Forrest Griffin Out of UFC 155 with Knee Injury

December 5, 2012
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UFC 155 now suffers the brunt of the injury bug with former light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin being forced off the card.

UFC President Dana White announced the news on Wednesday via Twitter that Griffin was out of his fight against Phil Davis for the Dec. 29 card in Las Vegas.

“Forrest has MCL tear and ACL strain. 20 cc’s of blood removed from his knee and the saga continues at the UFC!” wrote White on Wednesday.

Griffin’s injury is just the latest in a year that will most likely be remembered for the amount of fights that didn’t happen because of the health of competitors in the UFC.

That now leaves Phil Davis without an opponent for UFC 155, and no announcement has been made regarding who he will face or if he will remain on the card at all. will have more information on UFC 155 when it becomes available.

  • James

    How long is Dana White gonna put up with this crap?! The injury bug is growing old. Fights used to hardly get cancelled and now excuse after excuse. Memo to Dana: your product is losing traction and fans…

    • George Sperry

      You are calling Griffins injury an excuse? Or are you saying he should fight w/one leg?

  • chuker

    If he is healed up give us Davis vs James (I can’t believe he is ranked in the top 10) Te Huna.

    • shakejunt

      my only caveat with te huna is he got rnc’d by gus and gus got anaconda’d by davis. mmamath, i know, but the grappling gap might just be too large.

      maybe jimmo, vinny maglhaes, or perhaps bader can ditch vladdy and take this early?

      • chuker

        Vinny slipped my mind. Excellent fill in! Bader would be ok too…but you lost me with JImmo.

        • shakejunt

          jimmo was just a random thought. ranked similar to vinny and a strong wrestler with decent hands. phil really deserves someone ranked high like bader, but i can see him getting one of these other guys just to get a streak goin

  • bajafox

    It’s no longer an injury bug, it’s an injury plague…

  • JRod

    I’m ready for Forrest to GTFO. He hasn’t had an impressive showing since he beat a seemingly uninterested Rampage for the title. He’s a sore loser and I think it’s high time he got kicked off the TUF gravy train. He’s overrated, and he’s ALWAYS been overrated. Griffin cocksuckers need not reply…

    • Tyme_5

      Wins over Rampage, Shogun, Tito, and Rich Franklin sure sounds overrated to me…..

      • Darin

        Rampage: He just threw leg kicks at a guy that thought he was in a boxing match. Shogun: was clearly sick/injured. The rematch showed this. Tito: basically a draw with each fight. Franklin: He humped a little dude for 15 minutes.
        Forrest was an extremely entertaining fighter for one fight. He has rode that horse for all it’s worth and now the horse is dead. He needs to quit like Bonnar.

        • Tyme_5

          He isn’t overrated. No one is saying he deserves a title shot, but he is still a quality fighter. Take a look at the names on his record. He hasn’t won em all, but he is still one bad dude. If he takes it seriously, he is dangerous for a lot of top guys in the UFC.

      • Darin

        Jardine, Evans, Silva, Shogun.

        • Tyme_5

          Many a man have fallen to the guys on that list.

        • Kris-tyahn

          He lsot to Tito as well, all 3 fights were draws pretty much, could have went either way. But Forrest did NOT fight Tito in his prime, while Tito fight Forrest in his prime. Just sayin’
          I sorta agree that Forrest was/is overrated, he was never “champ” material & him beating a 1 dimensional fighter in Rampage who went down hill after that fight, doesn’t overly impress me, especailly considering he got KTFO the next fight vs. Evans.
          His win over Rua was due to 2 factors …. Rua injured his knee 1 month prior to the Forrest fight, which required surgery, but did even more damage to the knee due to him taking the fight. Take into consideration the knee injury, he was not able to do much cardio or train very much at all, hence the reason Rua was very much out of shape. But we all seen what a healthy Rua could do to a healthy Forrest.
          Forrest was a very entertaining fighter, he was above avg, in regards to skill, but he was never really a “legit” top 5 or top 8 LHW (IMO). I believe people could argue him being a top 9-10 or top 12 LHW …. in his prime, but that’s about it.
          Just like Anderson Silva fans, who claim Forrest was an impressive win for Silva. BAHAHAHAHA yeah, okay! A big & slow 1 dimensional brawler who loves to run forward swinging, vs. a “MW” counter puncher with KO Power. WOW, Forrest wasn’t fed to the sharks …. honest! (wink wink)

  • T-Man

    The problem with fighters pulling out of fights due to injury is because there is so many events. They are not worried about getting another fight but if it was like back in the day when there was only around 5-6 events per year, you bet your as the guys were willing to fight hurt. Better make that fight because no fight, No money