Forrest Griffin Tops UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen 2 Salaries

July 9, 2012
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UFC 148 may go down as one of the biggest cards of 2012 and the salaries for the mega-event certainly reflect that as well.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission released the salary information for the fighter at UFC 148 on Monday with co-main event fighter Forrest Griffin raking in the biggest payday.

Griffin topped the list with a $275,000 paycheck while his opponent Tito Ortiz, who retired following UFC 148, came in with a $250,000 payday.

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva came in just behind that with a $200,000 payday.

Just a reminder that these figures do not reflect unreported post fight bonuses or pay-per-view bonuses that some fighters earn


Anderson Silva – $200,000 (no win bonus)
Chael Sonnen – $50,000

Forrest Griffin – $275,000 ($150,000 win bonus)
Tito Ortiz – $250,000

Cung Le – $150,000 (no win bonus)
Patrick Cote – $21,000

Demian Maia – $96,000 ($48,000 win bonus)
Dong Hyun Kim – $44,000

Chad Mendes – $36,000 ($18,000 win bonus)
Cody McKenzie – $10,000

Mike Easton – $20,000 ($10,000 win bonus)
Ivan Menjivar – $13,000

Melvin Guillard – $72,000 ($36,000 win bonus)
Fabricio Camoes – $8,000

Khabib Nurmagomedov – $20,000 ($10,000 win bonus)
Gleison Tibau – $31,000

Costa Philippou – $32,000 ($16,000 win bonus)
Riki Fukuda – $28,000

Shane Roller – $46,000 ($23,000 win bonus)
John Alessio – $10,000

Rafaello Oliveira – $20,000 ($10,000 win bonus)
Yoislandy Izquierdo – $6,000

  • Now we know where he running…THE BANK, BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Forrest Griffin makes me sick.

    • TKD

      I feel the same way!

      • jonnypatrick

        You two sound like pussies.. You can hate on him but to say he makes you sick… Are you women or what?

  • Theses salaries are a joke really the guy that win make sometimes 3-4 times more then the loser.

    Sonnen 50k?

    • mrsister

      Chael sold real estate – I’m sure he had real estate deals where he received 20 – 30k at one time. Would he train, promote the way he did, (and most importantly) fight for 50k, and 100k, had he won?

      The answer is no. He wouldn’t.

      This guy is so sharp. He could do a lot of things in the business world that would drawf this reported payout.

      He’s doing well or he wouldn’t be spending his effort doing this.

      • mmaforever

        Chael selling real estate has nothing to do with this. It wouldnt matter if he worked for an 8 year old girl selling lemonade in his spare time. He is in the main event and both guys should be paid more money. I know there is sponsor money, ppv etc. but the base pay is way off when compared to many other sports.

  • shereko

    Don’t use this as a direct reflection, when the pay per view bonus’s kicked in I’m sure Silva and probably Sonnen were 1# and 2#…

    • Lesnardo

      yeah but even with the PPV bonus, these salaries are no where they should be.

      • MikeMc1983

        May I ask where you think they should be after ppv buys?

  • samflchr

    He should make that much he put on such a great performance. Not big eared fool

  • shereko

    Yeah pretty classy of him to bolt out of the ring as well… what a doucher

  • Lesnardo

    Should Demian Maia give Kim some money for that “win”???

  • samflchr

    Who else can Forrest even beat he couldn’t beat Tito he couldn’t beat rich Franklin he just laid on him for 3 rounds he is just a big name for UFC to make money off his fights suck the one with Bonnar was bloody and back forth because neither one of them have power he’s boring as shit to watch ?

    • jonnypatrick

      Sam you need to lay of the booze dude! Your comments are getting dumber as the day goes on! I realize you’re joking about Forrest not beating Tito & Rich, but to say he laid on them is just ******* stupid. He isn’t great at anything but the man putsd on some fights, I’ve been watching the sport for a long time and as many people I know that don’t like Forrest they have never said he is a boring fighter. In my opinion he beat Tito in all 3 fights, yeah Tito smashed him in the 1st round of their 1st fight but after that he did nothing.

  • pooby

    The most overpaid dude in the UFC. I don’t know anyone that buys a PPV to see a Forrest fight.

    I do think it is funny he has a monkey on his shirt. He acknowledges that he does in fact resemble a chimp.

    • jonnypatrick

      How is he overpaid? We wouldn’t be having these arguements or watching the UFC if it weren’t for Forrest & Stephan’s fight. Tito lost and almost made as much as Forrest. Hell Vitor Belfort was paid $275,000 to get KTFO by Silva and Silva only made $200,000. You don’t have to like Forrest but respect what he has done for the sport. That’s why he gets paid

      • MaritalArtist

        I’m sure Chael made a lot off the ppv sales. I wouldn’t go into the ring with Anderson for less than 500k!!

      • pooby

        I understand. Actually, Griffin vs. Bonnar is a big reason that I am a fan today.

        But honestly, Forrest has been milking that one fight for a very long time. Since then he beat a sick looking Shogun, and a Rampage who thought he was in a boxing match.

        It’s not so much that Forrest is overpaid, as much as everyone else is underpaid. Not long ago, Dana and Lorenzo in an interview (ESPN I think) stated that the UFC is bigger than the NFL, worldwide. I agree it is, so why isn’t fighter pay comensurate with that of NFL players?

      • shereko

        I try not to agree with jonnypatrick, but I totally agree on this point. You can’t fault anyone for getting paid too much… get as much as any one would possibly give you.

  • elguapo

    The more fights you’ve had with the UFC, the more you get paid. That’s why guillard and tibau got such fat cheques, they must be into double figures for UFC appearances, same goes for Forrest. Silva’s base salary looks a little low but there will be loads of bonuses etc written into his deal.

  • The best performance of UFC 148 goes to Cung Le’s agent.

  • joan

    I’m sure Burger king pay Silva more than half a million dollars.

    • Obarmarama

      Haha I keep forgetting that Anderson is sponsored by Burger King. I bet he’s never eaten that junk in his life. Why don’t they sponsor Roy Nelson? Forrest getting such a big pay cheque is a big joke, but I’d say the same applies to Tito. One of the worst ones I saw was Brandon Vera getting a fat pay cheque. How does Chael Sonnen only get 50k? I honestly thought that Silva would be getting a lot more too. I would have never bothered to download the event for free if Silva vs Sonnen weren’t on there. It wouldn’t surprise me if Chael has worked his earnings in this way as a form of tax avoidance, and that 200k is currently on a boat on it’s way to an offshore tax free haven.

      • shereko

        Actually Silva eats big macs and used to work at a McDonalds… and is also sponsored by Nike. He’s not poor.

  • kevinlowery

    OK HERE WE GO…FIRST OF ALL THE UFC IS THE GREATEST MMA ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD! Now in regards to the amounts paid to the fighters i think that some fighters obviously negotiate differently to maximize their payouts whether they win or lose. I know that DANA WHITE takes care of the top ranked and most popular fighters financially because they are the reasons why we watch UFC events. Anderson Silva’s salary is not indicative of other bonus cash that he will receive as a result of his performance and pay per view draw strength. Hell i only make 40k/year and would love to see $200k iny bank account because i fought someone(please hook me up DANA cause i need a car bad man! lol…seriously i do) So think about it folks…hell, these guys are still making good money if u look at it from the standpoint of how much actual time was spent to earn it. 3x5min rounds@275k=$18333/minute…HOW MANY MUTHAFOCKERS YOU KNOW THAT RAKES IN DOUGH LIKE THIS!!

    The defense rests it’s case!

  • bajafox

    Those numbers are for “Uncle Sam”

    What those guys really make will most likely never be released to the public.

  • D-rail

    The Ufc had probably paid Sonnen an undisclosed sales commision check on the side. Corporations of that size know how to take care of people that sell the shit out of a fight. $50k would be an insult to sonnen, and they’re well aware of that. The Fettitas are millionares, and classy dudes. As far as Forrest making that kind of $$ on a fight, I don’t get. I mean why not, if u can hustle that kind of love, and he’s got revenue from his book deal too. When comparing his numbers to sonnen’s, it clearly makes the UFC look like deusche bags for sure. Anderson clearly hit it out of the park with BK.Let me tell u, they must of spent an easy mil for sure.

  • mark-31

    It is sad when a bum like Maia gets almost double more than a main eventer and true warrior like Sonnen. I mean I know these numbers are just for tax purposes, but still.

    Does anyone remember when Maia fought Silva? That was perhaps one of the worst fights in UFC history because Maia was too scared to be in there.

    • elguapo

      Eh? Maia got paid $2k less than Sonnen, it’s just he won his fight so his salary doubled. You’ll notice that pretty much happens in every UFC fight except for a handful of fighters with different contractual stipulations. And what happened when the “bum” Maia fought the “true warrior” Sonnen? I think Maia won submission of the night for that triangle, should he have split his bonus with Chael because he played a part in it too?

  • elguapo

    Is Anderson actually sponsored by Burger King? I thought he was wearing a Brazilian soccer shirt (Corinthians I think) to the ring, and they are the ones sponsored by burger king. Might be wrong though.

  • What a joke!!!! The cry baby makes more than the Middleweight champ and the challenger for the title?!?!? There’s something seriously wrong with these #’s! Anderson should have topped the list, without question, followed by Chael, Tito, then Forrest. Actually, Tito should have been fined for running out like he did. What a *****! And what’s up with Chael only getting $50,000? The salary system is just as screwed up as the judging system!

  • Sorry… I meant Forrest should have been fined! My bad.

  • ntokomotswana

    is this real? chael sonnen 50k. i wud go to wwe…how much money ufc make a year?