Former ‘Ultimate Fighter’ Competitor Matt Hamill Retires from the UFC and MMA

August 8, 2011
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Matt Hamill

Matt Hamill


Following his second loss in a row, at UFC 133, former “Ultimate Fighter” competitor Matt Hamill has decided to retire from the sport of mixed martial arts.

The Ohio native made the official announcement on his website on Monday.

“Today is a sad day for me. After six years and 13 fights in the UFC, I’m ready to hang up my gloves and retire from this amazing sport,” he wrote.

Hamill was finished by up-and-coming prospect Alexander Gustafsson in the second round of their bout at UFC 133 on Saturday night in Philadelphia.

The former collegiate wrestler stepped in on short notice after dropping a unanimous decision to Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at UFC 130 back in May.

Hamill admits that he was close to making this same call after that fight, but opted to give it one more go, but it just didn’t go his way.

“The UFC has been extremely good to me and given me an opportunity to make a great living. That exposure has allowed me options outside the Octagon as well. I just don’t have it in me to fight anymore and my last two performances have shown that,” Hamill said.

“I was ready to make this decision after UFC 130 but my friends, family, coaches, and most importantly my daughter encouraged me to give it one last chance. My career has been plagued by injuries starting with ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ and disrupted my training ever since.

“There hasn’t been even one training camp where I’ve been able to train without training around an injury. I have not been kind to my body and it has nothing left after 28 years of non-stop competition. It’s time to finally give it a rest.”

Hamill spent his entire career with the UFC minus his first fight as a professional.

He retires with a 10-4 overall record, including nine wins in the UFC.

“I can’t continue to fight without having the hunger and desire to do so. I can’t let my performances reflect on my coaches who are the best in the world and the reason I’ve made it this far,” said Hamill.

“I have fallen in love with the sport of mixed martial arts and I will continue to coach at our gym, Mohawk Valley MMA, alongside my teammates and help the next generation of fighters make it to the UFC. I also look forward to continuing my business ventures outside the UFC including ‘Hamill,’ the movie based on my life story set to be released this fall.”

The former “Ultimate Fighter” went on to say thank you to all of the people that have helped him over the years, and does hope to continue to support the sport outside the cage.

“The UFC has become family to me and I hope to be involved with the number one mixed martial arts organization in the world as a coach, ambassador, and fan for a long time to come,” wrote Hamill.

Hamill joins other fighters, such as Ricardo Almeida, who have opted for retirement from the sport in 2011.

  • BigGuy

    A movie is being made about this guy? Tell me again what he has accomplished to warrant a movie!

    • Dranegoldhawk

      Obviously more than your accomplishments, as someone bankrolled it.

      • wonggfan

        Matt Hamil has been a great sport and he will be missed. Let’s not be douchbags.

        But srsly, what intelligent responses do you expect from a typical MMA fan??

        The fan-base disgusts me at times. Just go look at how Dana White carries himself. Always fighter bashing, exaggerating what HE/Zuffa has done fort he sport, and exploiting fighters. And 30%~50% of MMA fans either support or condone Dana’s behavior.

        For god’s sake, Dana talks shit on his own former champions. Can you imagine? Every fighter will be washed up at one point. And for him to bash former UFC fighters the way he has bee doing…it is disgusting.

        • afk

          “But srsly, what intelligent responses do you expect from a typical MMA fan??”

          Yours? Minus the intelligent part.

          • wonggfan


    • KyleZombie

      You wouldn’t know because you’ve never accomplished anything in your life. Loser.

    • jared499

      The movie is focusing on his early life and overcoming being deaf to succeed in becoming a 3 time D-III wreslting champion. Pretty amazing feat if you stop and think about it.

      • wonggfan

        I sense sarcasm…If one was deaf and became a musician…I would say impressive.

        If one was limbless and became an MMA fighter…I would say impressive.

        If one was 3 times all-american Div-1, I would say impressive no matter what.

        But deaf + 3 times all-am Div-3???

        Hamil is impressive because this dude fought his hard out in the cage. Hats off to all fighters!

        • jared499

          No sarcasm what so ever. Having wrestled in HS, I know what it is like. Coaches are yelling at you about positioning, time, moves, and anything else that they can see. Matt was not able to take those instructions from his coaches unless he had a line of sight to them, to me this makes it much more difficult. And this goes for MMA as well, how many times do we hear coaches yelling things from the corner.

          And yes being a D-III champion wrestler is a hugh feat in and of it self, but I think that this was much harder to do because he was deaf, and I hate to say it but obviously others felt the same being as they are making a movie about it.

    • clizzark

      He was the 1 millionth person to have sex with your mother.

  • Dranegoldhawk

    Farewell Mr Hamill. You are a great competitor.

  • KyleZombie

    Was a great thrill to watch you in your career, Matt! Good luck to you in everything that you do.

    From, A Cincy fight fan

  • judo johnson

    thanks for the good fights, enjoy life, I have a feeling we havent seen the last of this guy.

  • Unador

    Was never anything about Matt to dislike. He may have not been the best fighter, but he was game.
    Was good to have him around as a staple fighter, but aside from Leben, who could be that guy for very long.
    always a stepping stone and never the stepper.

    • wonggfan

      Yeah, that is the sad thing about MMA.

      Guys like Keith Jardine pretty much dedicated 15+ years of their lives into MMA. This means that they took as a profession. Now when they hit 35+ and get released, what is there for them to do?

      At least in the NFL or NBA the salary is high enough so that the players could open a small deli.

      Heck, Mark Coleman, former Pride and UFC champion is broke.

      • tsszaltax

        You act like that is entirely on the industry (or from your comments about the big bad Dana White) the UFC’s fault. Now, go ahead and bash me all you want wonggfan because anyone that comes here on a regular basis knows that to you all that matters is your opinion and everyone else are just “fan boys” and unintelligent.

        These guys get paid plenty of money to do something with. Dont think their checks from fighting is all they get. They got sponsors, movie deals, partnerships with gyms to train students, all sorts of stuff. How they invest it or spend it is their business. But dont think Im going to feel sorry for any one of them if they are broke. And even if Im wrong (which Im not) about making enough money to do something with, they knew MMA wasnt going to be a get rich career the minute they realized they would never be among the elite, and yet they still did it.

        • afk

          amen sir

          • John

            @ wonggfan That true dana is being a douche but you can’t deny hes doing more to the sport getting it expose.. at the same time stepping over the little guy like strikeforce. I really doubt it will last now

            @ afk get off that dude’s nuts. Your nickname is perfect afk.. away from keyboard licking his nuts. your comment was nothing but uncalled for and stupid. Now you know how its like to be a douche? let the guy comment whatever. I find it dumb that your defending that jerk.

            Hammil I’m not a fan of him but i respect him as a person and a fighter. it sucks to see him go now but hey maybe is for the best.

        • wonggfan

          I am sorry but you are naive. You’ve been playing too much UFC game on your xbox.

          Movie deals??? Endorsements??? Gym fees??

          Before you run your mouth sounding like Dana, please give me figures for those. How many fighters had movie gigs? And how much did they get paid? You are aware that the CondonDepot endorsement is like $2000 or $7000 right? Gyms?? Except for few MMA veterans who actually makes money off of gyms???

          Bro, it seems like you are a nice guy. But you have no idea how real life finance works huh?

          The UFC is MILKING its fighters.

          • ShockednAwed

            Mr. Wong’s right on this one… and so was BigGuy way back at the start, if his point was Hammill being deaf is really not the world’s biggest hurdle to MMA. Shit, the guys born with high testosterone like Sonnen and Nate the Great ended up with handicaps that hurt their careers a lot more than poor hearing!

            Wong’s right cuz the UFC has capitalized off the backs of their fighters for years. It’s the successful PPV business model of the WWE. You can count quickly the number of guys making millions fighting for the UFC – and I’m talking purely their purse – versus a long list of mid-card / low-card talent making the base.

            Since The Wonger already brought up Jardine, look at him as an example. Known as a gatekeeper, he got a bunch of PPV air time, and I can’t think of a time he didn’t “leave it all out there”. Yet he wasn’t able to retire to a mansion on the hills when he got dropped – he went to Shark Fights. Not the move of a rich man…

  • j-k-martin

    Sad to see him go. He was never a super exciting guy but he was a hard worker who was easy to root for. I am glad he went out on his own terms instead of pushing his body until it fell apart.

    • wonggfan

      Yeah, I wouldn’t worry too much about him.

      He is a clean cut, humble, and kind-hearted guy. His wife/gf/fiance is pretty hot.

      I would imagine he would go teach wrestling at a college or highschool. In any case with loving family he will be fine.

  • Nick Morris

    wonggfan….go eat a cat or something

    • BigGuy

      Good one, Nick Morris! You are as sick of the wonggfan a-hole as the rest of us!!!

  • phrankthetank

    Wongfan, I appreciate you standing up for fighters, but I don’t understand how you can try to be a champion for fighters rights one week, and the next you’re trash talking the same fighters. what your arguments lack is consistency. If you’re going to be a douchebag, be a douchebag, if you’re going to make intelligent arguments without belittling people, do that. By being a bit of both, you come off as hypocritical. As far as the points you’ve made in this thread, I agree with many and am too tired to argue the ones I don’t.

  • BigGuy

    wonggfan is an eternal douche bag! He is like the 3rd grader that argues his point while crying until everyone agrees with him just to shut him up. His opinion is all that matters. His opinion is gold. His mommy and daddy must have told him that everything he says in important to the entire world. Sadly, nobody but his mommy and daddy care to hear him.

    The fact that Matt Hamill is having a movie made about him is, well, fine and good. My point is that he has overcome a lot of obstacles in being deaf, but that is certainly not like the same as some of the things other greats in the past have had overcome to be successful.

    Your own words, “If one was deaf and became a musician…I would say impressive.

    If one was limbless and became an MMA fighter…I would say impressive.” Those are much harder things to overcome than being deaf in MMA.

    Ok, go ahead and type your grand response for us to read. Unlike mommy and daddy, most of us are sick of listening to you rant like the genius you THINK you are. You are just another asshole with an opinion that nobody gives a shit about.

    • phrankthetank

      Not too long ago, a quadriplegic did become an MMA fighter, it was disturbing to watch. I think matt hamill does deserve to have a movie made. Being deaf and working his way through college wrestling and into the UFC is impressive, regardless of what some people are saying. However, I think his humility, his dedication, and his overall attitude are what really gives him movie appeal.

  • Unador

    Being deaf might not be the most crippling handicap. Being number 1 in a division III competition three times may again not be the most impressive.
    But you have to consider the absence of large numbers of deaf people succesfully competing at a national level, or in this case, international.
    If it really was no big deal, there would be a great deal more deaf people involved in pro sports.
    So, apparently it IS a big deal, that Hamil made #1 in Div III three times. I bet he had to overcome not just physical hurdles, but social and political ones as well. This guy is tough in more ways than the obvious.