Former UFC Fighter Josh Grispi Jailed After Allegedly Attacking Wife with Dog

August 10, 2014
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Ex-UFC featherweight fighter Josh Grispi has been jailed after allegedly assaulting his wife at least two times in recent days, according to a report.

The Taunton Gazette on Wednesday reported that Grispi used a dog to maul his wife, and he is currently being held on $100,000 bail in a correctional facility in Massachusetts.

“It’s the worst case of domestic abuse I’ve ever seen,” said Middleboro police officer Richard Harvey to the newspaper.

Police said that Grispi trained a pit bull to attack his wife, and he would often choke the dog unconscious after the attacks, according to the report.

Grispi was arrested Friday on five counts of improperly storing a large-capacity firearm near a minor, three counts of improperly storing a rifle/shotgun near a minor, as well as assault and battery.

After posting bail of $2,000, the report read, police arrested Grispi again on Monday for a number of charges, including assault and battery, malicious damage to a motor vehicle, drug possession to cultivate marijuana, assault and battery with a deadly weapon, two counts of violating a restraining order and animal cruelty.

Upon searching Grispi’s home on Monday, police found 20 marijuana plants, 15 grams of cocaine, and a box of unsecured guns and ammunition next to where the former fighter’s children played, the report read.

The former contender’s wife, Kaitlyn Grispi, is reportedly hospitalized and recovering from her injuries.

Grispi last fought in February 2013, a unanimous decision loss to Andy Ogle at UFC on Fuel TV 7. The Ogle loss was Grispi’s fourth in a row, and he was subsequently release from the UFC thereafter.

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  • George Sperry

    Scum, I hope he dies young.

  • snapdad

    seems like a nice guy

  • brad king

    was once thought to be a promising fighter now this.

  • Jerm137

    Racism and profiling at its finest. If he was white this would be overlooked.

    • tour

      Is that a joke?

      • Jerm137


    • earlsimmons

      jealous much?

    • Del

      He is white!

  • Brent

    Meathead mentality

  • TheCerealKiller

    Give him life.

    • dgs

      No, as far as I’m concerned, give this subhuman loser/filth death!

  • put me in the sauna coach

    After going 0-4 in the UFC he finally found someone he could beat…with the help of his dog.

    • dgs

      So true! It’s hard to laugh at anything related to this sad story, but your post came close to eliciting a chuckle…

  • MikeMcK83

    You have to love how people want to punish someone so harshly because they heard a news report. It all may be true, but it should take more than a news report of a police report. Wait, nevermind. Let’s just kill him now and ask questions later.

    • MuayThaiFood

      Yeah I’m sure it’s all just a big misunderstanding. Everyone thought OJ was guilty too and he turned out to be innocent right? And what about Dahmer? Oh wait….that’s right. I still think he was innocent.

  • Stranger

    If he did do it, I hope he and the mutt get hit by a dump truck.

    • Stranger

      This just in… Tony Stewart has agreed to drive the dump truck.

  • James Williams

    Good lord, how many felonies can you rack up? I mean, we have drugs, unsecured guns with ammunition next to a kids play area, beating your wife, beating your dog, training your dog to attack your wife, violating restraining orders… we are just missing armed robbery and the OJ simpson style ride down the highway.

  • BobGyro

    wow that’s even a bit harsh for Bobgyro