Former UFC Heavyweight Tim Hague Dies After Boxing Knockout

Former UFC heavyweight Tim Hague was pronounced dead on Sunday following a knockout loss in a boxing bout on Friday in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Hague was knocked out by Adam Braidwood in the second round after being knocked down several times. As he fell to the ground, Hague’s head violently bounced off the canvas. He regained consciousness and was transported to a hospital after being evaluated backstage. He was placed in the intensive care unit and underwent surgery to relieve pressure surrounding his brain. On Saturday, it was reported that the Alberta native was on life support and brain dead.

On Sunday, Hague’s sister, Jackie Neil, confirmed her brother’s death via Facebook.

“It is with incredible sadness, sorrow and heartbreak to report that Tim has passed away today,” she wrote. “He was surrounded by family, listening to his favourite songs. We will miss him so greatly.”

Hague was 34.

Hague’s mixed martial arts career lasted a decade. His overall record stands at 21-13. He fought five times under the UFC banner from 2009 to 2011. He last fought in MMA in July 2016, losing to Michał Andryszak by knockout.

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  • Tennis Newz

    Really sad. I didn’t watch the full video of the fight but there were a couple times in it when I can’t understand how it wasn’t stopped. From what I saw he was knocked down 3 times in a couple minutes and couldn’t defend himself. At one point he was leaned over in the corner just taking shots, eventually he fell down but the fight should have been stopped in that sequence well before he went down. He got up and maybe 20 seconds later he took another shot and went down again. That was the 3rd time he went down in the limited portion of the video I watched and I turned it off at that point.

    • zerocool

      i agree, and i’m furious once more : the ref is to blame, so is the corner of the fighter.

      • Anonymous

        I watched the whole fight and don’t understand how it wasn’t stopped. At one point he couldn’t stand and was allowed to continue. This is one of those scenarios that shows how bad a standing 8 count is for your brain. If this was Mma anyone of those knockdowns could potentially be fight stopping. It’s just such a tragedy and didn’t need to happen. I would’ve thrown in the towel. 3 knockdowns and his corner didn’t throw in the towel? It could’ve been avoided and I’m disgusted that it wasn’t. Rip brother

        • deepgrim

          you rarely see anyone throw in the towel unfortunately, there are many times in the ufc it should have been done too, but wasnt, can remember nick diaz throwing it in when nate was getting beat by thompson.

          • macarrech

            Yeah, I rememeber it. Only a brother or family can truly care about a fighter well being.

          • deepgrim

            the JDS cain fight should have had the corner stop it for sure, that was a prolonged beat down, and it wrecks the fighter- cant see why corner men wont look after their fighters

        • shakejunt

          wish i could give you more than just 1^ on this comment.

        • Sir_Roy

          Worst of it is, he suffered a KO not longer than 2 months prior. How was this fight even medically approved? This serves as an example of just how important it is to protect these fighters … oftentimes even from themselves (there’s just no quit in a lot of these warriors).

  • RespectforTim

    Tim was tough as a nail – and one of the good guys. Hope angels lead you in brother. Rest.