Former UFC Fighter Dennis Hallman Loses Family Home to Fire on Thanksgiving

November 23, 2012
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Dennis Hallman at UFC 117Former UFC lightweight and welterweight fighter Dennis Hallman suffered a tragedy on Thanksgiving as his family home in Washington burned down.

According to Hallman via a Facebook post, he says that his family is physically fine, but the fire ravaged the house and all of their personal belongings.

“Sad Thanksgiving for me and my family. My house burned down early this AM,” Hallman wrote. “Thank God no one was hurt and I have that to be thankful for. Something like this makes my recent direction change all the harder…the one person that could make me feel okay about everything is no longer here. When God wants you to have a fresh start sometimes he really wants to make his point clear.”

Hallman’s good friend and training partner Benji Radach also updated about the situation, saying that all of the family’s personal belongings were lost and any help that could be provided would be appreciated.

“My good friend Dennis Hallman and his three boys didn’t have the best Thanksgiving. Their house and all of their clothes and belongings went up in flames last night so they have what’s on their back and that’s it. Keep the family in your prayers,” said Radach.

Hallman has had a very tough personal and professional run over the last several months.

Due to personal issues mounting, Hallman struggled to make weight for his last scheduled fight in the UFC, which was the second time the fighter missed making weight for a bout in the Octagon.

The UFC offered to pay Hallman his fight purse, but released him after the show for the repeated infraction for not making weight.

  • Adam Bruss

    Yep classic “Everything is due to imaginary guy in my sky” reaction. Woke up this morning = God gives me the strength to go on. Won a fight = all glory to God. Encountered hardship of any kind = God is testing me. Something that makes no sense happens = God works in mysterious ways(my personal favorite).

  • humby49

    damn, negative vibe, be nice…

  • TW

    Show a little bit of basic human decency. You think anyone wants to hear that when their home just burned to the ground? Don’t be such a fool.

  • Glassjaw11

    Hallman is a beast. I wish him nothing but the best and hope that his insurance company will take good care of him. I really hope they can start to piece back together their memories and life. These days you can store pics on the web/phones/etc and maybe some relatives have some pics as well…that would be a good start. It must be hard to lose everything you have grown accustomed to coming home to. At least they are all alive. Very sad to hear about his recent troubles. Hope he makes some nice paydays and returns to the UFC soon! Would love to see him VS Hughes one more time! Granted Hughes would have to come out of retirement now…

    I can only imagine if something like this happened to me and everything I have worked so hard for….you might say they are just material items, but they are my material items…and some of them do not have a replacement while others would be next to impossible to find a replacement for. I really cherish many of my things I have acquired through the years because each of the hobbies that enabled me to acquire some of those things was a big part of my life. To lose something like that would have me very depressed. I can only imagine what he is going through with not just this, but also the troubles in his career, and losing a loved one. Best wishes Dennis and family.

  • $27054044

    i wish he had only lost those damn banana hammocks…

  • Mike

    Come on people. If you can’t say anything nice……… should know the rest. Hallman’s a great guy and nobody deserves what happened to him and his family. Have some respect.

  • DamianCross

    Not trying to be disrespectful, I honestly wonder what started the fire. He has my sympathy either way, but more so if it was faulty wiring or an honest accident than say….trying to deep fry a turkey indoors…

    • MuayThaiFood

      You ever try deep frying a turkey outdoors in a speedo in Washington State in November?

  • Yannick Messaoud

    People still praising the good lord HA that is funny. Poor Hallman gald everyone is safe tough.

  • Whether you like guy or not as a fighter he’s not a scumbag or anything at all. Best of luck to him. Horrible news. You have to feel for him.