Former UFC Heavyweight Tim Hague Reportedly Brain Dead After Boxing Bout

Former UFC heavyweight Tim Hague is reportedly brain dead after suffering a knockout loss in a boxing bout in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on Friday night.

Hague was knocked out by Adam Braidwood.  He fell hard and his head bounced off of the canvas.  After being evaluated backstage, Hague was transported to the hospital.

Sportsnet’s James Lynch first reported Saturday that Hague was in the intensive care unit with a serious brain injury.

Fellow Canadian fighter Sarah Kaufman was in attendance and snapped a photo of the aftermath and posted it to Instagram.


Huge ko win for @braidwoodboxing over @tim_hague . Hope for a good recovery Tim. So proud of you Adam #koboxing

A post shared by Sarah Kaufman (@sarahkaufmanmma) on

Hague underwent surgery to relieve pressure around his brain and was in a coma. Cody Krahn, a friend of Hague’s, posted an update on the fighter’s condition on Saturday morning.‘s Mike Russell reported on Saturday afternoon that Hague’s condition had turned dire and that the fighter was declared brain dead.

Hague’s mixed martial arts career lasted a decade. His overall record stands at 21-13. He fought five times under the UFC banner from 2009 to 2011. Hague last fought in MMA in July 2016, losing to Michał Andryszak by knockout.

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  • Murdock

    This guy has been KOed one too many times.

    • TheCerealKiller

      You are a worthless piece of garbage.

      • Murdock

        You’re a self in denial piece of s##t.

      • Murdock

        Look at his record and the amount of times he’s been knocked out cold then get back to me, silly fool!

        • TheCerealKiller

          His record has nothing to do with your disrespect for someone that just died. I stand by my comment that you are a worthless piece of garbage.

          • Murdock

            Where’s the disrespect? Because I was willing to admit the truth?

            It’s d*ckheads like you in this day and age who like to twist people’s words around and turn it into a negative thing.

          • Sir_Roy

            Because you obviously don’t see it, and hopefully did not intend it as such, I’ll spell it out for you (and everyone who is unwittingly “liking” your comment). It’s your initial comment. The “one too many times” blurb. Think about it.

          • Murdock

            How about looking up the amount of times he’s been KOed before you comment. Those who liked my comment knew what I meant and aren’t as dumb as those who wants to be negative and start making false accusations.

          • Sir_Roy

            I watched the fight bro. All you had to do is explain yourself … that it was an unintentional (and ill thought out) choice of words. Instead you go off on folks not knowing he was KO’d all those times.

            We know. Your phraseology just sucked and comes off as a perverse hardhearted joke.

          • Murdock

            I have reasoning to go off on people who take what I said negatively without their own facts or reasoning. They need to look up Hague’s history of head trauma before going off on me.

            Those who continue to “like” my comments seems to get it. The positives outweigh the negatives.

          • Darin

            The tissue that suspends your brain in your skull (and keeps it from bouncing around like a pinball) is damaged by repeated trauma and loses its ability to hold your brain. Getting KOd a bunch of times will make you more susceptible not only to being KOd again, but to serious brain damage.

            Way to many crybabies just looking for something to cry about here.

            Hague’s death is a sad tragedy, but not a shocking one or one that could not have been foreseen.

          • Sir_Roy

            I don’t disagree with 90% of what you wrote. And obviously the commission, his coaches, and the ref failed this fighter miserably. He should never have been cleared to fight having just come off a KO two months prior.

            But this guy Murdock does not have a reputation on this site for being the most tasteful bloke out there. I think most of the negative feedback (including my own) were focused on the probability his initial retort came off as a tasteless pun “as intended”. More and more, it seems it may not have been intended as such. If he simply meant to point out that the previous KO’s contributed, than fine.

          • Murdock

            Who are you to say that I don’t have a reputation for being most tasteful? Did u suddenly survey everyone who leaves comments here? You’re not exactly well liked from time to time yourself.

            Truth is you simply don’t like me or don’t agree with me but don’t insult my reputation.

        • Benjamin Dover

          irrelevant you tard

          • Murdock

            It’s not irrelevant u f*ckwit. The guy got KOed just this past April and three other times prior to it. All that will build and cause further damage on the brain. But then again, I wouldn’t expect u to have a brain to work it out.

      • Sir_Roy

        He doesn’t get why his initial comment was taken as a sick, highly inappropriate, joke. He honestly believes he was just stating a fact.

        • earlsimmonz

          Seems like he was stating a fact. Looks like your twisting his words and getting worked up over nothing. PC police on high alert today….

    • Rehan Sheikh

      Buddy whether or not you belive in god, have some respect as a human being, disgusting

      • Murdock

        Go look at his track record and tell me he hasn’t been KOed too many times …

      • Darin

        Disgusting??? Did he edit his comment since you posted that? I see nothing offensive in what Murdock posted.

    • william gregg

      Your comment comes across as a sick joke. Maybe you weren’t joking but it’s hard to tell.

      • Murdock

        It’s only a sick joke if u take it and turn it into one in your own mind.

      • Murdock

        How’s it a sick joke? Because I told the truth?

        • william gregg

          Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what someone is saying when they reply online. Your comment could have been taken as a joke or a serious comment.

  • disqus_ULLEpgIofC

    A knee or a shin bone to the head is enough to cause death. When person fall backwards and hit their head the head is traveling at 11 MPH at impact and that too is enough velocity to cause death. Having a sport where the goal is to knock someone unconscious if an idea that is full retard.

    • biffula

      Going through life a limp wrist pu**y is full on retard too. Here’s to the sports warriors of the planet.

    • Prince Randorson

      Then why are deaths so exceedingly rare?

  • Jim Archibald

    Ah man, this is sad. My prayers go out to Tim Hague and his family.

  • americanalltheway

    McGregor will have the same fate

    • Stephen Quadros

      Stupid comment have some class

      • Sir_Roy

        Agreed. Unfortunately, class is on very short supply on the world wide webz. Almost scarily so.

      • americanalltheway

        When Mcgregor does I will

  • Mark Todd

    damn, tragic. may God be with you brother.

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  • Timothy Malone

    This is why boxing can at times be more dangerous than MMA. In MMA if you are knocked senseless it is usually over as your opponent jumps on you. In boxing you get 10 seconds to stand up and then get rocked again.