Former UFC Champ Frankie Edgar Picks Chris Weidman to Upset Anderson Silva at UFC 162

June 21, 2013
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Frankie Edgar UFC 144Former UFC lightweight titleholder Frankie Edgar takes on Charles Oliveira in the co-main event of UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman on July 6. Like many other fighters, however, he’s been asked to weigh in on the night’s headlining bout.

He predicts Chris Weidman will upset Anderson Silva in the main event UFC middleweight title bout that night.

“Gotta go with the East Coast boy Weidman. He’s the whole package,” said Edgar when asked about the match-up on Wednesday during a live chat on

The undefeated Weidman (9-0) is a two-time Division I All-American in wrestling.  He’s also a brown belt in jiu-jitsu under Renzo Gracie black belt and former UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra.

“Anderson has fought good wrestlers, but Chris has got great jiu-jitsu and a solid stand-up game as well,” said Edgar.

UFC 162 takes place on July 6 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.  The 11-bout fight card will feature two preliminary bouts streaming live on Facebook and four preliminary fights airing live on FX leading into the five-fight main card that airs live on pay-per-view.

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  • Timothy Malone

    For his sake let’s hope he isn’t a big gambler

  • Sir_Roy

    Great stand-up game indeed, but for the love of god Weidman, use your striking to set-up your take downs ONLY or you will get picked apart on the feet and destroyed.

    You have to have an almighty spectacular stand-up game to dream about exchanging with Anderson the GOAT Silva.

    Though I would agree that upset potential is there to pound Silva out on the mat (he doesn’t suffer from Sonnen pillow punch syndrome) … I still won’t bet next month’s rent quite yet.

  • solo

    Cant wait for July for Silva to stop all of this nonsense!

    • how is it nonsense? although Silva might be a better fighter weidman is a bad style matchup for him to go up against. There is no denying that.

      • Bobby Gay

        Wrestling is not Silva’s weakness. People keep thinking that because of Chael Sonnen. Chael Sonnen’s wrestling was a problem for Anderson Silva, not because it was wrestling but because Chael has a very unique style of wrestling. To quote Brian Stann after his loss.
        “It’s different. Chael’s wrestling is just different.”

        • Baller31

          Brian Stann knows close to nothing about wrestling, first of all (Bisping was able to take him down easily), and secondly, Silva has had trouble with the only two UFC wrestlers he has faced…Henderson and Sonnen. Takedown defense is a glaring weakness for Silva.

          • unknownfighter67

            Let’s really review that, Chael caught Anderson on a bad day….its not a excuse but the second fight only proves my point. Chael did nothing the whole first round he was on top of Anderson and then was obliterated. Henderson also did not propose much of a problem to him. Like all fighters he has went against, once he times you it historically is the end. Chris is a great fighter, however look at the caliber of fighters he has faced…the biggest names are Munoz and Maia. The rest are not even close to the caliber of fighter Anderson is and unfortunately neither is Munoz, and Maia has fallen off and no one will deny that until very recently. Bottom line Weidman is to green and has never faced a fighter like this…movement….mental tactics….and literally the best striker in the sport and possibley the world. People in the end want to see a champion fall because…well misery loves company. If Weidman pulls it off, then commendable….the odds of it though are slim at best. And take-down defense being a weakness?? Chris has two submission wins and more Decisions victories than anything else…..How many fighters has Anderson submitted from his back? Evaluate before sending a judgement….and if you have….then may the better fighter win!

          • Baller31

            He didn’t catch Silva on a bad day…he took him down at will….both fights. For five rounds the first fight, and he dominated him the 2nd fight first round. He lost in the 2nd round 2nd fight because he decided to try and strike, and threw an ill advised spinning backfist. Now speaking of submissions, I believe Weidman has the advantage over Silva, and no way I see Silva subbing Weidman. Silva was afraid to go to the ground with Maia, and Weidman repeatedly took down Maia and tried to submit him. Silva has only submitted two people in the UFC, both wrestlers known for getting caught in submissions (If you saw the Lutter fight, you know he tapped to elbows was not submitted) Weidman is green, but he has great skills, and they just happen to align well with what is needed for success against Silva. I give Silva credit for being the best MMA striker in the world, but his takedown defense sucks. If it becomes a striking match, no doubt he wins. But if Weidman can take him down, and he should be able to, it will mean trouble for Silva.

  • Although I agree with Edgar, he’s being biased

  • Cereal Killer

    A message from Dana to all fighters –

    Please tell the media that you all think Weidman will win so it piqués everyone’s interest to find out who Weidman is and buy the PPV… or else.

    Have a great day!

    • JDMMA

      You are an idiot !!! Silva & GSP are top PPV sellers for the UFC “doesn’t matter who they fight”

      • Cereal Killer

        I am? In my circle of friends, nobody is paying for this card. It’s not worth it. i’m not paying $55 to see Silva clown this guy that hasn’t fought anyone yet. I’m not a fan of anyone else on the main card. I like the free FX show better.

        • Baller31

          In my circle of friends, no one who watches MMA thinks Weidman is some push over who will be an easy victory for Silva. This is a very intriguing matchup that will sell a lot of PPV’s.

          • Cereal Killer

            So you’re picking Weinerman? I’m taking Silva by complete ass-clowning.

          • Baller31

            Is that ass clowning by decision or a technical ass clowning?

    • MMAreality

      Well said!!!

  • BobLemons

    How can anyone bet against Silva with any fighter? Weidman has the tools to pose a threat sure, and who knows, maybe he is the one to dethrone Silva. But so many people seem certain that he will, I just don’t see how and why anyone can still doubt Silva…

  • Nick

    This is from a guy who wishes he could be like Anderson.
    Thanks Frankie I know where your coming from. Wideman has done allot of talking, but then so did Chael.


    Doesn’t matter,,, Silva is unpredictable and could KO anyone in a blink of an eye.

  • Lawdog1521

    Huh? I’m sorry, someone said the name Edgar and I fell asleep.

  • Joe

    The only person i believed had a chance against Anderson was Chael in the second fight, and that was because of the first fight. There is only 2 fighters I would put money on against Silva, that’s Cain and JDS. Its there anyone else that can beat him, I’m sure there its but no one else I’d risk money with.

  • know it all

    I have weidman winning by 1st rd ko by vicious gnp

  • battle ready

    There are two reasons why I will pay money to watch this fight. First of all it is a pleasure to watch a great fighter like Anderson. Very few Fighters consistently amaze. Second, although I am NOT picking Weidman to best Anderson I want to witness the fighter who will dethrone Anderson, and I will watch every one of his fights until that happens. Much respect to Anderson but when he is finally defeated that fight will be talked about for years. Am I unique in my perspective?

    • John Bunch

      You get my “amen”.

  • know it all

    Silva had dodged weidman until forced into this fight by public demand. Silva watched weidman destroy munoz easily, and silva was usually dominated by munoz in sparring so much so that munoz started calling out silva before weidman derailed munoz.silva was in process of ducking munoz, stating, “munoz is my friend i dont understand him calling me out “.you a fighter then fight.he knows weidman gonna pop that cherry.

  • Nick

    The way I see the first match with Chael, Anderson was in a strange mind set almost bored of the whole game. Just like Fedor who stayed in past his point of interest. Andersons drive was lacking and his preparation for Chael was poor. You could see it completely, but like a champion he made the decision to end the fight and did so at will. Chael did Anderson a favor. He renewed his drive and pissed him off. That is why he crushed him the second time around. True, wideman looks good in some aspects, but if he was truly great he would not need to try to bolster his confidence with all the smack talk. You never heard Fedor do that and the true greats rarely do. Anderson is focused and ready for Chris. There will be fireworks and Wideman better not blink.

    • John Bunch

      Anyone that ties Fedor into MMA talk these days has my respect. I think you make a great point about interest level on the part of Silva and I think he does need to be focused on this fight. I do believe Weidman has the tool set to hang with Silva (hang, not beat…fights determine winners, not armchair prognosticators)…but he could have used a couple more top 10 guys imo before making this leap. I am interested to see this fight…I was sure Shogun was going to run through Jones, despite his cardio issues. Imo, Weidman cannot believe the crap he is saying once he gets in the ring or he is getting ko’ed. He better have an airtight gameplan with a couple of plan B’s hidden away if wants to dethrone Silva.

    • Baller31

      Silva didn’t just play with Sonnen the first time, and then decide to end it at will. He got his ass kicked for 4.5 rounds, and then Sonnen made a mistake and Silva capitalized. He got his ass handed to him the first round of the second fight also, then 2nd round Sonnen made a mistake and again, Silva capitalized. Silva isn’t some freaking god, he is just an athlete who is good at what he does…and so is Weidman. And by the way, Weidman has not talked smack at all. Is saying Silva shouldn’t take him lightly, or that he deserves a title shot, or that he has the skills to beat Silva, somehow smack talk in your world???

      • Nick

        Every fighter capitalizes.That is how one wins. Wideman played the same hand as Johny Hendricks going on how the champ is dodging them as if they are scared. The truth is, Anderson had little to gain by fighting Chris when the fight was first proposed. Anyhow, fast forward and the fight is soon approaching. I believe Anderson does respect Widemans abilities and has stated so himself. Every fighter loses at some point, and mma is full of upsets but Chris is not the one. Not even GSP. Jon Jones has the best chance at getting the job done. Regardless, this fight will be one to watch like any time Anderson enters the cage.

        • Baller31

          Silva has a contract and needs to fight whomever they tell him to fight. I think Jones would destroy Silva, but I think there is a good chance Weidman beats him as well.

  • dgs

    I forget how many fighters Silva has beat who were supposed to beat him. Actually, I think everyone Silva fights always draws a whole group of people who declare “this time Silva is going to be defeated!” I can remember when Silva fought Marquardt, Henderson, Maia, Sonnen (both times), Belfort, Okami, etc., all of those guy were supposed to be “the one” who would finally beat him.

    There is NOTHING this Weidman kid brings to the game Silva has not seen, and dealt with before. And I didn’t even mention all of the fighters Silva wrecked before he came to the UFC who were supposed to beat him (names like Lee Murray, Carlos Newton, and Jerem Horn come to mind).

    It has already been proven Silva is on a whole other level from anyone else who has competed in the sport of MMA, but I guess there are always going to be jealous fools who want to see successful people fail. Silva may be defeated some day, but it won’t be from a no-name, self-promoting blowhard, with nine pro fights against other no-name fighters (with the exception of Munoz, an over-rated fighter if ever there was one).

    • Baller31

      Sounds like you worship in the church of Silva. I remember when Ortiz was considered unbeatable, and also Fedor.

  • John Bunch

    Just popped in to see how many heads exploded after reading the article headline.

  • ArlovskiNigga

    Why is this even an article? Who gives a f**k what Frankie Edgar thinks about anything at this point, he also thinks he won against Bendo…twice, and didn’t.

    • Baller31

      Really? I think even Henderson knows Edgar won the second fight.

      • Sir_Roy

        He did win the second fight indeed. But y’know how it goes when you’re champ … split decision victories tend to lean toward the bloke wearing the strap.

  • Heathcliff

    Good call Frankie!