Former UFC and Pride Fighter Frank Trigg Arrested in Las Vegas

August 9, 2012
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Frank Trigg at UFC 103
Former UFC and Pride fighter Frank Trigg was arrested on Wednesday in Las Vegas after a 2011 incident with his ex-wife.

According to Clark County Detention Center records, Trigg was arrested on domestic violence (battery/strangulation) charges and remains at the jail pending $15,000 bond to be posted.

Sources have indicated to that Trigg’s arrest stems from a 2011 incident involving his ex-wife and not any new charges related to the fighter.

A photograph was released to the media with claims of domestic violence that had occurred while the couple was still married.

The former UFC fighter then released a brief statement through his management and public relations team regarding the photo and charges made by his ex-wife, categorically denying any wrong doing but could not state more due to a gag order placed on both Trigg and his ex-wife by the courts.

“First and foremost, we would like to make it very clear that the reports are completely false. Although Frank would like to personally address every detail of what has been said, a court order prevents both Frank (and his ex-wife) from talking about their pending divorce in this light. Despite what appears to be an obvious breach by his ex-wife, Frank will continue to abide by the order instituted. More importantly, Frank has three young children whose interests are paramount to any form of this he-said she-said trial by public opinion. He asks that the public please respect his privacy and that of his children as they transition into their lives post-divorce. Frank would also like to thank his fans, friends and family for their support during this extremely difficult time.”

Trigg remains in custody at this time at the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas. will have more on this story as it develops.

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  • Lesnardo

    Damon Martin please take a class on writing or quit your job.

    Your writing is garbage. The sad thing is, unlike some of your previous articles, you have proof read this one. There aren’t atrocious spelling/grammar errors. But it is just sh*t.

    “Former UFC and Pride fighter Frank Trigg was arrested on Wednesday in Las Vegas after a 2011 incident with his ex-wife.”

    You mean “…arrested on Wednesday in Las Vegas IN CONNECTION WITH a 2011 incident…”

    Just stop writing!

    • Triggerman99

      You’re going to spend so much time picking this article apart that you present that minor error as evidence of this guy’s lack of writing ability? Really?!
      Anyway, since this is an MMA site and not an English exam, I’ll get back on topic.

      Whats this photo that was mentioned? Is it a pick of her after the supposed incident?

      • Lesnardo

        It’s because you are a poor reader and thinker.

        • Triggerman99

          What is? I didn’t make a statement that would require any explanation of my thought process. I didn’t counterpoint your stance, so what are you referring to in your post?
          Maybe you replied to the wrong post, in which case you would be the poor reader and thinker.
          Try to keep up, friend.

    • stak

      Why not just stop reading his articles if you don’t like them that much?

    • rampagefaction

      Amen bro. I’m tired of reading and re-reading articles trying to make sense of bad grammar, missing punctuation, and spelling errors up the wazoo. If you can’t write, then hire an editor or proofreader. This particular article isn’t really all that bad. But I’ve seen some pretty bad ones on this site and others as well. Saying, “It’s an MMA website. What do you expect?” is a piss poor excuse. Journalist are, and should be, held to a higher standard when it comes to WRITING.

      • Triggerman99

        If I see major screw-ups, I will and have pointed them out, because it’s these guys’ jobs to write, and they should be able to do it properly. But there’s no chance I’m going out of my way to point out something this insignificant. if the article is readable and not completely jacked-up with multiple obvious errors (like Ken Pishna’s abominations), I’d rather just comment on the subject matter. You’re not changing the world by disecting sentence structure of a short article on an MMA site.

        • I believe that you forgot to capitalize the word “if” before the phrase “the article is readable”. I’m just saying, if you’re gonna dish on a guy’s writing, at least be able to talk shit properly with no mistakes in your own writing.

          • Triggerman99

            I’m defending him, not dishing on him. If you’re gonna dish on me, at least be sure you understand what side of the arguement I’m on.

      • Lesnardo

        For some reason I had a feeling I would run into those arguments, namely, something along the lines of “don’t pick on the writing, read the content,” or “I have no problem with Damon’s articles why should you?”

        The problem is…Damon Martin is a writer by trade. He gets paid to write. His money comes from ads on this website.

        • Triggerman99

          You’re missing the point.
          The point is that the erroneous segment that you chose to attack is so insignificantly flawed that it makes you look obsessive and ridiculous for trying to spotlight and critique it in such a way.
          If you are as versed in the school of writing as you seem to think you are, you would be writing these articles yourself, instead of complaining about them; kind of like movie critics who aren’t talented enough to actually make movies, so they just complain about them.

          • rfxgordy


    • adam1848

      If Damon Martin quit his job we’d have about two articles a week on mmaweekly. If the writing upsets people so much, why not just go to one of the dozen or so other MMA websites rather than wasting your time complaining?

      I’ve enjoyed many of Martin’s articles. I don’t think this topic is even newsworthy, so I would have spent about 5 minutes writing it as well. If Frank gets convicted of something, then maybe I’d want to hear about it. But while it is just a headline with no facts or relevant info, I’d rather read nothing at all.

    • thai plum sauce

      You have a tiny penis.

      • RubeKegal

        hahahahahahahahahahahahaha only a small wang fool would become an english teacher in an MMA forum LOL!!!

    • atmosphere

      first off, that comment you quoted isn’t incorrect. your “correction” is just saying the same thing in a different way.


      “you HAVE proof read this one” -> *HAD
      “But it is just sh*t.” -> fragment

      • Triggerman99

        We could probably do this for days!

    • Muaythai4life

      You think this is bad? You should read judicial opinions. Those guys and gals get paid a lot more money to “write” (meaning their clerks do most, if not all the writing)on a lot more important issues which are immortalized into case law, and would you believe it? There are grammatical errors in there too!

  • maddawgmar

    Well, he can’t beat any other fighter so he has to beat his wife.

    P.S. Lesnardo, your on talking probation…. Just stop talking.

  • atmosphere

    his wife should’ve just taken his back and work for an RNC

    • adam1848

      ha, ha! never could protect that neck!

    • Booker T

      RNC? You liberal basturd.

  • b-soc

    Lesnardo, do you spend every waking hour on forums looking for spelling mistakes. GET A LIFE!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH OF AN IDIOT YOU LOOK LIKE BY POSTING THINGS LIKE THIS!!! Perhaps if you moved out of your mom’s basement and done something productive, you wouldn’t sit around like an 8th grade wannabe teacher doing sh^% like this!!!!

    • Lesnardo

      This goes on to show that MMA writers can get away with writing garbage because most of their readers are either uneducated adults or dumb kids.

      • Triggerman99

        As opposed to obsessive, hateful, fans who seem to have an agenda against the writer, and therefore choose to complain endlessly about said writers minor mistake, instead of actually contributing to a conversation on an MMA website about an MMA article, right?

        Yeah, I’d say that’s a toss-up of who is more useless to these forums.

      • macgrubber

        “their readers are either uneducated adults or dumb kids.”

        This is new to u?

  • shereko

    LOL Damn I really wanted to use that line hahaha

  • b-soc

    Wow Lesnardo, so this MMA writing is garbage and we are all uneducated adults. Perhaps I can fax you all my education credentials hanging on my wall. And, Damon can send you his Jounalism degree. You can put it right next to your Elmo posters.

    You’ve turned this into a personal attack against Damon Martin. Why? Did he sleep with your mother and sister?

    If you are not going to contribute to good MMA debate instead of playing grade school teacher, we’ll have to get your mommy to take away your keyboard.

    Adam1848 is absolutely correct: if the journalism is so bad, and the grammar is so beneath you, go somewhere else. I’m starting to think if I did a pole, most people would prefer not to see your posts here.

  • pooby

    LOL. I saw “22 Comments” under the Trigg story and thought, “I didn’t know there would be 22 people that even know who he is”.

    I guess I was right, since all the comments are about writing ability.

    This article is not near as bad as the one from a month or so ago about a controversial fight involving Jay Hieron I believe.

    The title and the first paragraph mentioned a big controversy, but the story never even tried to describe what exactly happened and never even mentioned who won the fight.

  • RubeKegal

    Frank Trigg probably came to this site and said to himself “Whoa 26 comments! I guess I am popular”….then saw it was all about grammar.

    • TKD

      As much as we do not like each other, Rube, that was f*cking funny!

  • greaseygranny

    Rolling on the floor in laughter. This kind of silly poop tickles my taint. I just bought an Alan Stryker FX-14 Penis Enlarger. Just thought I’d share some irrelevant nonsense as well.

    • taylor2008

      Thats how you break up irrelevance….with more irrelevance! But it was funny!

  • Bob Sacamanto

    Frank trigg is still alive?


    2011????????? theres three sides to every story-his side her side,then the real story which never gets told

  • NastyDeuceDawg

    Is Trigg really that delusional that he believes releasing statements to his 15 fans on facebook is necessary? The ego on some people. I also suspect he used PEDs, check out those pecs. Trigg was a decent athlete in an era where steroid usage was rampant more so than today. With that said, I do feel for him going through a divorce. Hopefully they do things amicably and civil

    • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

      Yeah Trigg probably was on PED’s but no more than GSP. Everyone knows GSP could afford the best PED’s in the world ie: HGH,EPO’s, hcg, Conte’s “CLEAR”. GSP best friend in the world was a big time international drug smuggler who is now locked up for 20+ years.

      • NastyDeuceDawg

        I am aware of that, and he was far from GSP’s best friend. They partied together, probably trained together a few times and shared their passion for MMA. GSP is not media savvy so he publicized his allegiance.
        The reason I believe GSP has not used roids to look as he does is because he is such a hard worker and a superior athlete. A friend of mine saw GSP walkng out of a store in NYC, and said GSP was “cut as hell”, and “kinda thin”.

  • who what huh

    I’m surprised he didn’t get caught in a rear naked choke.

  • taylor2008

    At least Frank beat someone. And I believe every word he said in that statement….because he wrote it.