Former UFC Welterweight Jake Shields Signs with World Series of Fighting

April 17, 2014
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Jake ShieldsIt didn’t take long for former UFC welterweight title contender Jake Shields to find a new promotional home.

World Series of Fighting on Thursday announced that Shields had signed with the promotion. They fell short of announcing a date for his debut, but said that it would be revealed soon.

Shields was released by the UFC after three and a half years and eight fights in the Octagon. His release came as somewhat of a surprise to most as Shields had just lost to Hector Lombard after a four-fight run where he won three fights and had another victory changed to a no-contest result.

Signing with WSOF puts Shields on one of the strongest 170-pound rosters outside of the UFC.

Rousimar Palhares is the current WSOF welterweight champion, having recently defeated Steve Carl for the honor. The promotion’s 170 pounders also include Jon Fitch, Josh Burkman, Jorge Santiago, and Tyson Steele amongst others.

Shields has also spent a significant portion of his career in the middleweight division, which WSOF has also been strengthening by adding the likes of Yushin Okami.

Having held titles in Shooto, EliteXC, Rumble on the Rock, and Strikeforce, Shields will surely be looking to add a WSOF belt to his collection soon.

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  • robc

    Yushin Okami, Jake Shields and Jon fitch in one organization. Now if they can just sign Ben Askren, we will have the ultimate cure for insomnia…

    • David Huenecke

      I agree with the exception of yushin. I like his fights.

  • wankseriesoffaggot

    It’s not crystal clear that wankseriesoffaggot would only get fighters from the ultimatefatcunt that being realeased and unable to sign those on the rise or their contract expired by the ultimatefatcunt. They r clearly picking up the left over and becos of which some think their division is competitive. Thanks god, i’m not one of them, especially boring fighters known as grinders. Most ppl dont see wankseriesoffaggot as an affiliation promotion owned by the ultimatefatcunt. This is clearly evident when everytime they put on a show, it never coincide with one that ultimatefatcunt is on.And no, it’s not a coincidence, giving that the ultimatefatcunt puts on a lot if show.The dates are beeing given to wankseriesoffaggot, so their shows wont class. Furthermore, i genuinely believe becos existing fighters who have been realeased without their contracts being expited Must join wsof becos they Must fulfil the rest of their remaining contracts. Just becos they r ex-ufc fighters on the downside makes wsof looks meaningless, boring and not appealling. The ultimatefatcunt has created an affiliation in wankseriesoffaggot and ppl are blind to see that and think it’s becos there r ex-ufc fighters it’s a competitive promotion. Hell no, it’s a pisstakepromotion.

    • lowlb

      you are painfully stupid which is your mother’s and father’s fault… not yours, I’m sorry. You are obviously completely unaware..

    • shakejunt

      derogatory words always get your point across in a mature manner

  • lowlb

    Fitch and Shields is gonna be sick.

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    Fitch and Shields,,,, the 2 most overpaid ,boring losers the UFC was smart to cut

  • shakejunt

    here’s your chance to become a fan favorite again, palhares.