Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar Will Enter UFC Hall of Fame Together in July

May 26, 2013
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Forrest Griffin vs Stephan Bonnar-UFC 62Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar entered the UFC together and they will exit the UFC together… walking straight into the UFC Hall of Fame.

The original Ultimate Fighter, Forrest Griffin called it quits at UFC 160 on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

UFC president Dana White introduced Griffin at the post-fight press conference, revealing that the man to win the first season of The Ultimate Fighter had decided to call it quits.

A short time later, in a media scrum with reporters, White announced that Griffin and his TUF Season 1 cohort, Stephan Bonnar, would enter the UFC Hall of Fame during Fight Week in Las Vegas in early July.

“I’m inducting (Griffin) and Stephan Bonnar into the Hall of Fame this year, together,” White declared.

At 33 years of age, Griffin finishes his professional career with an overall record of 19-7. He won the inaugural season of The Ultimate Fighter, captured the UFC light heavyweight championship, and won Fight of the Night honors on five occasions.

Bonnar, 36, amassed a record of 15-8, and called it a career following his loss to Anderson Silva at UFC 153 in October of 2012.

He was runner-up to Griffin on the original Ultimate Fighter. The two fought an epic, brawling battle in the first season finale, launching the UFC into the consciousness of mainstream America, saving the UFC in the process. The company was 40-plus million dollars in the red at the time.

That fact alone tips Bonnar into the UFC Hall of Fame, despite him falling short of the honors that Griffin has earned.

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  • inyourfacex54

    What a joke…… i understand what they did for the sport with their amazing fight at TUF finale but seriously. I guess you could make an argument for Griffin but no way should Bonnar get in. His biggest win in the UFC was against Keith Jardine and lost a decision against an ancient Mark Coleman. UFC hall of fame is a joke

    • kdjfojwfijew

      I don’t think so.It’s not a joke.It’s a great plan.great decision.because if we didn’t have that amazing fight.we can’t have the biggest fighting company UFC now,and then we won’t have so many great fight or great matches to watch.maybe Bonnar didn’t have many spectacular fight.He didn’t get the UFC gold.But he is fun to watch and he is a TUF figher,really TUF(not against the Spider).thank you deserve are the next UFC Hall of Famer.

      • Inyinyourfacex54

        Just because a guy is fun to watch doesnt mean they should be in the Hall of Fame. If thats the case, then guys like chris lytle and chris leben whould get into the HOF. All im saying is that if you are going to have a hall of fame, it should consist of A class fighters, Not C class fighters like Stephan Bonnar. And i have no clue what you mean by he is a “TUF Fighter”? Are you saying one of the reasons why he should get into the hall of fame is because he was on the ultimate fighter? If thats what you are saying, then you should just delete your comment because the ultimate fighter is a complete joke as well. He is a “Tough” fighter if thats what you were trying to say.

        • inyinyourfacex54


    • I agree. Bonnar went 8-7 in the UFC, never had more then 3 wins in a row and tested positive for steroids twice. Guys like Jon Fitch have had 8 wins in a row. Evan Tanner a former champion and veteran should be in the UFC Hall Of Fame and please correct me if I’m wrong but he’s not in it. I always stand up for the UFC and everything they do but this is something I can’t agree with.

      • rj

        u think a jon fitch fight could’ve saved the UFC? Lol. I agree with Tanner though. If he’s not in it already, definitely deserving

        • I’m not sure about Fitch, but I was using him as an example of somebody that went on a real big win streak twice. 3 losses in 8 years with the company versus a guy who never had more then 3 wins in a row.

      • CinciMMA

        Besides Tanner, how about Pat Miletich? Past UFC Welerweight Champion, defended the title 4 straight times over nearly 3 yrs, trained champs (as much as I disliked them) like Matt Hughes and TIm Silvia and helped make them what they were. SO Pat had 4 defenses, Hughes had 7 and Sylvia had 2. Pat and his top 2 fighters had 13 total title fight wins. Pat also trained guys like Spencer Fisher and Josh Neer, many others. Militech is dynamic he was a successful fighter, trainer, and now also an announcer. He’s no Joe Rogan but descent in front of the camera/mic. I think that he’s a much easier argument than Bonnar. Who gets into a hall of fame based on 1 fight? It weakens the meaning of it. I think Bonnar is funny but the drug test issues alone should be enough to prevent it. I agree they can do whatever they want with their H of F, but doesn’t mean I won’t laugh about it when they make a decision like this.

        • Pat slipped my mind. For some reason I even assumed he was in the HOF. I 100% agree with you, Militech is a legend as a fighter and a teacher. I like fans like you, please follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

  • f ufc

    They both suck. Ufc HOF is a joke

    • shakejunt

      so the most important fight in ufc history shouldn’t be recognized?

  • Advance*

    It’s funny seeing people get so mad about this. It’s their hall of fame and it can represent whatever they want it to. There are people in other major sports’ hall of fames for their contributions and not necessarily athletic performance

  • Darin

    There will be many, much better fighters that won’t get into the HOF, but these two did put on arguably the single most important fight ever for the UFC. If you were to write a UFC history book, Griffin vs. Bonnar would be a very significant part.

    • shakejunt

      exactly, pivotal event in the expansion of the sport

  • Blotto99

    Griffin v Bonnar is the best fight of all-time and made the UFC what it is today. If Bonnar got the decision in that fight, no one would have argued. They both absolutely deserve to be in the HoF.

  • Vic

    Bonnar should of retired after his win over Krzysztof Soszynski and before all the testing positive for roids if he wanted Hall of Fame status. Complete Joke!!! Bonnar took a beating and went the distance with Bones and has some serious EPIC fights but he ruined it with taking the juice, Just the truth.

  • claudale

    Has Frank Shamrock made it yet? What about Barnett? Was Bonnar ever ranked top 10?

    A steroid guy gets it at the same time Dana punishes Healy.

    A great fight or growing their business shouldn’t put someone in the hall of fame.

  • Joe

    Kiss Dana’s ass and you could be in the hall of fame too