Former UFC Champ Brock Lesnar Back to WWE?

April 1, 2012
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It appears that it hasn’t taken former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar to find a new job.

Rumors constantly swirled around Lesnar about a return to his professional wrestling gig with WWE even while he was actively competing in the UFC. The rumors increased following his retirement after losing to Alistair Overeem at the promotion’s 2011 year-end event, UFC 141.

Those rumors have risen to a fever pitch with Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer now reporting, although he doesn’t have confirmation, that Lesnar is believed to have signed a one-year deal with WWE and “will work a more than Undertaker and less than Goldberg type of schedule” upon his return.

WWE is slated to put on its annual blockbuster event on Sunday with WrestleMania XXVIII in Florida. The fire surrounding talk of Lesnar signing a new deal with the WWE got a little more fuel with Meltzer adding that Lesnar is “in Miami and arrived with security and a large group of people shielding him from everyone.”

Lesnar went on a 5-1 run, capturing the UFC heavyweight title then defending it twice before losing the belt to Cain Velasquez. Following the loss to Velasquez with a brutal beating at the hands, and knees, of Overeem.

Despite two career-threatening bouts of diverticulitis, a severe intestinal disorder, Lesnar finished his MMA career with a 5-3 record overall. He fought all but one of those bouts in the Octagon, having kicked off his career with a win over Min Soo Kim at K-1’s Dynamite!! USA event in 2008.

Following his first fight, Lesnar immediately stepped in against the top tier names in the UFC heavyweight division, facing the likes of Frank Mir, Randy Couture, Shane Carwin, and Heath Herring before the back-to-back defeats that sent him into retirement.

“I’ve had a really difficult couple of years with my disease.  I’m going to officially say tonight was the last time you’ll see me in the Octagon,” Lesnar said following the loss to Overeem.

“I want to thank the Fertittas, Dana White; Brock Lesnar is officially retired. I promised my wife and my kids if I won this fight that I would get a title shot and then that would be my last one, but if I lost tonight (I would retire), everybody you’ve been great.”

Lesnar made his way into the national spotlight as the WWE champion well before his mixed martial arts career in the UFC, so it would only be fitting that he returned to the roots of his popularity.

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  • Anthony

    Funny , when I do the math I get a record of 5-3 , not 7-3–Wins:(1.Kim, 2.Herring, 3.Coutour,4.Mir,5.Carwin) –Loses:(1. Mir, 2.Cain, 3.The Reem)—thats 5-3

    • lawrensco

      Pretty sure that’s what the article says too.

      • Anthony

        thats because they edited and corrected it–it did say 7-3 unless I was halucinating last night–very possible…lol

        • No, you were correct. I had a typo in the article and it has been corrected. I think I was the one hallucinating.

          • MrAdidas

            You got the “good stuff” do ya Ken?!? lol j/k! Though, dont be surprised if you get a call from Nick Diaz! Just sayin’

  • Anthony

    Nice thing about WWE is you dont have to get hit by the most powerfull strikers on the planet–ex. Cain, Overeem, JDS, etc- -im not sayin professional wrestlers are pu$$ys by any means, but taking shots by those monsters(MMA’s best) is a completly different ballgame then jumping off the top rope on top of some stuntman/actor–just ask Broke ,I mean Brock,if you think I dont know what im talkin about.

    • kylesmith

      Unless you try to do a shooting star press off the top rope and damn near break your neck.

  • Mario

    Oh man, this is huge news!

    Brock Lesnar signed with the WWE again, this is gonna change everything!

    Oh wait, no. It doesn’t change anything. This is MMA. Not fake wrestling. Who gives a damn if he signed on with them again. Let’s write some more articles about ACTIVE MMA fighters and what THEIR up to as far as THEIR bouts.

    What’s next, Kimbo Slice? 😛

  • Right where he belongs. When the going gets tough, the pansy asses go back to WWE

    • Lesnardo

      Would hardly call Brock a pansy ass. Brock was in MMA for a reason, to run the HW division. He is getting paid too much to just pull a “Kenny Florian” or “Forrest Griffin.”

      Having said that, just look at his last three opponents, Carwin, Cain, and Overeem. Those guys pack some serious punches.

      So here is the thing. Brock doesn’t want to stick around like Kenny Florian and Forrest Griffin and fight guys like Frank Mir. He wants to fight guys at the top of the division like Cain, JDS, and Overeem. But he realized that he cannot hang with guys that pack serious punches.

      He accomplished a lot in a short amount of time.

      Some of you talking smack on Brock now at point thought that he was #1 in the world.

      For about a year or two, he RAN the UFC heavyweight division.

  • elguapo

    For two people who don’t care about Brock, you sure have plenty to say. I say good luck to the guy and thanks for the memories, albeit brief ones. I hope he steers clear of any more illness and enjoys his time in wwf again.

    • Lesnardo

      Brock’s accomplishments:

      1) Introducing to the world the new-generation of mega-sized HWs
      2) Running the UFC HW division for two years
      3) Defending his title twice
      4) Beating the crap out of Frank Mir, who was one of the best HWs in the world
      5) Being the only serious challenger to Fedor who has dominated the HW division for 10+ years. YES. Brock vs Fedor would have been the biggest MMA fight ever.

  • Anthony

    Once again theres another Anthony contradicting my posts–you can have the name bro, since you dont seem to care either way–im out, happy trails

  • mmachoman

    @ Anthony(ies). You can go to “edit my profile” and change your name from there.

    As for Lesnar, good luck fighting that Leprachaun or whatever the hell that green thing is. (Seriously, Google “wwe leprachaun”. WTF.)

    Lesnar, the mixed martial artist, died an honourable death in the UFC cage against Overeem, and will be missed by at least a few.

  • adice89

    Let the man do what he wants. He was an interesting athlete that entered the ufc with sheer quickness and power. Oversized caucasion Kevin Randleman…is that saying to much? lol

  • MMMM i really don’t know what this guy is going to do next. He did not make it with the vickings, he did fairly good in MMA, but he could not stick with the WWE schedule.

    Unless he signs with a special contract he is going no where

  • MaritalArtist

    I dunno, I kind of liked the big guy. He brought to the table something that maybe only Chael has, some entertainment, personality and fireworks , very likely from his WWE days. I like how his serious, don’t give a sh*t attitude all of a sudden makes a metamorphosis into this overgrown kid jumping around the Octagon(TM), grinning ear to ear, overtaken with emotion, as if he didn’t really think he could’ve won that fight, talking to himself all the while. That’s just hilarious.

  • jonwhiting

    Personally, I don’t think Lesnar was ever cut out for the UFC. He’s a pretty good fighter I suppose, he was the champ after all (with a little luck), but he is just not well rounded enough to stay consistent in UFC, or MMA for that matter. Back where he belongs if you ask me…

  • browill70

    Stick to scripted wrestling. In MMA, almost anything is fair game.

  • pooby



    Have there been no new pro wrestlers in the last 15 years. I was a kid when these guys started fake wrestling. I have gray hairs now!

  • He was good for MMA and brought in a lot of new fans. I have nothing bad to say about the guy. Hope he has a ton of success and makes loads of money in whatever he decides to do.

  • kevstinx

    1) Overpaid!
    2) Injury prone!
    3) Attempted to steal some of WWE’s demographic
    4) I enjoy watching Brock lose.

    Brock is a create example of this capitalist organisation. Big names = big deals and bigger audiences, not exactly.

    I find it makes a mockery of MMA, watching Brock crumble like a sack of **** against Overeem was biblical. Same with Kimbo, I loved how Nelson, was NOT the special addition to TUF and went on to win it.

    All that TUF to find out you should of just hired Nelson anyway, and that your golden boy Kimbo got no legs. Which direction is this sport going in?

    If it continues on FOX and has live TUF, then Europe’s ratings are going down the toilet.

    Hurry up and end this TUF with bum face.

    want to watch the Brasil tuf. This shitty live format is wank! NEXT!!!

  • maddawgmar

    That’s the best thing for him. Going back to fake fighting, cuz he can’t win a real one.

    • That’s a bit of an unfair statement don’t you think? He might have run into a wall with Cain and Overeem but the guy fought at the highest level of this sport and had some success along the way. The guy deserves credit for that. He was willing to get in there against the best and test himself, that’s a lot more than some other people can say.

      • MrAdidas

        Very true SB, “maddawgmar” why dont you fight in the UFC & let’s see how you do or how long you want to continue fighting the BEST in the world with very limited training. Easy to call people “pu$$ies” or they they cant “win a fight” from behind your computer screen & in mom & dad’s basement. I’m NO Lesnar fan by any means, but I give credit where it is due & Brock deserves credit for what he did, especially in the amount of time he did it in.

        • maddawgmar

          All he did is bring in new fans. He was a glorified publicity stunt. How else do you explain a title shot after getting tapped out the beating a nobody. He got away with a couple of fights cuz his size, but he is not a fighter, grappler and that’s it. And I fight the best in the world but instead of fist, I have bullet flying at me. Notice the Mar in my name. That stands for Marine. I don’t have to price myself in the cage, cuz I fight for freedom not money.

  • charleslangston

    Good luck Brock! With The Rock’s return and now you, I see epic battles in the future for WWE. As for the haters in this safe comment thread, if their fat a$$es stepped into an octagon or a ring with Lesner they would be mashed into paste. You “tough guys” actually make me LOL.

  • TKD

    I was not a big fan of Lesnar, but what the hell…Good luck to the guy anyway.

  • Lesnardo

    Some of the people here do not understand the impact Brock had on MMA.

    The dude destroyed Frank Mir. Frank Mir at that time was considered one of the best HWs, after he defeated Nog, who was also considered one of the best.

    For the first time in 5+ years, some people were ranking another fighter (Brock) above Fedor, who had been consistently ranked as #1 fighter in the world.

    After Brock beat Carwin, who destroyed Frank Mir and was undefeated, everyone thought Brock is defeatable.

    Brock ruled the HW division in the UFC for two years. So I don’t understand why people think he hasn’t done anything for the sport.

    The dude single handedly revived the UFC’s HW division. Without this guy, we would have seen a really really boring and weak HW division in the UFC with Frank Mir and Nogueira fighting for the title against Randy Couture.