Former UFC Champ Andrei Arlovski Wants to Earn His Way Back to the Top

March 10, 2013
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Andrei Arlovski 470x260Former UFC heavyweight titleholder Andrei Arlovski wants to someday return to the Ultimate Fighting Championship and vie for the heavyweight title again.

Arlovski (19-9-1) rose to UFC stardom with his speed, accuracy and punching power, overwhelming opponents with offense from 2002 to 2005.

He went on a six-fight win streak, capturing the UFC heavyweight title by defeating Tim Sylvia at UFC 52 on Feb. 5, 2005.  He defended the belt twice before relinquishing it back to Tim Sylvia at UFC 59 in April 2006.

Arlovski left the UFC on a three-fight win streak in early 2008.

“I left the UFC on good terms,” Arlovski told

Arlovski doesn’t want his former status as UFC champion to dictate if the organization offers him a contract in the future.  He wants to earn his way back into the top tier of the heavyweight division.

“I don’t want the UFC to take me back in the UFC because I was a champion in the UFC.  I want to earn the opportunity to be back in the UFC again,” he said.

The 34-year-old UFC veteran doesn’t want to just return to the Octagon, he wants to re-capture the heavyweight belt.

“More importantly, with my career, every fight I’ve shown a good fight, and showed my skills, and showed that I’m getting better and better and better from fight to fight.  Like I said, you never know.  I might one day be in the UFC again, but I definitely want to be a champion and I want to be No. 1 in the world again because I know the taste of glory and the taste of being on top of the world.  I also know that feeling when you’re down,” said Arlovski.

“I definitely want to be a champion and I want to be on top of the world again,” added the former titleholder.   “Definitely, I will be on top again.”

Arlovski faces Anthony Johnson in the main event on the World Series of Fighting card on March 23.  The event will air live on NBC Sports Network.

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  • Cereal Killer

    I wouldn’t mind seeing him back in the UFC, but I doubt it. He was champ when the UFC heavy weight division was kind of a joke. I hate giving credit to Pride, but that’s where all the heavy weight talent was at the time.

    • Thats true…But since is training whith Greg Jackson,
      i can imagine him improving, and maybe gain a spot in UFC HW or LHW rooster.. A win agains’t ” Rumble” Jonhson would be a statement..!!

      • jeremy

        I respect your opinion but seriously why would a win over Rumble be a statement? who has he beat? he cant control his weight and lost to a much smaller Vitor. Im just wondering your opinion why you think it would be a statement. im interested to hear why

        • MuayThaiFood

          If you’re looking for pearls of wisdom here I think you are going to be disappointed. Your gut reaction of “WTF?!?” before you responded was the correct one IMO. Beating AJ only means anything if he is the first in a string of wins against increasingly tougher opponents. By itself it means about as much as Andrei saying he wants to be the UFC heavyweight champ again. I wish him luck though because I’d love to see it.

        • Advance*

          Rumble may not have beaten any top opponents but he’s a guy that has won a lot of fights impressively. And it doesn’t matter that he can’t control his weight now since he’s at heavyweight. We have to assume those crazy cuts took something out of him on fight night. If you literally cut weight until you can’t cut another pound, it’s gonna be hard to perform. So if Arlovski can beat him it’ll at least prove he’s not gonna get knocked out every time he faces a dangerous striker

        • Tommy Blingshyne

          well, Arlovski is on a 5 fight win streak, hes doing the right things that could help him get a 2nd look from the UFC, hes taken out a former SF fighter Cole, smashed Sylvia in another rematch and Rumble is a fairly well known guy and only out of the UFC for missing weight, not because of a lack of skills…an impressive finish of Rumble is def. a statement win…what other big name HWs could Arlovski even face? this is the exact fight that the UFC is gonna look at and see who they might welcome back…

      • Cereal Killer

        Rumble is nobody right now.

        • Tommy Blingshyne

          Rumble is on a 4 fight win streak w/ 3 str8 finishes…a few over former UFC fighters…the only reason Rumble isnt still in the UFC is not because he wasnt a good fighter, but because he missed weight too many times…hell back in the UFC w/o question…

          • Cereal Killer

            Rumbles biggest win is over Dan Hardy. I wouldn’t call that a great achievement…

  • GoNoles

    arlovski is the man, hopefully he gets back his striking is sick.

  • Jojo

    I remember hearing Dana say something along the lines of not liking Andrei as a champ because he didn’t speak english, had trouble getting sponsors, and he didn’t draw huge numbers because of the language barrier. I really hope he makes a comeback. I liked watching his fights.

    • Tommy Blingshyne

      the UFC is rumored to be heading to Russia sometime in the next yr or so, a guy like Arlovski would go over huge in the UFC if they make a push over there…as long as he keeps winning, theres a good chance hell be back, especially if they want popular russian fighters to help breakthrough in that market…hopefully the sign sergei as well…

      • VirsTyson

        He’s from Belarus, not Russia.

  • George Sperry

    He will need to find a chin if he wants to be the top heavyweight again.

  • Jeff Rosenberg

    ROTFLMFAO. Rumble is an undisciplined FCK UP. cant make WW goto MW. Cant make MW go to LHW. cant make LHW goto HW. What a loser

    • shakejunt

      maybe he just feels better fighting at his natural weight class? definitely a loser

      • Lucas Freire

        Should fight at HW since the beginning then.

        • shakejunt

          if only he had a time machine

  • TheBearSchmoo

    I like Arlovski and, by all means, he needs to remain confident, but I wish he would be a little more realistic. He, and plenty of other guys, say these thing about working their way back to a title, in the UFC no less, and it’s just not happening. It’s like these people don’t even know who the UFC champs are. I would be frightened to see Arlovski fight Cain, or JBJ or even Anderson Silva for that matter. I’d like to see him back in the UFC, but he’ll never get another top-10 win again.

  • NumberOneSoulBrother

    I met Andrei a couple of months ago and he was a very nice guy. He stood around talking with fans (the best his English would allow) and was a humble and likable guy. I only hope the best for him. However, I hope his chin gets a lot better because in the UFC, they will definitely be taking aim for his suspect chin.

  • Juan

    andrei as much as i like you, you can’t take a punch and in your division you need to be able to take a punch. just look at overeem

  • lol. u will never b in ufc because u got a glass jaw

  • dave d bomb

    brown chicken brown cow

  • Chris

    I definitely think Arlovski has something left in the tank, fans were too quick to bury him. Putting on quality fights for the WSOF is a good start