Former UFC Fighter Paul Kelly Sentenced to 13 Years in Prison for Drug Trafficking

June 18, 2013
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Paul Kelly UFC 126Former UFC fighter Paul Kelly has been sentenced to 13 years in prison after he was convicted of running a drug ring in England.

Kelly and childhood friend Christopher St. John McGirr were arrested as part of a wide spread surveillance operation. They were accused of supplying drugs to other dealers.

“You were in business with Mr. McGirr supplying heroin to other dealers,” said Judge Mark Brown, according to a report by the Liverpool Echo.

“In my judgment, you decided to supply Class A drugs when your contract with UFC was terminated. You obviously enjoyed the high life and saw selling heroin as an easy way to make money.”

Following a trial, Kelly was sentenced to 13 years in prison, while McGirr received an 11-year sentence.

Kelly fought in the UFC for three years, where he amassed a 5-4 record in the Octagon. He fought three more times after leaving the UFC, winning two and losing one.

At 28 years of age, it’s unlikely that he will ever be able to fight at the highest levels of the sport ever again.

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  • R

    sad. way too long.

    • Lawdog1521

      He wasn’t selling ****ing weed. He was dealing H, **** him.

      • R

        He didn’t inject anyone did he?

        • El Gvapo

          And bin laden didn’t fly the planes, so he should have gotten off scot free eh?

          • R

            Totally different. That comparison demonstrates what a moron you are.

          • El Gvapo

            Nice comeback. The absurdity of my comparison was meant to demonstrate the moronic substance of yours. But no, Kelly didn’t inject anyone but he did purchase, cut up, baggy and then distribute a hard addictive substance for financial gain. Perfectly harmless, where’s the victim eh?

          • Daniel McCarthy

            No it was Bush and Cheney that got off scot free, yet they were more guilty than Osama Bin Laden.

  • Darin

    He’s going to have a rough time when word gets around he was a profesional fighter. Everyone will want to make a name for themselves by kicking his ass.

    • s

      or by raping his ass

  • blzrbill

    He’s a disease, keep him in jail for eternity.

    • s

      many would say the same about you… You are just as dumb as them! HAHAHA!!!!

      • Marcus Miles

        Na man this isn’t a local weed man. Hard core drug dealers are scum of the earth. if you have someone close to you who is hooked on a hard substance like meth, heroin, coke or pills, and you see that person struggling to get clean but just can’t and they are throwing their life and everything in it away to chase this high thats never enough for them……… scum bag dealers like this are the ones helping them do it with a smile. My brother is a meth addict and he has lost everything including his soul. he knows he aint right and can’t help it either….. he can’t quit till he gets locked up. Dealers will front him drugs just to keep him using and say “pay me tomorrow”. I hope this guy looses every mortal right while he is locked up just so he can get a taste of the harm he has provoked to who know how many.

        • Martin Kipowski

          But then legalizing would make it better. He would not have a scum dealer any more, he would go to treatment instead of prison, The place you want is a place where drugs are legal. That way people get real help. You say he can’t quit until he gets locked up. But does he start again as soon as he gets out? What good did prison do him then? In reallity prison is helping him fight this addiction longer. It forces him to be clean for a while and during that time his body will get healthier again and he can go out and do more drugs. If he did not go to prison he would more likely go into rehab because his body and mind would not have this vacation from time to time.

          • marcus miles

            You don’t understand addiction. You can’t control addiction. You legalize the drug, you still have the addicts and destroyed lives. Have you ever been hooked on something before and you want to quit but you can. Addicts develop a chemical dependancy that there mind can’t control. Legalize weed…hell yeah but hard drugs that are chemically addicting need to stop and throwing the book at these dudes who deal massive quantities is a good idea.

          • Martin Kipowski

            But i do understand it. I did meth for 12 years before i kicked it. You will have addicts either way. But in a place where it is legal these addicts would be seen as sick and not criminals! This way they would be able to get help and not be punished! If it would be legal you would take the business away from the drug dealers you call scum and into the hand of government who would regulate it! It makes no sense to call drug dealers scum but still wanna keep the current system that “allows” them to have a business. If you check the data coming out of Portugal, the only country that has legalized drugs, you will see that the people getting treatment have increased and the number of addicts have decreased!

      • blzrbill

        I hope your kids buy some drugs from he and his crew. He makes junkies out of children and junkies are the scum of the earth. Sorta like you s.

    • Milosc

      People with no compassion or perspective are our worst disease. I hope he figures himself out and gets out early

      The Drug War is a complete joke. Check out Portugal’s huge success in treating drug use at hospitals, instead of the ‘criminal factories’ we call a prison system. It’s a different mentality (and it’s working)

      Legalizing takes away the VIOLENCE, and most people are better off simply solving the emotional problems that cause addiction in the first place. Even users enrolled in drug programs will at least be calm and have a job, instead of climbing through your window at night

      People drink for the same reasons, we have to be honest with ourselves and grow up as a society

      • sky57

        Dude this isn’t marijuana were talking about, this is heroin. Drugs like heroin, crack, ice, etc are devastating to anyone who takes it. You ever tried treating someone in the hospital that was on ice? They require a plethora of procedures that aren’t cheap just to keep them alive. And these procedures aren’t cheap.

        • Martin Kipowski

          Portugal is not only an example on marijuana, it is all drugs. And you are forgetting that an active class A drug user costs way more then the treatment. The total health care cost of the country would go up. But the total cost of police and prison would go down even more! Also you would have the added tax revenue to pay for it.

        • acjitsu

          Well, maybe they should imprison all the CEO’s of pharmaceutical, alcohol, and tobacco companies? The drugs they produce destroy more lives than the so called Schedule 1 drugs by exponential factors. I don’t condone what he did, but these laws are a damn joke and have completely ruined more lives than saved lives.

        • Milosc

          Like I said: look up how Portugal handles drug use (all drug use). The CATO institute did a study a few years back, and even then it was a “resounding success”

          They’re already doing it, because it works

          I’d rather have the government ‘give’ addicts drugs (if it means they have to be employed and enrolled into a counseling program to get them). Let that be the source, instead of CIA’s staged-underworld

          Once you get over the ego factor of ‘condoning’ something that’s not your thing, the benefits FAR outweigh the ridiculous [real] costs we’ve been paying all these years

          Anyone who doesn’t engage in counseling, and truly wants to rot away from krokodil, meth, or whatever it is, will at least be non-violent/non-criminal/somewhat constructive in that in order to get drugs they must work (or participate to some degree in a controlled environment). Worst case, they will only burden society for one more generation and the only people hurt are themselves

          Either way: no more drugs on the streets, and no more violence. Only available in stores/institutions under various conditions, and of no use to criminals looking to make profit

      • blzrbill


  • Milosc

    “Ken Shamrock blasts UFC” on YouTube

  • kiezer

    That dont suprise me sounds like he is a typical scouse scally. 70% of liverpudlians are dodgy as hell lol

  • El Gvapo

    Can’t understand all the comments on here empathising with Kelly as they believe drugs should be legalised. Well they’re not legal and they, particularly heroin, are very destructive for the individual and society as a whole. I too believe the we should approach drugs in a different way, but this scumbag tried to make money off others addiction.

    If you’ve ever seen some of the areas of Liverpool that have been ravaged by smack and the subsequent crime that follows it, you too would want him locked up.

    The issue here is that he deserves everything he got, the bigger picture is that someone will take his place in dealing the stuff, although that discussion isn’t really suited to a mma forum.

    • s

      Then stop discussing it

    • s

      What do you think all the major drug corporations are doing? They get a pass, and Kelly deserves thirteen years in prison. You are really stupid.

      • El Gvapo

        Hahaha you are so basic it’s unreal. What exactly do the major drug corporations do that’s illegal? Apart from making outrageous profits of course. And if drugs were legalised, who do you think would manufacture and distribute them? Your local organic store or a major multinational corporation? And guess what? I reckon they would make outrageous profits off them too, so you either buy it off them or you go to the black market (Kelly for example) and so the cycle continues.

        • kbroesq

          Yes, I’m sure all the people who purchased heroin from Kelly were people who were legitimately in pain and couldn’t afford generic Vicodin…give me a break.

          What does your conspiracy theory BS have to do with anything in this story?! The guy was selling heroin to people and that heroin was undoubtedly ruining those peoples’ lives – that’s it. What the drug companies do is a separate issue.

          • Milosc

            See: “The Marketing of Madness”

      • Anon D

        Too bad the world is full of idiots like you that believe they’re smart and relevant in our society.

  • El Gvapo

    Although I think the really remarkable thing here is that a former UFC fighter, who’s name would have been familiar to many, would think he could get away with this. There would have been plenty of people who would have been bigging up the fact that they buy from a UFC veteran and plenty more who would comment how you don’t want a UFC fighter chasing you for money. The rumour mill would have been in overdrive on that one and it would have been a matter of time before the Filth were on to him.

  • The Best Eva

    Dealing drugs and making tonnes of money is always great until you end up in prison for a nice chunk of your life.

  • Supaman

    he gonna share a cell w/ Lightning Lee Murray??

  • c2silvanator

    Heroin isn’t even that bad. meth, crack cocaine, pcp is much worse. Those drugs change your brain chemistry and the way you think, literally making you CRAZY!!! Heroin is simply a PAINKILLER.