Former UFC Champ Tito Ortiz Denies Jenna Jameson’s Allegations of Drug Use and Abuse

May 31, 2013
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Tito Ortiz has always been amagnet for controversy. Even after retiring from fighting and taking on a new role as a manager for other athletes, controversy has found him once again… and once again from a familiar source.

Ortiz’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his twin boys, Jenna Jameson, recently posted on Twitter accusing Ortiz of domestic abuse, of drug use, and of keeping her from seeing their children. The two are currently in a custody dispute over their children.

“My ex took my poor children away from me for NO reason. He did drugs and faked drug tests for UFC. I all my time with my babies, he partied,” Jameson tweeted on Thursday.

She posted one blurry photo of what appears to be prescribed substances, and one clear photo that included a bottle of Ibuprofen prescribed to Jacob Ortiz (Tito Ortiz).

Jameson and Ortiz have had very public disputes in the past, something that Ortiz once told that he regretted and would not do again.

“I can’t control anybody else’s life, with Jenna I can’t control her at all, she does her own thing,” Ortiz said. “I take back some of the things I put out on Twitter, I shouldn’t have done that, and I’ll never do that again.

“You’ll never see anything about my relationship, my family or anything. Maybe my sons when they win the state title in wrestling, that’s about as far as I’ll go on that. It’s strictly for business on Twitter.”

But Jameson was insistent in her comments on Thursday, which continued on Friday.

“He can say whatever he wants, but I know the truth. He beat me, and never was a father, bullied me, then disallowed my poor babies,” she stated.

While Jameson has continued the conversation about the allegations, Ortiz, true to his past comments to, has made one statement categorically denying her claims.

“The unfortunate allegations being made against me are simply not true,” Ortiz wrote on Twitter. “I would never do anything to jeopardize my family. Being a great father and protecting the well-being of my children remain my top priority.

“I thank my family, friends, and fans for their kind words of support at this time. For my children’s sake, I appreciate you respecting our privacy.”

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  • barnettoo

    I am sorry but I have a hard time believing anything that comes out of Tito’s mouth.

    The dude is a sly, opportunistic egotist.

    Just look at the list of high-profile MMA fighters that think of Tito as a sly, opportunistic egotist. Chuck Liddell, Tank Abbott, Ken Shamrock, Frank Shamrock, Mark Coleman, Kevin Randleman, Randy Couture…the list goes on and on.

    Just look at his interviews over the span of last 4 years. First he talks trash on Dana and claims that he is fighting for the “little guys in the UFC who get exploited by Dana.” He runs to Affliction. They won’t give him a deal for the price he is asking. He nuthugs Fedor. Then he crawls back to the UFC. Kisses Dana in front of a camera just to pretend to be friends again. Then disses Fedor, a man who let you be one of his posse.

    I mean…I wouldn’t be surprised if he psychologically abused Jenna.

    The dude is the worst human being to have fought in the UFC.

    • Baller31

      What a moron…the UFC owes it’s popularity more to Tito than just about anyone else…he is a UFC legend whether you like it or not. And neither you or I know if he is a good person…but everyone knows he can fight.

      • barnettoo

        hi Tito’s friend!!

        he can fight?? lol!!!

        U are tito’s friend.

  • barnettoo

    As much as Tito wants to deny the truth, the fact of the matter is this. Tito never 100% accepted Jenna’s past. So every time something happens where Tito does not approve of Jenna’s actions, he can’t help but think of Jenna’s past. “Oh…she is such a domb sluut…no wonder she did porn….oh…how can i convince this whoore that she is just domb!”

    Tito mooched off of Jenna for the last 10 years or so.

    • Baller31

      You’re both stupid and, apparently, omniscient. You must have been a fly on the wall in the Ortiz household. And quit projecting your issues with women onto Tito.

      • barnettoo

        lol at you. You must be omniscient too.

        “Prostiwhore”…class act buddy.

  • julian moran

    I for one, do not take Jenna claims seriously.

    • barnettoo

      Then do you take Tito’s claim seriously?

      I don’t think Tito ever beat her in terms of giving her a black-eye. But I do think he shoved her a few times and regularly bullied her psychologically.

      It is bound to happen dawg. Come on, you are dating a pornstar. It would take a uber beta-bro (or a saint) to forgive and forget the past. And Tito is neither a uber-beta bro nor a saint.

      He psychologically abused her.

      • El Gvapo

        I assume you know either Tito or Jenna then? Or maybe you’re their neighbour perhaps? Either way you talk like you know them and are in their inner circle of close associates. Can you tell us any more about their personal lives?

        • barnettoo

          I can’t. Let’s just say both have faults. But Tito is sly.

          • Sir_Roy

            And the fact he was being facetious just flew way, way above your head.

          • El Gvapo

            What faults? None of us know these guys personally. Yes Tito doesn’t come across well to some people but we only see his professional persona, and in the fight game you’re bound to come across egotistical or whatever when you try and sell fights. For all we know the dude is a loving father looking out for his children. Unless you have kids too then you wouldn’t understand that feeling. But to say with such assertion that he psychologically abused her? Low dude, real low. And you can say exactly the same about Jenna too.

          • barnettoo

            Tito has done enough in front of TV to make people wonder about his character. He is not exactly the most upfront dude.

          • melody jones

            I can’t really stand Tito but you’re such an idiot you make him look like a genius. ” dawg”. Seriously? Lol.

        • Baller31

          LOL I was thinking the same thing. So based on barnettoo said, if you date a pornstar you are bound to beat her up a bit? Play mind games?? Abuse her?? What the heck is that based on…??

          • barnettoo

            We are talking about Tito you tard. Obviously not everyone is like that.

            Oh wait…you are gonna say “hey you don’t know Tito in real you can’t make those judgments!”

            Well, you don’t know Jenna in real life bro…so don’t you think you are being a tard when you label her as a “prostiwhore” like the way you did and dehumanize her without really knowing what’s going on?

      • Gary Fredericks

        barnettoo said:
        ” is bound to happen dawg. Come on, you are dating a pornstar. It would
        take a uber beta-bro (or a saint) to forgive and forget the past. And
        Tito is neither a uber-beta bro nor a saint. ”

        Dude are you serious with this comment??? Are you one of those guys that thinks his d*** is too small and feel you’re not satisfying his girl as much as the last boyfriend(s) were and acts all jealous about it? Why would this be “bound to happen” dawg? Why date a pornstar or stripper just to be jealous of how she got the skills you thought were awesome when you first met? You’d have to be a real uber-beta bitch to be like that. LOL

        • barnettoo

          not really. u sound dumb gary.

          It’s a pretty common story bro. A dude that falls in love with a pornstar..but as he gets to know her better he sees some issues…at first he tries to cover them up and ignores what others say about them. But as time goes by the dude can’t help but ponder if he has made the right choice.

          I think you completely misunderstood my comment..but not really surprised.

          • Gary Fredericks

            You’re pretty affected by Tito and Jenna’s break up and issue’s barnettoo. Maybe it’s time for you to leave Momma’s basement and find yourself a girlfriend too so you can have your very own relationship.

            You said how you sympathize for Tito’s surprise at the realization of his pornstar girlfriend’s drug addiction and erratic behavior, which unfortunately are VERY common traits of the porn world (and strip clubs). You also mention in a previous post that nobody should be shocked that Tito shoved and bullied Jenna Jameson for her porn-star past and that it would take a very special kind of guy to forgive and forget her past, rationalizing the accused bullying and psychological abuse…

            ….and you say I am dumb…..ROTFLMAO

  • barnettoo

    Tito…plus mic….equals???

  • bajafox

    Am I the only one that doesn’t give a rats ass if he’s doing steroids? He’s not fighting anymore, who gives a fk?

    Not to mention, in the state of California it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE for a man to get custody of the kids. The woman really has to have some serious issues for a judge to give the kids to the man. I want to believe Jenna, but something doesn’t add up.

    • Duxan1

      Serious issues like porn past?

      • barnettoo

        that wouldn’t be an issue.

        Jenna obviously has something going on.

      • bajafox

        There are plenty of porn stars who have made good mothers. Their previous profession has nothing to do with whether they can be a good parent or not. Jenna did something the public doesn’t know about that let a man in California keep the kids. I had a roommate who had full custody of his daughter, met the mom a few times, complete whack job. I had to call the cops on her one night when she tried to come take their daughter away

        • Baller31

          where are these “plenty of pornstars who have made good mothers” ??

          • Guest

            Orange county, Florida. Don’t ask how I know that.

          • Baller31

            LMAO…thanks for the tip!

  • Lawdog1521

    Dude, you married a whore, what did you expect?

  • Sir_Roy

    Fact is, it takes two to tango. It happens in a relationship where one is the victim of the other, but more often it’s both (believe it or not, the man is quite often the victim of abuse but men are far less vocal about it).

    It’s very hard to make a relationship work when both insist on being the “superstar”. Frankly, the whys and wherefores are none of our business.

  • Tlaw

    Love is temporary herpes is forever

    • candelario

      you ain’t lying

  • some guy

    I don’t know either of them personally, but I’ve read Jenna’s book and considering some of the stuff that’s happened to her, it’s amazing she’s not in an insane asylum.

    I don’t know Tito either, but supposedly he grew up with an abusive dad, guys that have abusive dads tend to do everything they can to be the opposite of that.

    • barnettoo

      not really.

      it’s case-by-case you tard.

      Some dudes rationalize abuse as norm and abuse their kids. Others get inferiority complex and shoot anyone that disses them. Yet others try to be opposite of that.

  • John Moschel

    I’ve met Tito several times, at fan expo, at PPV events etc. He is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my entire life and each time I met him he broke his back to make sure every fan there got pics or autographs or whatever. I just can’t believe the sincerity he showed to the people, myself included, was some kind of act. No I don’t know him personally but going off what I’ve seen, with my own two eyes, the dude is a class act. He talked to me like he’s known me my entire life and was excited when I showed him pics of my sons and their interest in mma. I’ve been lucky enough to meet a lot of fighters and he’s the coolest one yet. And like others have said, there is a reason why he currently has 100% custody of the twins. Jenna is a mess and I hope for the kids she gets her head on straight and stays the hell off the Internet with this nonsense!

    • Misotocurry

      get off facebook tito

    • barnettoo

      Dude, do you know how ignorant you sound?

      I’ve met Jenna in real life too at a porn expo. She was nice. Super nice. No I don’t know her personally but going off what I’ve seen, with my own two eyes, the gal is a class act.

      • Baller31

        You know how ignorant you sound?! What you have seen, with your own eyes, leads you to believe that a pornstar is a class act?? She’s a whore…by definition.

        • barnettoo

          So…whore = lying sub-human psycho?

          Dude, let’s be real. Even whores have feelings. The fact that Jenna retired after meeting Tito should tell you something.

          U sound like a biggot.

  • Sidiez

    Tito Ortiz has always seemed like a really good guy when not making excuses about his losses. I thoroughly believe that Jenna is lying. It was Actually Tito Ortiz that got upset at her when he believe that she was bringing Oxy Contin in to their household but she said it was old from when she had a problem. She also then went on to lie about Tito beating her and the cops came and put him in handcuffs. She then later when they solved their argument admitted that he never hit and and she made it all up.

    This is no different except there is no making up.

    And ibuprofen lol??? I can buy that at the store. I would imagine a former fighter with serious SPINE problems would be taking Ibuprofen. Hell i am surprised Tito does not need to take Vicodin just to get through the day.

    • barnettoo

      In case you haven’t been watching MMA for long enough, Tito Ortiz is the most hated fighter in the fighter community. His post fight antics were rude…but he stopped doing them once he started losing.

      The way he nuthugged Fedor only to diss him as soon as the UFC let him come back…and has attempt to suck up to Dana…just sly.

      • Baller31

        You apparently haven’t been watching long because Tito has a huge fanbase!

        • barnettoo

          ha! not really. He doesn’t have a huge fan base. Maybe compared to you..yeah. But most people watch his fights just to see him get punished.

  • james j

    Clearly who cares and why does this article make this web site. Worthless press coverage. Times must be slow.

  • Mickey

    Seriously?? Tito abused Ibuprofen?? Desperate attempt to sling mud by Jenna when there is none. I worry about those kids.

    • barnettoo

      Tito ortiz fan??

  • Prugues

    crazy porn star + fighter with a f**k up past = happy journalists

  • Iman

    I do live by Tito, and I am his neighbor I live in the Huntington Harbor, in HB CA. He is an a**hole and I have known him for years. Everything Jenna says is true.

    • Baller31

      Yeah, sure, right, we all believe that. Coincidentally, I used to bang Jenna, and I can vouch for her being a complete nutcase/schizophrenic liar.

  • BobGyro

    lol MADWHACK blurry photos? lying whore, if he had actually beat her she would have needed facial reconstruction surgery, its not hard for a woman to smack themselves in the face with a blunt object, not to mention using thier children as pawns to get thier way these day

    Thats what you get for getting a strung out prostiwhore pregnant, i suppose not even Tito can turn a whore into a housewife haha

    • barnettoo

      u sound so ignorant. Do you feel better about yourself now?

      go killself.

      • BobGyro

        A Jenna sympathizer you sell her the drugs?
        Go back in your closet

        • barnettoo

          no…I don’t sympathize anyone.

          U just sound like a complete redneck in your comment. “Prostiwhore”?? you are a class act buddy.

          • BobGyro

            you sound like a loyal customer of her website?

            she is the class act all the way!!

            hopefully all those pictures of her on your wall are not talking back to you! if they are you should seek help, GL!

  • Piledriver

    Yeah no s***. What was he thinking when he married her?

    • barnettoo

      he didn’t marry her you tard

  • barnettoo

    Baller31 and other Tito sympathizers are Tito’s fans/friends!!!!