Former WWE Superstar Dave Batista May Make MMA Debut in UK

March 2, 2011
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Dave Batista WWE Superstar

Dave Batista has learned through independent sources that the rumored MMA debut of former WWE wrestler David Batista looks likely to take place in May… but not on U.S. soil.

It has come to light that the main delay in his debut has been aligning his desire to make a professional MMA debut ahead of September, which is when the aspirational heavyweight fighter will begin shooting an undisclosed film project.

Several promotions have been vying for his services, most notably Scott Coker’s Strikeforce outfit, but it appears from sources close to the fighter that the British based BAMMA promotion is emerging as the front runner ahead of their upcoming card at Wembley Arena.

At the time of writing, BAMMA officials declined to comment on the situation, but will stay close to this story as more details come to light.

  • The_Power

    Anybody has the right to do whatever they desire to do in life. I guess Batista just wants to try out MMA cause at age 42 i highly doubt he will be doing this for 5 or 10 years. Not to mention he has a lot of past injuries from Pro Wrestling. Withing 7 years of WWE he had 4 surgeries. He tore his right triceps twice, a torn left bicep and his hamstring.

    • dandesmond

      Agree with you there. I think it’s cool when people want to give the sport a go. I actually love Herschel Walker fighting in SF. I know there’s no real relevance to him in title contention and the same for sure with Batista, but let them have a go. It could be entertaining. I’ll tune in!

  • Kuch

    I find it strange that some athletes presume MMA is an acceptable option for them when they’re obviously past their athletic prime. Why does someone’s fame from a previous profession or sport qualify them to try MMA? If Dave Bautista was Joe Smith from Philly who decided he wanted to try his hand at MMA, I doubt Scott Coker would be vying for his services. Instances like this start pushing MMA from sport to spectacle.

  • The_Power

    @ Kuch – I do agree a bit with you about the spectacle thing. But at the end of the day Coker wants to make money.