For Glover Teixeira, UFC Light Heavyweight Title Shot on the Line Against Ryan Bader

August 4, 2013
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Glover Teixeira vs Rampage Jackson at UFC on Fox 6Brazilian light heavyweight Glover Teixeira has been a professional mixed martial artist since debuting almost 11 years ago, in June 2002. Amassing a 21-2 record over that time period, Teixeira only recently made his UFC debut in 2012 at UFC 146, submitting Kyle Kingsbury, but he already has a title shot within his sights.

Over that 10-year period, Teixeira became an enigma of sorts.  Fighting sporadically over the early years of his career, the Brazilian brawler earned a devilish reputation for his work inside the cage.

Trained out of the legendary Pit Fight Team in Arroyo Grande, Calif., under famed trainer John Hackleman, Teixera has long been a fighter to watch for many of the diehard MMA fans all across the globe.

Currently riding a four-fight winning streak in the Octagon, with one win being an impressive dismantling of former division champ Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Teixeira is set to square off with Ultimate Fighter winner Ryan Bader at UFC Fight Night 28 on Sept. 4 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

According to UFC executive Marshall Zelaznik, who was handling UFC 163 post-fight press conference duties in lieu of the absence of company president Dana White, if Glover can get past Bader in September, he is likely next in line for a light heavyweight title shot. Current champion Jon Jones faces his next challenger, Alexander Gustafsson, at UFC 165 on Sept. 21 in Toronto.

“Dana and Joe have confirmed, with a strong victory by Glover, then he probably gets the winner of the Jon Jones fight,” said Zelaznik.  “Glover’s got an opportunity to go for that belt with a big win, so we’re expecting big things in Belo Horizonte.”

There’s a lot on the line for the massive Brazilian if he can get past the former Arizona State All-American on Sept. 4.  Bader, however, is 3-1 in his last four outings, with a victory of his own over Rampage, and there is no doubt that the American will not be too pleased at potentially being viewed as an afterthought.

But this announcement sure did make that main event in early September all the more compelling.

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  • Roberttttttrt

    Yea right Dana’s word on title shots is about as good as Monopoly money in ur wallet!! BS ..

    • drkdisciple

      I do think the fight will happen for two reasons (1) Jones recently said that he would like to fight Glover (2) Glover and Chuck Liddell are good friends

    • Advance*

      Would you prefer that he just never revealed anything and only put out press releases when everything is official? He lets everyone know what he’s thinking and that’s what’s great about him. You don’t find out what’s going on behind the scenes nearly as much in any other sport.


    I’d rather see Glover vs Hendo

    • Supaman

      maybe after Glover loses to Jones.

      that Machida – Davis decision was so bogus. Even Dana tweeted that he had it 30-27 Lyoto. But I can tell Dana was never that excited about a rematch.

      • Ian Price

        I had it. 29-28 machida. What can I say, it was close. Those 2 takedowns really hurt machida in the points. Too bad, I was hoping to see a rematch.

  • If both guys come in healthy and hungry this could actually be a great fight. I’m giving the edge to Glover. I’d rather would have seen Glover and Hendo b/c no offense to Ryan Bader but I don’t see beating him a reason for a title shot. Glover is a veteran, very well rounded and has a great record but a win over a guy like Hendo or Rashad would cement him a title shot more then a win over Bader. If Bader wins that’s big though and I wouldn’t mind him against Hendo or Rashad if possible.

    • Ian Price

      Remember when glover was rocked in his last fight? The one against… I think Maldonado? Who was that boxer he fought? I didn’t like that Wobbliness one but. But hey he recovered.

      • Yes Maldonado I believe your thinking of. Pretty good fight that was. He needs this fight a little bit more I’d say b/c Bader is still young and has a whole future ahead of him.

        • Ian Price

          Always thoughtful commentary from you, my MMA friend!

          I have a strange interest in the upcoming Chael vs shogun fight, but other than that, I do think Chael will drop back to MW afterwards. That’s pro ably why he wasn’t listed as a top 10 LHW.

          Not surprised by the controversial Davis win. Machida has excellent TDD, but Davis is on a “while nother level” with wrestling and strength.

          • Thanks and yes Chael stepping up at LHW to take on Shogun is an interesting match up. Never though we would see this. I’m actually giving him the edge based on his conditioning. If he gets tko’d and goes back to MW and possibly losses a fight there I can’t see him having a job as a fighter with the company anymore. Terrific broadcaster IMO. Davis pulled it off. Close fight, somebody had to win. He didn’t get dominated in the stand up, he hung in there, and won by adding in those takedowns. 29-28 for sure is what I had it as. Machida did better in the Hendo fight though. He was way better with his offense in that fight.


    Not if Gustafsson wins, it’ll be an immediate rematch

    • Ian Price

      Yeah I agree. The only way it isn’t is if Gustafsson totally dominates Jones, and if Teixeira totally dominates Bader. Then maybe. But how likely are those 2 events to both happen….

      • Denny Swain

        One would think so. Look how decisive the victory was for weidman against silva.weidman dominated every second of the fight, whether standing or on the ground then ko ‘s silva in 2 nd rd. This fight wasn’t close. I personally dont think a rematch is warranted,since silvas destruction was so thorough.

        • Ian Price

          I do think it was dominated by Weidman as well. The only beef people have is…. Well you know, that Silva was just clowning around, so fans want to see how Weidman does against a more serious Anderson. But I think Silva was clowning around an extra amount that second round BECAUSE Chris was too much for him. Defensive perfectionism. And also, he was making a last ditch effort to get into his head. Yes, he defended a takedown or two. But at the expense of a complete striking game. He will never be favored against Weidman, pure and simple.

  • julian moran

    I see Glover easily beating Bader. But, what happens if Bader wins? Does he gets a direct title shot? After he recently got koed by Machida.

    If Bader wins, I think he should fight Phil Davis for the title shot.

    • dgs

      “I see Glover easily beating Bader.”

      I have Glover winning too, but I hardly think it’s going to be an “easy” win over Bader.

      And if Bader beats Glover, I think that warrants an immediate title shot (depending on how he wins of course).

  • Jack Sparrow

    I think Glover definitely deserves a title shot if he beats Bader. Would love to see him fight Jones. Another fight I would love to see that never happened was Dan Henderson vs Jones. I honestly think Dan wins that matchup

  • Denny Swain

    Glover wins this by 1st rd ko via gnp