Former WEC Champion Miguel Torres Released from the UFC; Signs with Titan Fighting

August 21, 2012
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Miguel Torres UFC 126Former WEC bantamweight champion Miguel Torres has been released from the UFC.

According to a post on his personal website, Torres revealed that he was released following his last fight in May, a knockout defeat to Michael McDonald at UFC 145.

Torres’ UFC career lasted for only four fights in total. He went 2-2 in the Octagon.

The former WEC champion was initially released in late 2011 after he made an ill-advised joke about rape on his personal Twitter account. A few weeks later, UFC president Dana White decided to give Torres another chance in. That chance happened at UFC 145, but unfortunately things did not go his way and now he moves on to a new promotion.

Beyond his release, Torres also announced that he has signed on with Titan Fighting Championships and will make his debut for his new promotion on Nov. 2 in Hammond, Ind.

“I am excited to continue fighting, to regain my focus, and to get back to what made me a champion,” Torres wrote.

No opponent has been named for his Titan Fighting debut.

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  • they should have booked faber v. torres…that fight was a long time coming…the UFC missed an opportunity

  • Mario

    Torres was never one of the best ‘pound for pound’ fighters. Once the guy started fighting quality fighters, he lost. His record is a who’s who of nobodies.

    I think it’s pretty clear based on my comment that I was never a fan. The mullet looks silly also! 😛

    • mrsister

      Watch his interviews with Helwani. The guy is a straight up jerk. He would walk around like a statue, flexing his muscles – trying to look as tough as possible.

      He was champ and on a roll then started getting his ass kicked in every fight. After losing 3 of his last 6 fights, he starts saying he never lost a fight where he’s trained hard in preparation. My question would have been to him ‘you are .500 in your last 6 fights, you lost your belt, and you have looked overmatched in some of these fights – maybe it’s time to start training hard for every fight. Your career is slipping away’.

      After he said that – he gets knocked out in under a minute. Limp. Out cold.

      Then he gets cut.

      Sorry to kick a guy when he’s down but he never seemed humble or a good guy.

  • pooby


    I always hated seeing a Torres fight when he was WEC champ. Not so much because of Torres himself, but because I had to listen to the horrible commenting from Frank Mir. Every comment was a compliment toward Torres and he would go the whole fight without even using the opposing fighter’s name.

  • D-rail

    Best of luck to him. Classic case of a fighter in denial when their chin Lidell’s it.

  • Losses are going to happen. Whether you like the guy or not he’s a pro fighter taking on top guys. It happens. Let’s see where he goes from here in his career. To bad he didn’t do so well, Barao and Faber would have been nice fights.

    • KBEsq

      Like a lot of the people commenting, I don’t really like Torres either. He’s stuck up. I loved watching his weigh in with McDonald. McDonald, as usual, was all class. Smiling and wanting to shake hands. Torres was stone faced, and just acted like a jack-ass.

      Yeah, I agree that he still had some compelling fights. I am surprised the UFC released him because of a loss to a guy who (I think) will be the champ some day. McDonald is an awesome fighter. I think 135 needs more depth, and I have a hard time saying Torres doesn’t belong in the UFC at 135.

  • Lesnardo


    “According to a post on his personal website, Torres revealed that he was released following his last fight in May, a knockout defeat to Michael McDonald at UFC 145.”

    “following his last fight in May”????? That means that Torres was released shortly after the fight. This is clearly not what Torres’s website says. He was released a few days ago AS A RESULT OF his loss back in may.


    • MMAGod

      I don’t want to fan the flames of whether or not you should be critiquing the article or not (even though you are right in doing so), but that is hysterical!

    • WarriorScholar

      MMAWeekly hire this genius now!

      • Lesnardo


        There are a lot of smart people out there. Just because I am smarter than the people at MMAWEEKLY doesn’t mean that I am a genius.

        I don’t consider myself a grammarian. In fact, I rarely read edited prose. I don’t subscribe to the New Yorker magazine.

        But MMAWEEKLY is clearly full of 3rd rate writers. SHERDOG editors write much better.

    • mrsister

      Your complaint is that the article reads that he was cut ‘after his loss in May’ and should read ‘as a result of his fight in May’?

      If that’s the case, you are wrong. They can only write what they know and this is what they know – Miguel was beaten in May and Miguel was cut from the promotion. One would assume that it was as a result of the loss but that would be speculation. They are stating the facts.

      The article does state that he was released in May and not in August, when the article was written. They can’t write an article that Miguel was released if they don’t know he’s been released. Seems like the information wasn’t known until August.

      I don’t see what you are complaining about.

      The other stuff you wrote, I can’t follow.

      • Lesnardo

        Umm…they can write the article in August when Miguel was cut in May.

        In any case, you are a horrible writer yourself. I can’t make out what you are trying to say. I just know that you are content with reading ambiguous horribly written garbage because your mind is not sharp enough.

        • “I just know that you are content with reading ambiguous horribly written garbage because your mind is not sharp enough.”

          This obviously applies to you because you say you hate the writers but you keep coming back here. Do you have any idea how many MMA news sites there are? Go elsewhere.

          • tsszaltax

            ^This. For months Ive seen this Lesnardo guy popping up talking crap about a story or other peoples opinions of it, not realizing his blabbering cry baby nonsense is nothing more than his opinion we choose not to care about any more than he cares about ours. Piss off if you dont like mmaweekly. Theres plenty of other sites for you to flame. Im sure you wont like any of them either though, I gather you’re rather bitter at the world and have nothing else to do but critique every little tiny thing anyone else does.

        • mrsister

          This article says he has been released. Doesn’t say when. It says he was released following his last loss. Any day since his last loss has followed his last loss. Today is following his last loss. So is tomorrow. It doesn’t state anything that you are upset about. It doesn’t. You are wrong. 100% wrong.

    • atmosphere

      it’s not incorrect, it just leaves a bit more room for interpretation. Torres was, in fact, cut following his last fight in May. however, he was not IMMEDIATELY cut following the loss.

      • Lesnardo

        No dude. “following” litearlly means what you just said. But it means that there is an event and within a relatively short period of time something occurs.

        Following is NOT immediately. But it is definitely not 4 months. “As a result of” is probably better here.

  • cockknocker

    Who cares how its written. Did you understand what the article is putting out? Quit complaining like a little bitch.

  • russelllevine

    He didn’t deserve to get cut even if his skills have been eroding or even if he hadn’t been fighting top caliber fighters during his reign as champion. He’s still a top ten fighter according to many MMA websites, and even if you think he isn’t, he is unarguably on the periphery of the top ten. I think there were some politics going on that factored into their decision to cut him.

  • mma fanatic1982

    this is a mma website, not a school for grammer!!!! U never post anything about the story, u always just complain how it is written. We all have opinions, but i would rather hear someones opinion on the topic even if i disagree with it, before i listen to someone complaining about grammer and avoiding the actual topic of the story. Go somewhere else plz if u dont like the writing on this website, u say the other website is better, so y are u always in here?!!! My opinion on the TOPIC of the story, is i dont think he shouldve got cut.