Former UFC Fighter Keith Jardine Chases Down, Subdues Mail Thief Near Albuquerque Home

January 26, 2014
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Keith Jardine UFC 96Former UFC and Strikeforce fighter Keith Jardine chased down a mail thief near his Albuquerque, N.M., home recently and subdued the perpetrator while waiting for police to arrive.

KRQE reported Friday that Jardine spotted the thief stealing the fighter’s mail at his home then fleeing in a vehicle. Jardine hopped his his Ford Bronco, chased the vehicle down and got out to confront the thief.

After surrendering to Jardine, the thief was arrested and taken into custody.

Once apprehended, the thief, identified as 39-year-old Richard Davenport, claimed he had been picking up mail for a friend. Police, however, discovered that Davenport’s backseat was filled with mail from a number of different addresses.

Check out the video of Jardine’s interview with KRQE where he talks about the situation.

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  • LookAtThisIdiot

    Maybe he can wear a hood and let the racists try to talk to him.

    • HpPavilion22

      wow your defending these packs of kids running around knocking out 95 year old white people.. Idiot

      • Arxangel1

        I am reading all the posts and can’t find anyone referencing, alluding to, or defending the knockout game. I see a Zimmerman reference from LookAtThisIdiot

  • onehitwonder

    it’s great to see Keith back in action.

  • horace

    seeing Keith Jardine chasing anyone is worse and more scarier than any horror movie ever made. Hollywood cannot make a scarier character than Jardine. Wonder is Keith has a wife?

  • horace

    Keith finally won one.

  • Austin, TX

    Way to go Keith. Nicely done, man. I still remember that ko you had of Griffin back in the day.