Forget the Fame, for Ryan Mulvihill, It’s All About the Fight

March 13, 2015
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Streaks tend to come and go for featherweight veteran Ryan Mulvihill. More often than not, he’ll win a few fights in a row before suffering a setback, and then go on another winning streak.

Most recently, after suffering back-to-back losses in the middle of last year, Mulvihill rebounded and has won two consecutive fights, including his recent Destiny MMA title defense over Ryan Dela Cruz in January to kick off 2015.

“I have the Destiny MMA featherweight title, and that was my third title defense, so I really wanted to keep that title because every time I win I get to go back to Hawaii,”Mulvihill told “I knew (Dela Cruz) as more of a kickboxer than a grappler, so I figured I’d just take him down and look for a submission and it worked out.”

Because of his tendency to come back after a loss, Mulvihill feels good for his next bout coming Saturday night.

“I’ve had 31 fights amateur and pro, and I’d always lose fights and then go back on a winning streak, so I’m pretty confident I’m going to win this (upcoming) fight,” he said. “I’d go on a big winning streak, then I’d lose and sometimes lose again, so then I’d get my mind back in it and get ready to go.”

At Prime Fighting V in Ridgefield, Wash., Mulvihill (13-5) will take on top prospect Austin Springer (7-0) in a featherweight feature bout.

“He’s 7-0, and that says something, but he hasn’t fought anybody to the caliber of guys I’ve fought,” Mulvihill said of Springer. “I expect a very solid, highly competitive fight, but I have the edge in toughness, experience and the technical skill as well.

“I’m just going to stay relaxed and conserve my gas take until I really need to go for a finish. I’m not afraid to stand with Austin, so I’m kind of looking forward to it.”

Not one to have his head in the clouds, Mulvihill’s only hope is that a win on Saturday night will allow him to continue to stay busy in the coming months.

“I don’t really think about too much other than this one fight and that’s about it,” he said. “I don’t want to be famous or whatnot, I just like to fight. That’s about it for me.

“I do this because I like it, so I’m just going to fight, win and hope I get more fights because of it.”

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