Former WWE Wrestler Dave Bautista Makes Successful MMA Debut (Video)

October 7, 2012
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While it wasn’t quite the same stage that fellow former WWE champion Brock Lesnar made when he moved to mixed martial arts, 43-year old Dave Bautista had a successful fighting debut on Saturday night and promises to deliver more in the future.

Bautista, who famously opened his MMA training career working with the Cesar Gracie fight team before transitioning to a Gracie team in Tampa, Fla, made his debut against journeyman fighter Vince Lucero on Saturday night.

It wasn’t pretty, but after getting tagged on his feet early and rocked with some shots courtesy of Lucero, Bautista battled back and after getting the fight to the ground he was able to put together some offense.

Bautista battered Lucero with strikes until the referee was forced to swoop in and stop the action.

After the fight, Bautista spoke to UFC lightweight Joe Lauzon, who was in the in-ring interviewer for the evening, and promised to return for more MMA fights in the future.

“I think my nerves got the best of me. He hits like a (expletive) horse,” Bautista said after the fight. “I want to fight again for sure.”

Also on the same card former UFC middleweight David Loiseau picked up a win over Chris McNally by first round TKO as did John Howard who defeated Brett Chism via second round TKO.

Here is the full fight video for Bautista vs. Lucero:

  • dEaD WrOnG

    batista said stephan bonnars going to beat the hell out of anderson silva i thought to myself youre shittin me

  • Milepost

    Lauzon looks lost.

  • Nobama

    no wonder bonnar dropped em, he doesn’t even attempt to block.

  • Mario


    If he thinks that guy hits like a horse, imagine how hard he’s going to get hit when he fights someone who’s more legit.

    Bautista won’t last long in MMA. Good luck though!

  • hope Bonnar does well.. Bones did say he was the toughest fight he had..

  • drkdisciple

    At 43 years old he does not have much time left to improve! Perhaps him against Bob Sapp would be the kind of freak show that would sell well in Japan.

    • I would hope Batista would wreck Bob Sapp. I can’t stand him.

  • I loved Batista as a pro wrestling entertainer. Awesome guy. As a martial artist I respect him. But lets be honest his striking looked barely amateur. He shouldn’t have jumped ship to mma. He should have went into grappling tournaments. He could actually have a shot at success there. I am a fan of his so congrats and best of luck.