Former Fighter Joe Son Accused of Murdering Cell Mate

October 11, 2011
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Joe Son

Joe Son

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation on Tuesday released a statement indicating that former mixed martial arts fighter and kickboxer Joe Son, 40, is a suspect in the alleged murder of a 50-year-old inmate at the Wasco State Prison-Reception Center (WSP-RC).

The unnamed inmate, whose identity is being withheld until the notification of his next of kin, was found dead in his cell at about 5:50 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 10.

Son is serving a life sentence with the possibility of parole for the 1990 gang rape of a woman who had been out walking her dog on Christmas Eve. He was convicted of the charge in August of this year when DNA evidence Son had admitted in another case was found to match a sample taken from the rape victim. He was convicted on Aug. 25 on one count of felony torture.

The WSP-RC facility is a way station that provides short-term housing while new inmates are classified and evaluated to determine their appropriate institutional placement.

Born in South Korea, Son fought one time in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, against Keith Hackney at UFC 4. He went on to lose three more mixed martial arts bouts, two for the Pride organization. He also had one kickboxing bout promoted by K-1. He never won a single bout.

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  • Actually he has won a few fights in boxing though….

  • He was already serving life, guess he figured he needed to build up his cred. Pretty sure he gets bonus cred points because the guy was a “sex offender”.

    • JDPassage

      So someone who commited a sexual crime kills another that commits a sexual crime to build up cred? Works for me, fuck all them inmates.

      • I’ll have to break out my cred calculator, but I’m pretty sure that’s how it works.

  • okaydude

    Is this newsworthy? Posting stuff like this is bad for the sport.

    • zxsaint

      Couldn’t agree more.

      • wonggfan

        Why? I can’t stand MMA groupies talking about the same shit over and over again. “Chael Sonnen challenges bla bla and insults Brazil.” “Fedor wants to fight GSP now” “Win or Lose Wanderlei loves fighting,” “Dana White says..bla bla.”

        I wouldn’t even call this the darkside of MMA. Joe Son is one of the few MMA figthers that cast shadow on the sport. Hey, maybe MMA promotes violence. Hey, maybe MMA promotes less violence. Hey, maybe MMA has nothing to do with kids fighting each other at school or wanna-be thugs picking fights at clubs. Maybe the individuals that use MMA should be blamed. Maybe learning how to kick someone’s ass would make the learner more prone to not backing out of a fight.

  • God

    I don’t think news organizations like should necessarily take one side or the other of what is good for the sport, just report news that relates to the industry. Son was in the news before, this is just a new tidbit of info on the guy that came up in the news, nothing more…

    • wonggfan

      Imagine Joe Son being in the UFC now (assuming he is good enough to get into the prelims).

      I sometimes miss those days. UFC had a lot of characters back then. Royce, Tank, Shamrock, Severn, Frye, Hackney, Velerans, Taktarov, Kimo, and Joe Son, just to name a few. These guys were very colorful.

  • okaydude

    @God, I agree. Sadly, that just isn’t the case for a lot of these journalists sites. Mmaweekly does a good job though.