Former UFC Fighter Kimbo Slice Wins Pro Boxing Debut in 10 Seconds

August 14, 2011
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Kimbo Slice

Kimbo Slice

Former UFC and EliteXC heavyweight Kimbo Slice (whose given name is Kevin Ferguson) made a successful debut into the world of boxing, winning his first fight in just 10 seconds on Saturday night.

Taking on 0-1 fighter James Wade in his first foray into the boxing ring, Slice cracked his opponent early and just a moment later he was falling backwards and crashing to the floor.

That was all it took and Wade was out.

The former “Ultimate Fighter” competitor took several months off after leaving the UFC, but always aspired to get back into combat sports and started working towards a career in boxing.

Kimbo’s former boss at EliteXC, Gary Shaw, promoted the bout, which took place in Oklahoma.

Following his successful debut, Kimbo will take his next boxing fight on Oct. 15, according to Team Kimbo advisor Jared Shaw.

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  • Best of luck to him.

    Here’s the fight:

  • XIRandomHeroIX

    This is a way better medium for him than MMA

    • wonggfan

      Dude, he fought a white dude that was 0-1!!! How does that show that Kimbo is a better fit for boxing than MMA?

      Boxing is worse for Kimbo because of his age and lack of proper training. Most of the boxers have solid amateur career. Kimbo has shit amateur career.

      Kimbo could beat 0-1 guys in MMA.

      • XIRandomHeroIX

        Trust me I’m not saying he is gonna be the next world champ I am simply saying boxing is a better fit for him than MMA

  • camthemusicman

    I wondered why kimbo didnt just go to boxing in the first place but hey if it wasnt for kimbo going to mma I wouldnt have learned so much about the sport and have a love for it as I do now.Its not for everybody.

    • wonggfan

      Kimbo didn’t go into MMA for two reasons:

      (1) Even back then it was too late for him to go into boxing. He would have been killed.

      (2) Given his street thug image and the advent of MMA, it was easier to sell him as an MMA fighter than a boxer.

      Boxing is as tough as, if not tougher than, MMA for Kimbo.

      He beat a 0-1 guy. Brock Lesnar can beat a 0-1 guy in boxing.

  • afk

    he’s not promoting any negativity in either of the sports so i say let him keep trying. if he was a big, arrogant asshole i might think differently but he’s just trying to make money and test himself like any other athlete.

    and if anything, moving into boxing was a nod of respect to mma. kind of like, i know i can’t hang on a competitive level with these guys and i’m too old to learn the whole wrestling and bjj game from scratch, so why not perfect my hands which i already have confidence in and try to support myself in boxing.

    makes a world of sense to me; i wish kimbo all the best.

    • wonggfan

      You are aware that he was a big arrogant prick before MMA humbled him?????

      He was a ruthless bully who ran into real fighters.

      Five years ago, this foo would have said that he could beat Cain Velasquez. Now he is even afraid of Matt Hamil.

      So I agree giving Kimbo a chance. But let’s not forget that he was a prick.

  • phrankthetank

    Ah, consistent douchebaggery, well done wonggfan

    • XIRandomHeroIX

      this +1