Forrest Griffin Draws Phil Davis at UFC 155 Following Chael Sonnen’s Move to Face Jon Jones

October 19, 2012
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Forrest Griffin at the UFC 148 Press ConferenceChael Sonnen left a UFC 155 fight with Forrest Griffin behind earlier this week to accept a coaching stint opposite UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones on The Ultimate Fighter Season 17 with the two then squaring off in the Octagon in April 2013.

Three days later and Griffin already has a new opponent and remains on the UFC 155 fight card slated for Dec. 29 in Las Vegas.

Forrest Griffin will face Phil Davis at UFC 155, according to the UFC, declaring that verbal agreements are in place for the bout.

Griffin took Sonnen’s move in stride, telling UFC Tonight’s Ariel Helwani, “Why fight your way to the top when you can talk your way to the top?”

Griffin (19-7) most recently sent Tito Ortiz off into retirement with a unanimous decision victory over in the UFC 148 Fight of the Night.

Davis (10-1) is less than a week removed from his most recent bout. After he and Wagner Prado stalemated at UFC on Fox 4 due to an accidental eye poke, Davis put on a masterful performance in their rematch at UFC 153 on Saturday night in Brazil.

Davis dominated Prado, eventually submitting him via an Anaconda choke late in the second round.

Griffin vs. Davis will be part of the main card, supporting cast for the headlining UFC 155 heavyweight championship bout between Junior dos Santos and Cain Velasquez.

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  • shakejunt

    sure, why not? good test for davis and a chance to get another name under his belt.

  • Gq

    Forest shouldn’t be bitching he don’t want to fight jones

  • Raul Salcedo

    Hope he doesn’t take off running out of the cage crying like always..

  • He should be happy he won the Ortiz fight he looked like crap he won’t beat Davis he shouldn’t worry about title shots needs to start looking for a job after this loss 🙁

    • ben

      dont be too sure. Forrest will be on TRT in this fight

  • adam1848

    Bad news for Forrest. I thought the match up with Chael would have been a very competitive fight. Could have gone either way. Don’t see him being able to handle Davis. Still not sure why Chael couldn’t have fought Forrest in December and still have been available to fight Jones in April? If Chael deserves a shot at the belt, then a guy who isn’t even top 10 shouldn’t have been a problem for him, right?

    • Drew Nathan

      If Chael loses to Forrest in December, wouldn’t have made good TV or hype for a title fight with Jon Jones. I agree, Davis is going to wrestle him down and beat him into a second round stoppage. Dana will call for Forrest’s retirement.

    • Sam Margulies

      Taping for TUF17 starts at the end of October.. That’s why he couldn’t take the fight with Forrest in dec. Much like how mayhem Miller aka lucky Patrick aka dumass who ruined ariels great show, did to Aaron Simpson to coach opposite of bisbing in TUF 14

  • Get Ur Freak On..Go

    Phil Davis Defeats Forrest Griffin (Decision) Unanimous 30-27, 30-27, 30-27.

  • Mario

    Forrest hasn’t impressed me in a long time, so this one will be interesting to watch.

    Phil Davis is a great guy who still has alot of potential despite the loss to Rashad. Forrest on the other hand doesn’t seem to posses the same desire he once had.

  • stevemcz11

    You are all wrong unfortunately. Griffin is going to be considered relevant after this fight. Griffin via leg kick tko or points. Davis will lose. I do not like Griffin nor do I consider myself a fan at all but this is another Bader, Ortiz fight.

  • McFly

    You are all fools Forrest will win by UD or finish him by choke. phil Davis may take him down but last time I checked Phil Davis has never finished anyone by strikes and Forrest has never been submitted so good luck with that.