Brett Rogers Arrested Again

October 24, 2011
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Former Strikeforce and Titan Fighting Championships fighter Brett Rogers was arrested again on Monday after failing to comply with all the conditions of his pre-release in September.

A warrant was issued for his arrest and Rogers was taken into custody on Monday morning in Minnesota. The story was first reported by the Apple Valley Patch.

Rogers was released several months ago after a plea agreement with prosecutors stemming from a domestic assault case.

According to the plea agreement Rogers made with the prosecutors, for pleading guilty the charges of strangulation, harassment and child endangerment would be dropped from his record.

This is just the latest incident in what has been a rollercoaster ride for Rogers in 2011. When he was initially arrested earlier this year, his contract with Strikeforce was terminated and he was released.

Rogers tried to get his fight career back on track last month, but ended up losing a decision to former UFC fighter Eddie Sanchez.

Now Rogers finds himself back in hot water with law enforcement as he awaits his sentencing hearing on Nov. 30. The maximum penalty Rogers can face is five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

  • sirreadsalot10

    I remember watching a promo on this guy. It was all about how he was a family man pursuing his dream while working at walmart (I think) as a tire changer. Sad to see that he is really a domestic abuser.

  • MikeMc1983

    It’s really wrong of me to think this.

    But the next time Brett makes news I hope it’s because the cops are called to his house to make his wife release the rear naked choke she has him in.
    Maybe a heel hook, from what I understand it’s extremely painful and your awake the whole time. Maybe the show “cops” will be with the officers so we can all get a video of him tapping out. It could also launch her an mma career and help her with some extra money to support herself, and kids.

    Sorry, I’ll get back to reality now. It’s just extra annoying to me to hear fighters assaulting women. Anyone doing it is bad enough, but come on.

  • rsnowbass

    You can take the man out the Ghetto, but not the Ghetto out the man…

  • sb

    Dude he was a joke to begin with. I mean really no flipping ground game to speak of. It was like a little child in floaties pulling someone who can’t swim into the deep end. Pathetic. And as for his domestic abuse issues what a little Beyonce wipping up on a lady. Capital “D”ouche bag. MMAWeekly and the rest of the MMA community please end all reporting on this Douche starting now.

    • wonggfan

      While I don’t condone his behavior, I do feel bad for the dude.

      Put yourself in his shoes.

      You started out as a tire dude at Sam’s Club. Then you miraculously KO a former UFC champ. You immediately get a shot against Fedor. The MMA community, Strikeforce, and M-1 put you up on a pedestool and label you as the next big thing.

      You buy all that hype. But after three devastating losses, you realize that SF has been using you as a stepping stone.

      Then you got bills to pay. You put down your entire fight purse on a downpayment for your new house. You bought an Escalade.

      And finally, your wife starts bitching about how you got man handled by a white boy (Josh Barnett) and tells you to take your broke ass back to Sam’s club to feed the family.

  • Staff

    Hey Wonton,

    Seriously? So are we going to start feeling bad for all the fighters that supposedly got taken advantage of from all the various promoters. So no accountability for their actions? Its just the “Man’s” fault. Capital B ullsh*t. And that’s justification for a Massive hulk of a Man to beat the snot out of is wife while his kids are either witnessing it or hearing it from their bedrooms. I assume the kids live in the house with them.

    Dude go get some therapy and come back with hopefully a better outlook. And btw how do you know what his lady said or didn’t say? Maybe she said’ “Babe you’ll work hard and make a come back.” and after a couple crown royals and coke he says, ” Shut up B**** bam!”

  • MikeMc1983

    I guess it’s possiable that maybe she didn’t do the dishes. Clean the house, hmm, maybe she talked back.

    Sadly though it seems he couldn’t even finish that fight, and given the re-arrest he’s lost on decision

    Seems like you lose a lot in life if you don’t practice it right.

  • MikeMc1983

    Let’s hope she doesn’t give him a rematch.