Former TUF Winner Ross Pearson Considering Move to Featherweight

September 6, 2011
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Ross Pearson and Dennis Siver at UFC Fight Night 21

Ross Pearson and Dennis Siver at UFC Fight Night 21

Former ‘Ultimate Fighter’ winner Ross Pearson is considering a move to 145lbs, but will make a test cut before ultimately deciding.

The Brit made the announcement via Twitter on Tuesday.

“Decisions, decisions what to do,” Pearson wrote. “Thinking about testing 145lbs, see if I can make it. Could be some big fights for me at that weight.”

Pearson is fresh off a very close split decision loss to Edson Barboza Jr. at UFC 134 in Brazil. Since exiting the ‘Ultimate Fighter’ house, Pearson has gone 4-2 overall, but just 1-2 in his last three fights.

While Pearson admits there’s nothing definitive yet about the move, he wants to test the waters by making the cut to featherweight while in training to see how his body is affected and then make the decision from there.

“I will do a test run and keep you all posted on how I do making 145lbs,” Pearson said. “Need to sit down speak to UFC and coaches, see what they think.”

Pearson did state in a response to a fan that the drop had nothing to do with his last fight because he believes he won that bout, but still feels like there are some big match-ups for him at featherweight.

The former TUF winner spent the majority of his last training camp in San Diego working with the Alliance Training Center, but will be at home in England for now while he mulls over his options.

  • Mario

    I still find it weird how this guy owns a victory over Dennis Siver.

    Yet, Siver is in a way better position in his career.

    • elguapo

      Thems the breaks i guess, there’s very little difference between Pearson and Siver in terms of style, ability etc. Unfortunately like most of our UK fighters, a complete lack of ground game means he’s never really likely to bother the real top level fighters. On the plus side, he’s not a dick like Bisping, Hardy or Daley which is refreshing.

    • shakejunt

      @ Mario
      Simple, Pearson lost his next bout after the Siver fight and Siver hasn’t lost since.

  • Mario

    Yeah, I was aware of that, dude.

    I guess really what I was thinking was: “These guys can beat each other on any given night”.

    Ross Pearson beats Siver, then loses to Cole Miller, a guy who ain’t that great.

    Siver loses a clear decision to Pearson, but then wins against George Sotiropoulos, and cracks the top ten.

    I know Siver is on a streak, but I think we all know he lost the Wiman fight. If he wins his next bout with Cerrone, he’ll def be in the hat of contenders.

    It’s just funny to me how these guys can beat each other, and then lose to mediocre fighters.

    Some go on to bigger and better things, while the guy who beat THE guy, is still stuck in a perennial contender-like spot.

    It’s just interesting how that works sometimes.