Former UFC Champ Anderson Silva Gains Full Medical Clearance, No Restrictions

May 6, 2014
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Anderson SilvaFormer UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva appears to be one of the pound-for-pound best outside of the Octagon as well as in it.

Surprisingly, less than five months after the gruesome leg break that he suffered against Chris Weidman at UFC 168, Silva has already been cleared to return to full training with no restrictions.

Silva’s manager, Ed Soares, confirmed the news to on Tuesday following an initial report by

It’s still very much up in the air as to when Silva will step back in the cage.

“(Still) not sure when he will fight, but he has been cleared to train,” Soares responded when asked about his client’s status.

Silva broke both bones in his left leg when Weidman checked the former champ’s kick in their Dec. 28 match-up. Silva immediately crumpled to the mat in obvious agony. He was rushed to a local Las Vegas hospital and had surgery within hours of the injury.

He has made a miraculous recovery, consistently posting photos and videos of his progress on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Within weeks, Silva was walking without crutches, lifting weights, hitting the heavy bag, and then grappling.

While many pundits quickly began to question whether there was enough left for the already legendary fighter to achieve to drive him to return to the Octagon, Silva has steadfastly stated that he will return to fighting. It’s not a matter of if, but when.

UFC president Dana White has consistently targeted the end of 2014 or the beginning of 2015 for his fighter to return, but thus far, Silva hasn’t put any sort of firm timeline on his comeback.

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  • Mark McDowall

    That’s insane. Is he even human???????

    • put me in the sauna coach

      “yes” -Chris Weidman

      • natpaukar7

        No disrespect to Weidman because he won their first fight fair and square and WAS winning their 2nd fight but I honestly wonder if he feels as if he’s ever beaten Anderson Silva…in my eyes he has not. I worry so much about that leg so I can’t imagine what Silva’s thoughts would be stepping into a cage…does he come back 100%? Thoughts…?

        • TheCerealKiller

          He knocked him out clean, but you don’t think he beat him? The second fight was going just as bad for Silva. What part of any of this do you think was Silva winning???

          • Dave Blank

            People like to think that because Silva was acting like an idiot leading up to the KO that he was throwing the fight. Then when a fight is ended by a major injury, fans of the loser like to think that without that injury he would have won 100%. Hence your guy who feels Weidman never won.

          • lux

            I agree with that but Silva wasn’t hurt in any way when he trew the leg kick. He was hurt before but he was bringing it to Weidman and he wasn’t hurt when he trew that kick. Weidman was ahead on points for sure but Silva was still in it untill the accident.

          • Drock420

            Exactly! That’s the point that people don’t understand is that who knows what would’ve happened in that fight had the accident not happened, I feel like it could’ve gone either way… Nobody really knows how the fight would’ve played out.

          • Wolf Ticket

            That was not an accident!

          • Drock420

            Well whatever, I think everybody gets the point that I’m trying to make…

        • Manuel Lopez

          Of course he beat him… TWICE!!! Any who question that are silva nuthuggers in deep deep denial.

  • Ian Price

    Who should he fight? With his credentials, he only needs one tune-up fight before he gets a title shot, I’m sure.


      Cung Le 1st, then Rockhold next If he wins both then he can fight whoever the MW champ is!

    • Baller31

      He needs a warm up fight, maybe Bisping? Or maybe this fight could lure nick Diaz back into the octagon


        Diaz don’t deserve shat!

        • Raphael Mastro

          no, but wouldn’t you love to see AS beat the hell out of him lol

          • AXE MURDERER

            YES I Would , but AS gota land that segal front kick & ko diaz!!!
            Lol, epic!

      • Matte

        Actually I love the idea of Silva vs Diaz even though I haven’t thought about it before. 🙂

        Would perhaps lure Nock out of his nest and it is a good measurement for AS.

    • Raphael Mastro

      jacare souza

    • Seth

      I love Anderson, but I really hope he won’t go for title.

      He proved EVERYTHING. What else can he possibly do? Win a title he already had and set amazing records with? Beat up folks for fun? Last thing for him to do is to do a superfight – either JJ or GSP. Both fights would line up pretty good – if injuries won’t happen, JJ should fight Gus and next DC, which would land late 2014/early 2015, GSP is also expected to be healed by that time – so it would give Andy a lot of time to get back in shape.

      He is GOAT. No doubt about it. Now, it’s only about his legacy – he would retire soon anyway, he doesn’t get any younger.

    • Dustin Spears

      idiot he is at the bottom he lost twice in a row too weidman both tko’s

      • Baller31

        He lost to one guy, who is the champ, so he’s #2, NOT at the bottom

        • Ian Price

          In that case Chael Sonnen is at the bottom of middleweights. And ironically, he’s a top-5 middleweight. Your argument holds less water than lake mead.

          • Baller31

            I think your reading comprehension is a bit off. What I wrote was clear and sensible. Silva is the #2 middleweight. Not sure wtf Sonnen has to do with anything

          • Ian Price

            Oh, someone said that Silva is at the bottom because he lost to the champ twice. But with that logic, Chael should also be at the bottom, since he lost to Anderson twice too. But clearly, Sonnen is not a bottom feeding MW’er!

      • mmalive

        Hey DUMMY, Silva lost ONCE. The second fight was stopped due to serious leg break. Get your facts right IDIOT.

        BTW, Silva beat all of contenders of MW division and some x 2 ala Sonnen.

        • earlsimmons

          so when a fight is stopped it doesn’t count as a loss? Thanks for clearing that up ya troll.

      • deepgrim

        nick diaz has lost 2 in a row, has never even been a ufc champion and they still mention him for a title fight with hendricks. your the idiot if you think someone who man people mma fans regard as the goat is at the bottom at the list, especially given the way the 2nd fight ended. If he gets a big ko in his first fight back over a top 10 fighter i think you will find he will be in the title hunt again

    • Manuel Lopez

      Whaaa?…. Lol wtf is it with these delusional fanboys?

      • Ian Price

        I might be delusional, but how can I be a fanboy? I cheered against Anderson silva his last 6 fights. I’ve gotta be the worst Anderson Silva fan in history!!


    WOwzer, here comes the Spider!

  • batman

    long live the king.

  • TheCerealKiller

    GSP comes back from his two years off and putting on the extra weight the right way, just like he said he would if he moved up. Then we finally get our super fight that everyone wants to see!

    • Fokkerdude

      Could be on to something there. I like how you think. A logical thought for sure.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Not a fight anyone really wants to see b/c everyone already knows the outcome…. Silva b/c of the size & strength difference. We’ve already seen this “movie” before people. Ask BJ Penn if size matters when both fighters are “even” in skill.
      Pettis would get destroyed by GSP/Hendricks at WW, GSP/Hendricks would get destroyed by Weidman/Silva at MW, Weidman/Silva would get destroyed by Jones @ LHW & Jones would get destroyed by Cain at HW!
      They have weight classes for a reason, and the GSP vs. BJ Penn fight was the prime example why! When both fighters are incredibly skilled (almost even overall), what do you think would be the next factor is skill is “even”?!? Size & strength. Aldo vs. Pettis is really the only real Super Fight, or Aldo vs. Barao (which will never happen).

      • TheCerealKiller

        What part of him adding the muscle over his two year absence didn’t you understand? Anderson is not know as a strong guy anyway.


    wow less than 5 months !!!

  • The milkman

    They stopped the second weidman fight way too early.

    • Yan

      Yes I agree…way to early….they should have taped Anderson his leg and let him fight through with both bones broken!!!! Are you insane or what?

    • Ian Price

      Wtf….. Hilarious !

  • Mike mckinney

    I understand the people who don’t feel like weidman completely beat silva. I also get the people who feel he has.

    I just look at it like this. Anderson stepped foot in the cage twice with Chris and didn’t win. It’s been a long time since that happened to him.
    That’s how I look at it. Props to Chris for that. He didn’t get beat.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Nicely said, Silva had 2 rounds to beat Weidman before Weidman KO’d Silva in the 1st fight, and 2 rounds (in the 2nd fight) to beat him b4 Weidman “snapped” Silva’s leg in half. And YES, Weidman gets credit for breaking Silva’s leg, b/c he practiced the leg checks. Did he think he was going to break Silva’s leg?!? Hell NO! But did he know it was possible? HELL YES! B/C his coach, I think Longo actually did it to his opponent many years ago during a fight (kickboxing maybe).
      Either way, Weidman had every intention in injuring Silva’s leg(s) by checking the kicks and/or preventing Silva from ever wanting to throw another leg kick for the remainder of the fight. Weidman got “lucky” that it broke, don’t kid yourselves, Weidman knew how & where to check Silva’s kicks. B/c Silva’s trainers & coaches stated that they believe Silva had fractured his tibia and/or fibula a kick or two before the gruesome kick that shattered Silva’s leg. If Silva comes back, hopefully he’s smart enough not to fight in 2014 (early Feb or after would the smart play). He might be ready physically, but mentally… that’s a completely different story, altogether. Two words… Kevin Ware!
      Google him, read the article he speaks about Silva, his own rehab & his mental state. Kevin Ware was so mentaly messed up about his leg, that he took the remainder of the year off back in Nov or Dec 2013, b/c he was afraid his leg wasn’t “ready” but physically it was. Now imagine Silva who uses his legs a lot more, the beating/strain his legs take before, during & after each training camp & fight! Silva will never be the same PERIOD! How can he, seriously?

  • Elizabeth Bathory

    I bet he breaks the other one in his next fight.

  • Denny Swain

    Weidman vs silva III? I wouldn’t mind seeing silva get mauled again