        • R

          Bonnar vs Silva is the most obvious, that fight was a freak show!
          There are many others, but that one sticks out in my mind.
          One more thing, do you believe in Santa Clause too?

          • Alex

            Nope, there aren’t”many others”, that’s the only one you have in your mind, and you know why it happened – because no one wanted to fight Anderson and without him card would’ve had no headliner at all.

            You teens with your conspiracy theories are pathetic LOL

          • R

            That’s a funny excuse you came up with. I would fight Anderson Silva for half of what Bonnar got, and I’m not even a fighter. I would take a dive, and hopefully the referee would save my life.

            I doubt pro fighters would turn down a payday like that, plus they get a chance to KO the champion.

            You asked for an example, and I gave you one. That still isn’t good enough, fine, you can keep your head buried in the sand.

            Marketable fighters get a fast track, that includes favorable match ups, which makes the sport less legitimate.

            There are many small things that add up, there is no single reason the sport has been compromised, unless you count money as the root of all these problems.

            One other thing, chill out with the venemous personal attacks, that is unnecessary, and immature.

          • Alex

            The only reason you would accept the fight with Spider is because you already have a permanent brain damage LOL.

            Fighters are scared to fight an opponent of Silva’s, or Jones’ caliber on a short notice, that’s a known fact whether you like it or not, moron.

            So you TRIED to bring an example, and I shoved straight into your stupid face why your example is BAD. Any other attempts to be smart?
            Or you will just claim to be butthurt that I go too rough on you? LOL

          • r

            You are funny. I gave you an example, and you made excuses.

            I’m telling you to chill with the vitriol because there is not reason for it, it makes you appear unlearned.

            I’m glad you believe in the ufc.
            Have a nice day.

          • Alex

            You gave me an example, I proved that the example is bad, I rest my case, and you’re butthurt LOL.

            You may confuse UFC to WWE, but it’s OK for you to do because you clearly haven’t hit puberty yet LOL

          • r

            You proved nothing, other than your own insecurity.

            Lashing out with childish insults is a defense mechanism.

            Its okay to believe in things like the UFC.

            Hell, I’m sure you enjoy it more than most, if you believe.

            If you are one of the sheep that pays for it, then you might actually be getting your moneys worth.

          • Alex

            I proved everything, and you have no way to counter it, that’s why you act all butthurt.
            Yes, I insult you because you deserve it, but also I shove the truth to your face.
            You, on the other hand, are just butthurt and cannot even stay ontopic.
            You have a weak and fragile mind, and thus full of conspiracy theories crap about the UFC.

            I might spend my.moneyon the UFC, but that’s only because I have this money, unlike you, living on your mama’s couch LOL

          • r

            There is nothing to counter.

            You hurtled insults, and provided your narrow minded opinions. You sound like a sociopath, or an egocentric.

            What did I do to make you think I deserve to be insulted?

            The topic is that the UFC is not legitimate. If anything, you changed topics by insulting me. Does that mean you are butthurt, and deserve to be insulted too? By your own standards, I would say so. LOL.

          • Alex

            You haven’t brought any proof of UFC’s illegitimacy.
            The only pathetic attempt of that was crushed by me.
            If you think my opinion was narrow minded, you could’ve tried to counter it, but you can not, and instead you’re just butthurt because I pwned you.

            Insults? Take them or ignore them, you crybaby, and stay ontopic

          • r

            You didn’t answer me: What did I do to make you think I deserve to be insulted?

            You declared yourself the winner in an argument, congratulations! Your only point is that fighters are “scared” to fight the champ on short notice. Which you claim is a known fact. I can think of an instance where the champ was scared to fight the challenger on short notice. Jon Jones vs. Chael Sonnen UFC 151. Jon Jones turned down the fight with eight days notice. Ironically, Machida, turned down a short notice fight with Jones on the same card. The event was cancelled because of the main event loss. There are instances of both, so the facts don’t support your absolutist opinion very well…

            Like I said, there is really nothing to counter, you are just yelling and shaking your fist like a belligerent drunk, pretending that correlation equals causation. Rather uncouth.

            The UFC proves themselves to be illegitimate, I don’t have to do anything.

            Its cool if you believe Alex, I do not. You don’t have to get so upset and defensive.

          • Alex

            Well exactly moron, you prove my point here.
            Machida was scared to fight Jones. Jones was scared to fight Sonnen.
            It happens
            Do you think that if Bonnar would’ve agreed to fight Jones and Jones would’ve agreed to fight Bonnar, they wouldn’t arrange it? Of course they would! And the fight would’ve sold tickets.
            So they arranged Silva vs Bonnar, because they had no other options. Duh!

            That’s why that was a stupid example, and that’s why you need to be spanked a little – you’re too slow and I need to explain it to you step by step, like you’re a retarded child. So how would you wish me to call you? LOL

          • r

            Like I said, you are confusing correlation with causation. You obviously do not know what that means.

            You need to read more books.

            There is no need to get so angry, it clouds your judgement.

          • Alex

            How is correlation and causation issue is related to the subject, you dumbo?
            It is a causation – Silva-Bonnar fight happened, because they had no other matchups and because others were scared crapless to fight Silva on a short notice.

            LOL you cannot even stay ontopic.

          • r

            You still don’t get it. You think the UFC is legitimate. It sounds like you are emotionally and financially invested in it. Good for you man. I bet it thrills you more than most, you are lucky in that sense, but very naive.

          • Alex

            The UFC is legitimate by definition.
            Prove it wrong. But you can not! The only example of yours failed and you fail to explain the cause-effect mixture that you claim I did.

            Less care about who I am and what I do, more try to be able to debate LOL

          • r

            I don’t have to, have you heard of Russell’s Teapot?
            Probably not. Look it up.

            Did you just take a debate class in high school or something, is that why you’re so hyped?

            You sound a lot less angry now, and that is good.

            What it comes down to is that you believe in the UFC, like a religious person believes in their faith. You are unwilling to question them, and that is unhealthy. See how quickly you directed your anger towards me when I questioned your faith?

            Going to the extremes can bring great joy, but also great sorrow. Moderation is the key to a balanced approach.

          • Alex

            LOL Russel teapot actually applies to your argument, dumbass, not mine.
            You said UFC is not legitimate.
            That is YOUR claim, YOUR teapot.
            And your fail to prove it.
            Im just sitting here and laughing at your foolish attempts to sound intelligent after you got schooled, especially it hurts your butt to get schooled by someone who totally disrespects your ability to comprehend LOL.

          • r

            You actually rushed to defend your teapot because I threatened it.
            You believe in the UFC, just like a teapot floating around Alpha Centauri.
            I suggested it may not exist, and you got very emotional.
            This whole time you have been defending your teapot: “The UFC is legitimate.”

            Are you a religious person by any chance?

          • r

            I guess you get it now. Don’t feel bad, everyone does/says stupid things every now and then, just don’t make it a habit. I forgive you.

      • Darin

        If you mean they match up a money machine like Conor McGregor with guys that will stand up with him so he has a better chance of winning, yes I agree. I don’t believe any UFC fight has a truly predetermined outcome.

        • Alex

          If you can’t get someone down, it’s your problem – not your opponent’s and not UFC’s.
          Same if you can’t outstrike your opponent.

          Conor has fought and a top fighter and beat him much easier than Zombie and Swanson (who should’ve lost).
          Now he gets another top opponent, who called him out.

          Better chance of winning by fighting top opponents? Give me a freaking break kid, you are clueless LOL

  • Alex

    LOL Coker is full of crap, as usual.

    Probably forgot that Bonnar, despite his retirement, STILL hasn’t finished is suspension

  • Darin

    Coker is just taking Dana’s BS approach. Of course you “fully support” the punishment handed down by the athletic commission, what choice do you have? YOU aren’t punishing them at all! If you’re so strictly against drugged up fighters, fire them.