Former UFC Fighter James McSweeney Stops Knife Wielding Thief in Las Vegas

August 16, 2012
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James Mcweeney - Cage Rage 28 It was a crowded night on Fremont Street in Las Vegas on Wednesday as locals and tourists packed the streets and stores.

Former Ultimate Fighter and UFC alum James McSweeney happened to be one of those patrons because he was showing his family around Las Vegas while they visited him from England.

What McSweeney didn’t know when the night started however is that he would eventually have to turn hero when a thief decided to put a stop to their family fun.

“My family’s in town right now in Las Vegas, and they wanted to go down to old town Las Vegas last night, down on Fremont street, just check out the big TV screens and stuff down there. So they wanted to get some souvenirs so they went into one of the stores there, and as they walked I saw these two guys that looked like they were drunk, but they wasn’t really, they were just arguing. So the cashier went over to stop them from arguing cause the store was packed full of women and children, people there shopping,” McSweeney explained when speaking to on Thursday.

“As they started to break it up one of the guys made a dash for the cash, the box behind the counter, and grabbed a handful of cash out and then pulled a knife out on the lady in front of everybody.”

According to McSweeney, the thief pulled a knife with a 3 or 4 inch blade and pointed it directly at the cashier who was trying to stop the robbery.

Unfortunately for this thief, McSweeney, who worked in security in his home town of London, England for nearly a decade, was standing close by and decided to intervene.

“I didn’t want anyone to get hurt, so I just went over and grabbed from the side by his shoulder and his lapel and took the knife from him and swept him to the floor and pinned him to the ground until security came and handcuffed him and took him off,” said McSweeney.

“No one got hurt, that was the main thing.”

There was no honor among thieves as the assailant’s partner, who was in on the scam, ran as soon as the knife wielding thief was tossed by the British born fighter.

McSweeney held the thief down on the ground after taking the knife away until his wife ran and got security to help him.

The former UFC competitor admits that there wasn’t much time for him to think about what he was doing when the robber pulled the knife, but he did react and he may have saved someone from serious harm.

“I knew I had the capabilities to stop it, so I tried to stop it. I mean if they pull a knife, you have to assume they have intentions to use it so that was my reaction, I didn’t want anyone to get hurt,” said McSweeney.

“We train everyday so we can stop these sort of things and I’m always happy to help if I can.”

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  • WarriorScholar

    Good job

  • Lesnardo

    So what?

    MMA fighters are not only good athletes but also good people?

    Good people don’t enjoy fighting, let alone fighting for money.

    Don’t try to mask these thugs with fake propaganda.

    MMA is human cock fighting. You get two people to fight and have others watch.

    • Ememay

      Was the writer trying to put any spin on this? I don’t think so.

      Eat a dick, dummy.

      • MaritalArtist

        tell that to my wife

    • yellowmonkey

      “Good people don’t enjoy fighting, let alone fighting for money.”

      So.. you are saying they cannot be good people because they enjoy fighting and fight for money? A little bit ridiculous eh?

      Who is trying to mask anything? All it said was a guy who stopped a criminal was being heroic and it is relevant because he happens to be an MMA fighter.

      Neat story, but nothing to generalize about.

      • Lesnardo

        No dude. And you need to learn how to write.

        • yellowmonkey

          Ha, yes dude.

          Here I will make a simpler post you can understand: You’re an idiot and implying that all fighters are bad people is absurd.

          Learn to reason.

    • mtmma

      So what.
      One guy named Lesnardo thinks MMA is cockfighting.
      Most sports today are physical and risk self-injury (e.g., football, boxing, wrestling, hockey, skateboarding, wakeboarding, bmx, marathoners, triathletes, etc.). Some people CHOOSE to endure the sacrifice for the pursuit of excellence and competition. I am not so motivated.
      Don’t try and mask your cowardice with moral propaganda.
      MMA is a sport, yes a physical one, that two people choose to compete.

      • Lesnardo

        So is human cockfighting. That’s a sport too. Also, dueling is a sport. People would risk their lives to achieve excellence.

        Street fighting is a sport too. It’s amateur MMA.

        • elliotbedford

          Lesnardo, you’re an idiot.

          Most MMA fighters are great humble guys! They get all their aggression out in training, as well as fair sanctioned combat with another professional fighter. They also have humble values given to them by different martial arts.

          People like you who probably have never competed physically in your life, choose to get their aggressions out in a different way, sitting on your computer and arguing on message boards perhaps.

          • macgrubber

            “Most MMA fighters are great humble guys”

            proof or ur an idiot

        • anhnguyen

          Lesnardo my dear, your incompetency knows no bounds, street fighting is most definitely NOT mma. Mma fights are in cage, street fights are on the streets, correct?

    • smill0313

      If MMA is human cock-fighting and so bad, why the eff are you reading and commenting on an MMA WEBSITE? Get lost, scab.

  • Mario

    And yet, another MMA fighter saves the day.


  • maddawgmar

    That’s badass.

  • Brass Monkey

    What a stud!!!

  • mma fanatic1982

    im a christian i try to live my life as pure as poss for jesus, but what your saying is cause im training in mma and will fight im a bad person lol. mma is not street fighting, it is a science! u learn discipline and alot things from martial arts. all these guys train and have great respect in ther PROFESSION, so they agree willingly to COMPETE against eachother to test themselves and be the best at what they do. they dont fight cause they hate the other, they compete to see how much they know and for a self challenge. grow up les, everytime u post its the most ridiculous comments no matter what the story is.

  • CeeJ1991


    If you think Mma is human cockfighting an educated guess says you don’t agree with it so why are you on MMA weekly? Just seems a bit odd.