Forget About Diaz, GSP Now Has to Focus on Carlos Condit

February 7, 2012
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“I wouldn’t be surprised if Carlos spoiled the whole thing. If he wins, that means he’s the best man and I want to face the best man. I want to fight the winner. The fans want to see me fight Diaz, I want to fight Diaz. It’s the fight everyone wants to see for a long time. Hopefully it will happen.” ~ Georges St-Pierre on Friday, Feb. 3

Throughout his long and storied UFC career, Georges St-Pierre has made it his business to fight whoever the promotion put in front of him.

He never hand picked opponents and even in his debut fight he faced an ultra-tough fighter like Karo Parisyan.

That’s why it was so out of form for St-Pierre to get visibly angered and ask the UFC for the chance to face former Strikeforce champion Nick Diaz. All week leading up to UFC 143, it was hard to watch any UFC video or read any story about the main event that didn’t somehow reference St-Pierre’s desire to face Diaz should he get past Carlos Condit.

The only problem… Nick Diaz didn’t get past Carlos Condit.

Condit defeated Diaz on Saturday night by unanimous decision to become the new interim UFC welterweight champion, and also the top contender to face St-Pierre when he returns.

St-Pierre always knew that was a possibility, but now his hopes of silencing the brash and outspoken Diaz are gone, and he has to turn his attention to Condit instead.

UFC president Dana White knew just how bad St-Pierre wanted the fight with Diaz, but he’s not getting it now. White hopes GSP can focus on Condit with just as much attention because that’s who he’s getting.

“I know he wanted Diaz, he really wanted that Diaz fight bad, but it’s not going to be Diaz. So he better get angry with Carlos Condit or focused on Carlos Condit or whatever it is he needs to do,” White said about the St-Pierre/Condit match-up after UFC 143 was over.

St-Pierre has never struggled with focus outside of his last loss when he faced Ultimate Fighter Season 4 winner Matt Serra, and seemingly overlooked the Renzo Gracie black belt. The result was GSP getting knocked out in the first round.

Since that time, St-Pierre has been as dominant a champion as there has ever been at 170 pounds, but will his emotional let down from not getting to face Nick Diaz come back to bite him?

When St-Pierre comes back later this year to defend his title everyone will find out for sure.

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  • RubeKegal

    Glad to see Diaz down where he belongs, among the average in the 170 LB weight class.

    • BlackDog2009

      Diaz is a true fighter. One of the most exciting, on your face, relentless fighters in MMA today that goes in to fight, to finish, to give it his all. He’s top caliber, much more exciting and appealing than GSP and definitely superior to Condit.

      Loved it when Diaz bitchslapped Condit and told him to quit running.

      GSP vs Condit is going to be boooooooooring! Not interested.

  • shaman

    Condit is a bullsh!t “champ” and not really a fighter

    I’ll be TiVo’ing this snorefest

    • KBEsq

      Wow, the guy has one uninspiring showing and most of the fans just turn on him. I’ll admit that I’m one of the people who was not happy with Condit’s performance, or the fight in general (although Condit won the fight), but give the guy a break. It was one fight and the guy has been giving us great showings for his entire career.

      It really sucks because I think most people never even really paid close attention to Condit fights, and the first fight he gets with huge attention, he implemented a point-winning strategy. Again, I’m not happy about how he fought Diaz, but show some respect for a guy who has been getting in brawls and winning against legit competition for his entire fight career.

      • RonnieV

        KBEsq, I have mad respect for Condit, he was a graceful winner, he gave Diaz his props. Even though he’s primadonna, I like GSP as well, but I think it will be a total snoozer, and it contradicts the idea of having an interim belt, if he’s going to wait 10-11 months to fight again.

        UFC says fights are judged on: Effective Strikes, Grappling, Aggression, and Ring Control. The judges obviously forgot about the last three during Saturday’s fight. Diaz landed more strikes in the first two rounds (which Condit somehow won), Condit landed more strikes in the 3rd & 4th (the judges gave the 3rd to Diaz which makes no sense). They landed an even amount of strikes in the 5th, but Condit landed 5 more leg kicks. Diaz got the takedown, had back control, was the aggressor, but two judges still gave the round to Condit (Condit thought he probably lost that round). This fight screams re-match, and half the MMA world will agree with me. Dozens of MMA professionals outside of Team Jackson criticized that decison. I like Condit, but he needs to do the right thing.

      • ToxicDLA

        THANK YOU!! Yes, that was not what I expected from Condit, but there was a lot on the line and he had to stick to a gameplan and not get sucked into what Diaz wanted. It’s strategy 101, if you know what your opponent has done to win his previous fights, you don’t let him do that to you! But according to all the nut-huggers, if you don’t stand in front of Diaz and let him punch you, you’re a scared little girl. Because that’s what all of you would do if you had to fight him, right? Just say, “Yes, Mr. Diaz, it’s ok if you punch me in the face repeatedly, I don’t really feel like winning today.” Please. Let’s not forget that Condit only has 2 decision wins, compared to 13 (T)KO’s and 13 submissions. And remind me again how Nick Diaz beat BJ Penn? Oh yeah, by decision on points…

  • shaman

    I hope GSP wins by pressing Condit against the cage and delivering relentless pitter-punches to his thigh..

    ..thus racking up compu-box numbers, showing he’s a superior “fighter”

    Even open-handed slaps will do. I want him to purposely NOT try to finish or damage Condit whatsoever and win anyway

    If the judges take “flicking to the ear” that will work even better. He could get in like a thousand flicks to the ear in 5 rounds..

  • D-rail

    It’s what the fans are dying to see. People can’t wait, they should do that fight on 12-21-12 at a HUGE venue, I’m telling u it will sell out.

  • They need to rematch Diaz and Condit. Too much controversy surrounding this fight. It was a very close fight and although it wasn’t a “robbery”, it could have very easily been scored in Nick’s favor. That’s how I scored it.

    Even Joe Rogan says now that he’s had a chance to sit down and watch the fight on TV, he could give it to Diaz with him winning rounds 1, 2 + 5.

  • Jmoney

    They should drop this fight off the main card and make it a 3 round fight.. bruce buffer can’t even say before the fight… And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Cause no one gives a shit.. Gonna be boring ass fight for sure

  • RubeKegal

    LMAO Rogan had a chance to sit down and score it? Rogan is buddies with Diaz ya jackass, they are pothead pals, of course he saw it for Diaz. Rogan does that with all his buddies.

    He also said Erick Silva “Didn’t punch Carlo Prater in the back of the head” <– In Rogan's defense, cocaine is a hell of a drug.

    • lawrensco

      Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

      There’s nothing wrong with a couple bong hits with your buddies.

      And Erik Silva did win that fight.

      And on top of all that; Joe Rogan’s the **** and I have nothing left to say.

    • RonnieV

      RubeKegal, every charboard needs one trailer park loser, and you get the prize. You’ve said Condit won all five rounds that is just ignorance. Quit sleeping with your girlfriend/cousin and learn how to count.

      • RubeKegal

        Ronnie how dare you talk to your father that way. I believe Condit won all 5, at worst 4-1. Back to strikeforce with you!

  • alhmiel

    Nicky Diaz is old news he lost good bye Diaz. Welcome back strikeforce.

  • jtmma

    Georges lost by TKO to Serra, not KO.

  • piccini_51

    Yeah people talk all yo want I like Nick Diaz but I also recognize when a fighter outsmarts another! you don’t think anyone should be scare of Carlos Condit? Go ask Dong Hyun Kim (KO), Dan Hardy (KO)and Rory MacDonald (TKO)those are his 3 last fights before Diaz, his only other decision win was against Jake Ellenberger and that’s in 28 wins in 33 fights! All the other wins have been the same or by Submission! So hell yeah I would be scare of Carlos! Diaz is just more controversial because of the things he says and does. I don’t see why people can’t understand that a fighter can be smart and well spoken

    • RonnieV

      Good post, I agree with just about everything you said. I give Condit credit for a great game plan that he implemented well. I’ve watched the fight three times, and once I slowed the fight down to score the strikes. The numbers don’t back-up the judges decision, unless they were scoring strikes/spinning elbows/kicks that didn’t connect. Strikes landed favors Diaz in the first two rounds, and he was the aggressor. Yet, somehow the judges gave both rounds to Condit….. makes no sense. The 5th round boggles me to, because even Condit thought he may have lost the round. He did land a total of 5 more strikes(26 to 21), but the takedown and back control was completely discounted by two of the judges. They gave Diaz the third round, but based on effective strikes, he clearly lost that round. The 4th round is the only round everyone agrees on in favor of Condit.

    • lawrensco

      This is a little off topic I know, but his win over Rory Mc was a 3rd round comeback, he was getting beat. I’m not saying this to take anything away from Condit, I think he’s a great fighter, I’m saying this to mention what an up and comer Rory Mc is. I’m looking forward to his upcoming fight.

      Potential future champ for sure!

  • julianmoran

    It seems that most people overlook these 2 points:

    The fact that Condit lost a lot of fans by his hit and run strategy is not relevent to the fact that he also lost the fight.
    Diaz won round 1,2,maybe 3, maybe 5.

    Even though Condit’s striking was eye catching, most of it missed it’s target, thus was insignificant.

  • bajafox

    Diaz should have worn his marathon running shoes for this fight had he known it was going to be a chasing game

  • RubeKegal

    Condit 50-45