Former UFC Champion Brock Lesnar Officially Returns to the WWE

April 3, 2012
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The American Airlines Arena in Miami almost had the roof come off on Monday, and it had nothing to do with the Miami Heat.

Former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar has officially returned to the WWE, and made his first appearance during Monday Night Raw in Miami.

Speculation had been running wild for the past week or so that Lesnar was in negotiations to return to the WWE, an organization he was a part of for several years beginning back in 2002.

The rumors were that Lesnar was in negotiation for a one-year contract with the pro wrestling promotion, and on Monday night he officially made his return.

With the crowd reaching a fevered pitch, Lesnar’s intro music hit. A few moments later, the one time UFC champion walked back onto the WWE stage for the first time in more than seven years. Lesnar immediately made his impact felt with an attack on WWE superstar John Cena.

Lesnar came, saw, and conquered his first night back in pro wrestling and never said a word on the mic.

Lesnar officially retired from active MMA competition at the close of 2011 after suffering a TKO loss to current contender Alistair Overeem at UFC 141.

Over the past two years, Lesnar has dealt with a couple crippling bouts of diverticulitis that kept him out of fighting for many months. Unfortunately for Lesnar, the former NCAA champion from Minnesota lost his last two bouts in the Octagon before calling it a career.

Prior to that, Lesnar had reeled off four straight wins including capturing the UFC heavyweight title, as well as picking up wins over UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture and former champion Frank Mir.

Lesnar ended his career with a 5-3 record in MMA.

Now Lesnar has returned to his roots in the WWE. There’s no telling how active his schedule will be, but judging by the reception he received in Miami, the pro wrestling world is more than happy to have him back.

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  • mmachoman

    Might as well have appeared on The Bold and The Beautiful.

  • Why is this in MMA news? This should be on Glitter TV or some other daytime soap, dance moms crap.

  • insane187288

    hate or love the man he did retain the title. He came and did his deed then left. Done done and done. We cannot hate someone for wanting to better themselves. Brock rose to the top then couldnt hang so he left. One thing that gets me is his back stage shows when he said money wasnt a thing. If Brock wants to go back to fake stuff more power to him. Lets praise the real warriors instead of the sell outs

  • mmachoman

    The return video is on Youtube if anybody wants to see.

  • What a loser. I used to respect him as a fighter because he fought when he could have made more money elsewhere and despite his illnesses and whatnot. But he revealed hes not a true fighter at heart because he only liked it if he was winning. The real fighters are the ones who suffer defeats but pick themselves up and carry on to the next battle. Lesnar is back where he belongs, pretending to be the warrior that he can never really live up to.

    • TKD

      @ uncanny390: Exactly…You said, “The real fighters are the ones who suffer defeats but pick themselves up and carry on to the next battle. Lesnar is back where he belongs, pretending to be the warrior that he can never really live up to.” While I personally have no issue with the guy doing what he wants with his life, you are correct. Some people realize that they will never be the best at REAL fighting, so they want to be the top dog in the world of FAKE fighting.

      • VanDamme

        So beating Mir 2x, Couture, Carwin, and losing to Cain and OVereem is fake fighting to you? How many other athleates have you guys seen go from one sport (YES WWE it may not be a sport but I’d like to see anyone who isnt an athlete do what thoes guys do). And if I had the surguries that Brock had I sure as hell wouldnt want to be kicked in the gut anymore either. Easy to arrogantly critisize what Brock has accopmplished, open your eyes dude.

        • TKD

          I’d love to exchange intelligent thoughts with you, but your statement says everything about your lack of smarts:

          “So beating Mir 2x, Couture, Carwin, and losing to Cain and OVereem is fake fighting to you?”

          Where did I ever say that MMA was fake? I guess you can’t read either, because your spelling is at about a third grade level too.

          Sorry if this hurts, but just like Santa Claus, pro wrestling is fake. Yes, those guys are physically fit, and their bodies get abused. However, the fights are scripted, and they are not real fights.

          Holy sh*t, why am I explaining this? Go watch the WWE and Broc Lesnar put on their lame men’s soap opera. What a waste of time unless you have three teeth and are banging your sister.

          • elguapo

            Come on now gentleman, can’t we just let go of the whole Brock saga? He’s gone, love him, hate him or even if you were just indifferent to his whole UFC tenure, he’s gone and I’m 100% certain he ain’t coming back. Personally, I found the guy intriguing, thought he was a character to say the least but was ultimately a bit of a let down. It just goes to show how good the real top level fighters are and also shows that you can’t just enter the mma game at 30+ years of age and expect to do well over a sustained period of time, regardless of how good you are at one discipline or whatever. In a weird kind of way, I think that’s the true legacy Brock left in mma and that will only benefit the sport moving forward.

            TKD – i’ve got to say though, I really enjoyed your last paragraph there about the three teeth etc, made me do a big belly-ache style laugh. Good work.

          • TKD

            Glad I could make you laugh, elguapo.

  • I give him less then a year, he will cry baby once more because of the schedule, WWE schedule are terrible, they get like 2-3 days off per month.

    • bajafox

      LOL, he only signed a one year deal. Of course he only has less than a year

  • shereko

    I’m not a WWE fan, but really he did reach a pinnacle to where only a given few ever reach. Maybe you’re right WWE is where he belongs, but I’m also guessing that the diverticulitis is a lot for him to overcome to be at the top of the best of the best in the UFC, and he acknowledged that but, he can walk into the WWE and pick up where he left off, and I’m sure he wouldn’t have went out there unless he has it to be less than a full time schedule. But, really I can’t rip where he got in a short amount of time, being the champion and now making a good amount of money in the WWE, its not like his training and his fights were phony in the UFC.

  • davidjohnson

    no room for fake a$$ wanted be’s in mma he got so dam luck so many time. its not funny. cain beat the fool out of him. shane carwin beat his tail in the first round and they should have stop it then he never defence himself. but back to the acting classes hahahahaha randy made a mistake thats all with him but funny ho he got a title shot after lossing to frank mir. to me thats bs….. but still his butt is going thank you god…..

  • richardwellman

    So let me get this straight: Brock Lesner goest othe UFC, beats a couple of guys, one an over-40 and half his size Randy Couture and the other Frank Mir. He gets his ass whipped by Cain Velasquez, loses a whole foot of colon, then gets his guts kicked in by Alistair Overeem. So now that Brock has established that he isn’t a real ‘war machine’, he is going to go to the WWE and pretend to be one. Brock has only had 5 minutes of air time and I am already tired of him. We all know he couldn’t cut it with the real fighters and it shows every time he gets in the ring with one of his choreographed rasslin moves.