Former UFC Middleweight Kingpin Anderson Silva Already Back in the Gym Training

February 9, 2014
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Anderson Silva

A month and a half after suffering a severely broken leg, former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva is already back in the gym and training.

As gruesome and grizzly as Silva’s broken leg looked in his fight with Chris Weidman at UFC 168, as harrowing as the raw footage of the incident was in UFC president Dana White’s recent video blog, the former UFC middleweight champion simply suffered a broken bone that will heal, and it has been improving at light speed.

According to a UFC report, Silva was recently photographed at his Muay Thai College in Torrence, Calif., while lifting weights, and walking down stairs without the assistance of crutches.

Silva has been adamant that he will return to fighting, and White has said that the prognosis is that Silva could be back in the Octagon by the end of 2014.

“He will be training in less than six months, and he will be fighting by the end of the year,” White said a couple weeks ago on SportsNation on ESPN2.

Silva’s manager, Jorge Guimaraes, agreed, recently telling, “It’s gonna be a lot of physical therapy, but he’s in the right place. It might take a year, but I think no later than one year, he’ll be back.”

True to his form in the Octagon, Silva’s recovery outside of the Octagon is nothing short of astonishing.

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  • Chicago

    wow. the human body is amazing.

    • Robby Clark

      And the steel rod running up his leg lol. Really cool to see him feeling better though, it would be a really sad way to see him go out (last two bouts). I’d like to see him fight someone exciting but I’m not sure about another match with Chris.. Could be really interesting if Belfort manages to takeout Weidman. They’d make that re-match real quick.

      • Seth

        How bad Belfort won’t be able to take Chris out.

        • Drock420

          Only if the fight was in Brazil would Vtor win.

        • brad king

          he will

          • Seth

            Really? With only TRT or other PEDs as well? Nevada has to let him use his roids first, which actually may not happen…I hope Nevada will do right thing at least once. He was caught there twice with PEDs, he shouldn’t be allowed to use TRT now, knowing he f***ed his testosterone with his own ef fin choices to cheat before.

  • raffi

    Thats amazing wow

  • Mark McDowall

    This guy is a machine!! I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes back better than before….scary thought.

    • Manuel Lopez

      He’s not a comic book character man. The guy will get seriously handicapped if he even trains in a mma gym again let alone fighting against an opponent that wants to hurt him in the octagon.

      • ☃ Brad ☃

        Youre so wrong haha, only thing Silva has working against him is father time his body doesn;t heal as fast if he was in his 20s.. Corey Hill came back from this injury

      • Mark McDowall

        I noticed it doesn’t say MD after your name so I’m assuming that his doctors will probably give him better advice than what your saying here. If they didn’t think he could fight again safely then they would tell him and he would be retired already. In the grand scheme of things…this injury looked alot worse than it really was.

  • Kris-tyahn

    You people realize he had a broken leg right? He’s not doing anything leg related, except standing up, which is what he does while he walks. If he was running or doing leg workouts, then I would say he was a “machine”. He’s doing what anyone could do, which is work the upper body. If you want to see amazing, check out Steven Stamkos, a Canadian Hockey player who shattered his leg like Silva off the goalie post, and a month later he was actually skating. Now that’s impressive!

    • Jay Magallon


    • Jay Magallon

      If anything I would think walking around everywhere puts more stress on a broken bone than skating around with your feet planted. Get educated.

  • Manuel Lopez

    This guy is his own worst enemy not only in the ring but outside of it too. Not the brightest noggin on AS that is for sure.

  • Aimed With “V”

    I’m definitely NOT amused.

    1. Today’s medicine has the all the abilities to put you back on your feet even after such of a gruesome injury.
    Especially if you have money to spend on quality specialists, drugs, and steroids.
    Yes, steroids can make Silva’s recovery MUCH faster.

    2. As we could see from the fight, the break was NOT on the place of impact, but slightly above.
    That probably means, that the calcium in his bones has gone a bit weaker, and massive weight cuts might be a reason for it.
    Conclusion: Anderson might be ready to fight @205 even faster than 185, and he CAN return pretty healthy, even for his age.

  • Denny Swain

    Yes, pushing for the superfight with gsp, (the smaller champ) not jones (the larger champ).silva always was a bully

  • ☃ Brad ☃

    Silva broken leg looked like a career ending injury, WRONG. it was a clean break so it should grow back stronger plus it has a titanium rod there now.. Soft scar tissue damage and ligaments are his major concern. Imo a MCL,PCL,ACL knee injury is more severe then Silvas injury.

    • SixFootThree

      Thats not opinion thats a fact

      • Prince James

        Its a myth. It only seems its stronger at the break because the rest of the leg gets weaker. You are not putting weight on it.

        • Guest

          im no doctor but i had broken metacarpals in my right hand and i can tell you that theyre stronger then the bones that are normal, they grow bigger and calcium is forced to grow around the break making it bigger and harder

        • Chicago

          stop getting your medical facts from online. I have been a paramedic for 10 yrs and now in nursing school. please, please just stop.

      • SixFootThree

        I was saying that its true that a break heals back to the original strength. I dont think it gets stronger.

    • Me

      It’s simple fact that any ligament injury is much, much worse than any bone break but it’s a myth that a bone becomes stronger after a healed break.

  • brad king

    weidman must have put a gypsy curse on anderson. Just 8 months ago this would have seemed far fetched!

  • Envel707

    He should take one fight at 205 and if he detroys the guy then he should fight jones before jones goes to hw. Even if he loses there’s nothing to be ashamed about going out with the biggest ppv event ever, plus it’s a fight we all have wanted to see

    • drkdisciple

      At this point in time that fight makes no sense. He lost against Weidman twice. Beating Jones is unlikely if not impossible.

    • brad king

      anderson vs vealezquez. wowie

      • brad king

        wiedman vs velasquez = badoom bitch

        • brad king

          hey another me, confusing

        • famous

          no contest stop fooling yourself…Cain will destroy dude easy….fyi he aint losing that belt period at least for next any 8 fights……

  • lowlb

    cyborg! not all human.

  • brad king

    not even mike tyson gona touch velasquez he the man

  • Me

    Non news news items annoy me – That’s not training it’s rehab. He’s doing rehab and should be back by the end of 2014, in other words a year from the date of the injury. The prognosis from the start was a year. So basically the headline should read: “Anderson Silva Road to Recovery Pretty Much Exactly as Expected.”