Forrest Griffin Wants You to Like Him (UFC 148 Video)

“For some reason, I want people to like me. It’s like a disease.”

Those are the words of Forrest Griffin as he heads into the rubber match with Tito Ortiz at UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen II.

Griffin and Ortiz are worlds apart in their approaches to fighting, but there is a mutual respect that shines through from both of them as they get ready to settle the score, and Ortiz prepares to head off into retirement.

Griffin fielded questions in an extended interview session at the UFC 148 open workouts in Las Vegas. Check out what he had to say…


  1. There is something about this guy that irritates me. He seems smug and full of himself, almost as if he thinks he is a legend already.

    I hope Tito smashes his face in and makes him cry like the bitch did when he lost to Anderson!

    • Why? I couldn’t care less about Forrest. At this point he is just a one hit wonder.

      But Tito is the most annoying character in the UFC.

      • Tito IS annoying, but Forrest just rubs me the wrong way. Probably more than Tito at this point.

        They are both completely insignificant at this point, but I want to see Forrest cry again. That was priceless.

  2. TKD…….

    Man are you ever tough sitting behind your keyboard lmfao….according to all you hypocrite d bags there would probably be 2 or 3 fighters worthy of being in the UFC. Yah Forrest only beat Rampage and Shogun among others and put on one of the best all time UFC fights that was a huge part of the popularity it now enjoys. But he’s a bum right??? lol. I would like to see you stand in there with Anderson or Forrest for 20 seconds. Thats what I thought!!!

    • Well, Spartacus, as a person smarter than a 1st grader (which you are clearly not), I will answer that. You have made one of the dumbest arguments ever by telling me to get in the ring with professionally trained fighters. I am not a trained UFC fighter. I have a job that keeps me from training all day long, so getting in the ring with guys that do this for a living might be stupid. I do have a 2nd degree black belt in taekwondo, but that is a world apart from what these guys train for. With me so far, stupid? Good.

      So, in a nutshell, I will say this: They would kick my ass in the ring, just as I would kick yours anywhere we meet. Got it, moron? Ok, now that you have made an ass of yourself, it is back to mommy’s basement for you, loser.

      • And there he goes again folks… Lashing out at people for living in mommy’s basement!!! TKD you are a joke bro, you couldn’t fight your way out of a wet paper sack you little punk! Why don’t you do the world a favor and go wash your mouth out with buckshot!!!! Get a life loser. Anyone who doesn’t like Forrest is a f-ing idiot, the dude saved the sport and was a world champ and aside from the embarrassing loss to Silva & the 2nd fight with Rua he has always been in wars. He must not be good looking enough for TKD or something!

      • No one was saying you could beat a pro fighter dickhead, they wanted to prove the point you’re a keyboard warrior, which they did. Forrest is a great fighter and is also down to earth and humble unlike some others.

  3. I like Forrest. Always have…always will. Since 2007 he hasn’t fought a single guy who didn’t at one point possess a UFC belt. He has defeated great fighters. And been smashed by them too. No shame in losing to the caliber opponent Forrest has faced in his career. Plus he’s a pretty smart, super funny guy. Tito is done and ready to move on. I think Forrest will win and have a few more fights left in him. Just because he will never be champion again doesn’t mean its time to hang up the gloves.