Former UFC Champion Kevin Randleman Dead at 44

February 12, 2016

Former UFC heavyweight champion Kevin “The Monster” Randleman has passed away at the age of 44.

After rumors began to spread on social media late Thursday, verified with Randleman’s close friend Wes Sims that The Monster had indeed passed away.

Randleman, Sims, and Mark Coleman were the core of the old school Hammer House fight team, but were much more than teammates, they were brothers. Randleman’s family informed Coleman and Sims on Thursday of their brother’s passing. Sims told that an apparent heart attack claimed Randleman.

Kevin Randleman v Nedkon01Sen11 sq“It’s true,” Sims told, barely able to speak as his voice was wracked with emotion. “He had a heart attack. I’m floored.”

Randleman’s family later issued a statement to, saying, “With saddened hearts, the Randleman family confirms the passing of Kevin ‘The Monster’ Randleman. While traveling on business, Kevin became ill un-exectedly and passed due to complications from pneumonia.”

Randleman’s death came as a shock, as he had just been out and about on the Red Carpet of the World MMA Awards in Las Vegas this past week, where executive editor Scott Petersen interviewed him.

“I can’t believe it. He looked the best I’ve seen him in years,” said Petersen. “He said he was working on a book, like a memoire, but he really lit up talking about how happy he was about his family, particularly his young son.”

Randleman was one of the pioneers of of mixed martial arts, having begun his professional career in 1996. He became the UFC heavyweight champion with a win over Pete Williams at UFC 23. He then spent many years as a staple of the Pride Fighting Championships.

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RandlemanKawamura130bSengokRandleman last fought in 2011, but competed with many of the biggest names in the sport during his decade-and-a-half career. He faced the likes of Fedor Emelianenko, Randy Couture, Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic, Chuck Liddell, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Bas Rutten, and more.

His death was immediately felt by his fellow fighters, including brother in arms Frank Trigg, who, like Randleman, Coleman, and Sims, transitioned from the world of elite wrestling to mixed martial arts when the sport was in a pivotal transition period.

“I’m not even sure what to say… or do,” Trigg told, clearly rocked by the news. “Such a great competitive spirit inside of an amazing athlete.

“Kevin truly could do whatever he believed he could do.”

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was updated at 12:30 p.m. ET on Friday, Feb. 12, to include a statement from Kevin Randleman’s family.)

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  1. RIP Kev. Met him once years ago. Nice guy!

    • it’s nice to see some retarded calling him a nice guy because he died,how could you call a scumbag cheater a nice guy?when this loser use roids they can even kill you if you are clean

      • Its sad to see some punk big mouth like you attacking people for no reason. You dont like him? Thats fine. But you show your insecurities by these attacks. Go play with your dolls little girl.

  2. Sad news in the MMA world. I’ll always remember him suplexing Fedor on his head and his first round KO of Mirko Cro Cop in Pride!

  3. Holy $HIT! Randleman is even younger than me. This dude was in good shape. Can not believe guys are dropping like flies. Shane Rosario, Joe: “JC ” Camacho and now Randleman,

    • Steroids are not conductive to a long, healthy life.

      • How do you know he was/on steriods? To make a statement like is very disrespectful and quite DUMB A$$ P R I C K move.

        • You are a dumba$$ prick if you honestly think alot of these guys are NOT on steroids. Plenty of steroids users have died young or have had organ replacements. Sir_Roy is correct.

        • Get over yourself. It’s a well known fact. Truth is, most professional fighters have been enhancing in the game until the recent rules change. Pride days were even far more rife with users. Even Anderson popping positive should have opened a lot of eyes to the truth. And yet, butthurt blokes like you still scream out like chumps and the notion … open your eyes.

          Not saying Kevin wasn’t a pioneer of the sport and deserving of his accolades. I wish his friends and family the best in this difficult time without doubt. But the passing of a man still in his prime, who was fit as fit can be, is a perfect opportunity to point out the pitfalls of enhancing your body with what is essentially toxic for your system. A warning to kids out there weighing the worth.

          Cardiac arrest at 44, given his history and given the team with which he was a part, is almost certainly due to steroid abuse. Take a page out of all the past professional wrestlers dropping like flies due to the same kids, and stay away.

        • ffs stfu and open you closed eyes or do some research u moron

  4. I hate to say it but steroids did him in.

    • Yep, weakened immune system.

  5. Very sad to hear. Randleman was one of those rare monsters with unlimited potential.

    If he had been with a good camp from the start and showed discipline, he probably would have had a hall of fame career, and many more belts.


  6. RIP Randleman, talk about steroids, i took steroids at some point in my life and they are crap, they will speed up your heart rate, and screw your cholesterol profile, its no secret that everyone at hammer house including Coleman abuse steroids. Not sure if Kevin was using them at the time of is passing, a lot of pro wrestlers have died in the past years due to steroid abuse, but also a cocktail of pain killers, and other drugs in the mix. I still have lots of respect for Kevin because he is a legend in MMA is slam of Fedor at world GP 2006 will always be remembered and he was another one that paved the way.


  8. That’s too bad. I always enjoyed his fights.

  9. I don’t understand why anyone is “floored” about his premature death, I’m sure not. While it hasn’t been confirmed, I would bet everything to my name steroid abuse played a HUGE role in this man’s death. I’m also sure we’ll be seeing many more premature deaths with all of the other early (and many of the current idiots in the sport who still use them) MMA fighters who abused steroids as well.

    There are no free lunches in this world…

    • dgs, What a P R I C K DUB A$$ statement. You do not have S H I T to bet everything in your name dummy. Until facts are brought out in death report you are PURELY SPECULATING Mr. so called ” medical expert ” Crawl in your hole and go to medical school before making FOOLISH statements CLOWN.M

      • Apparently your reading comprehension is lower than my seven year old daughter’s (she’s probably a good bit smarter than you as well, so that’s not surprising). No one said I was a medical expert, including me. Go back and read my post again dummy, as well as other posts by members in this thread who believe the exact same thing thing I do. Really, it doesn’t take a medical expert to make a logical deduction about the cause of his “sudden” heart attack at the age of 44, especially for anyone aware of the harmful effects of years of steroid abuse.

        As far as what I do or don’t have, I could buy and sell your worthless ass 10 times over, not that there would be any buyers.

        • Gotta love the JACK A$$ replies you give guy. You have VERY LIMITED brain cells to even reply to me. Did you finish high school? I will not even ask about college? Ha Ha. I more than likely dropped out of high with a Jr. high education so do make any assertions until you the the cause of death on Kevin DUMMY.. Read your post STUPID

          ” I’m also sure we’ll be seeing many more premature deaths with all of
          the other early (and many of the current idiots in the sport who still
          use them) MMA fighters who abused steroids as well”

          End of case CLOWN.

        • I bet it’s not even really your daughter, anyone who has to try and brag about how rich they are on an anonymous internet forum is obviously an inadequate loser.

    • amen

  10. The one thing he couldn’t do and get away with it was steroids. Pretty obvious when your heart blows up at 44.

  11. Never really thought about it until I saw all these steroid comments, but it would fit the pattern of Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig, Ravishing Rick Rude, Ultimate Warrior, FloJo (track and field), and Lyle Alzado (NFL), and I just realized he’s got that Dos Anjos protruding brow above the eyes and the shape of the forehead ???

  12. just another dead roids abuser,gsp was so right ufc is full of cheaters,and the entire us sport is full of them.the most notorious is serena williams,when a girl have more muscle than any man in the sport,i think there is something wrong

    • Wow dude. We are talking about a human being here. Show some respect.

    • He still did more than you will ever do with your pathetic life

      • my life is a real pleasur and im aliv poor scumbag,but ty for asking

      • and that’s a good reason for me to not telling that he was a loser,cheater?if no 1 can’t comments the sports because we are not as good as them, forum will be quiet.anyway i don’t even know why i lost my time whit a mongoloid like you,you can put your 4 years old arguments where i think!!

  13. Just try to stay away from steroids!! Rip kevin you are a fearless warrior