For Chris Wiedman, Confidence is Key When Facing Anderson Silva at UFC 162

June 26, 2013
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Chris WeidmanSometimes the hardest thing to overcome when facing an iconic figure in fighting is their mystic.

Chris Weidman (9-0) takes on UFC middleweight champion and pound-for-pound best Anderson Silva (33-4) in the UFC 162 main event on July 6, and believes Silva defeats many of his opponents before they even step into the cage.

“I think he (Siliva) definitely, obviously has a strong mental game.  I think a lot of the guys he kind of beats before they walk into the octagon.  Not really because of his mental game, it’s more the performances that he’s put on.  Guys go in there unsure of themselves,” said Weidman on a UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman media conference call on Tuesday.

“I think his performances speak for themselves and are kind of drawn into the minds of the guys going to walk into the cage with him if you’re not mentally prepared and truly confident in yourself.  I think the main thing is to have confidence in there and the best guy is going to win,” added the 29-year-old middleweight contender.

Weidman enters the fight as an underdog, and rightfully so.  Silva is much more experienced.  Weidman’s been out of action for nearly a year, but he doesn’t let those things enter his mind.

“I think if I let all of that stuff get inside my mind, and I was thinking about that stuff, that might get to me.  But I’m just really focused on this fight.  I don’t need a mental coach.  If I had a mental coach I guess it would be Ray Longo,” said Weidman.

“I have a psychology degree, so I think that might help a little bit.  But I know what type of mindset I need to have to walk into the cage.  I vision the fight every day and all day long.  The biggest thing is to stay confident and stay relaxed and make sure I dictate my fight once I get in there.  I’m not worried about any of that other stuff. I’m pretty good with having a strong mindset and not letting things get to me,” added the challenger.

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  • pappy

    Silva and munoz used to spar.munoz started ragdolling silva and silva basically refused to fight munoz when munoz called him out.then weidman destroyed munoz.then silva hid from weidman for over a year til forced to fight number one contender weidman the “exterminator “.i wouldnt be surprised if silva comes up with an injury before fight.

    • Sir_Roy

      Complete garbage. Coming from someone who’s never practiced or trained for a fight in their lives no doubt – the way you go off about what may or may not have happened on a practice mat. Silly.

      Different gyms and different camps have different philosophies with regards training, but practice is practice and working solely on ones weakness against fighters who excel therein, placing oneself purposefully in compromising positions, is part of the training game.

    • toom

      dude you have no idea what your talking about do some research before posting people can say what they want that’s the internet a lot of websites say the complete opposite

    • MMA

      You should change your name from pappy to puss*…

      • p3ezy

        Come up for air off silvas sack you freak

    • p3ezy

      for f***sake people DON”T FEED THE TROLLS!!

  • Sir_Roy

    Again, I repeat, this is an interesting fight. And I agree Silva often has fighters beat before fight night. It’s visually obvious.

    Silva’s yet to fight someone like Weidman and I’m excited to see it all play out. This is the kind of fight that can add tremendously to Silva’s status as the GOAT should he take Weidman out as he has all other comers. I’ll be tuning in for this one.

    • Ian Price

      If silva does end up winning, but has another one of those Sonnen fights where he gets into serious trouble, but somehow wins in the end anyway, that would be cool too. Otherwise, I want Weidman to win.

    • juniorbra

      Every time AS fight everybody say the same crap, he hasn’t fight a guy like him!!!! and guess what ??? after AS win the fight everybody start again!! oh no he should fight another guy!!!!! Stop hate the guy… he is the Best and that’s it!!!

      • Sir_Roy

        How is that “hating”? Seeing Silva have a challenger that may actually pose a challenge generates interest. It’s part of the enjoyment of the sport. You weird fans aren’t happy unless people come on here singing that Silva is an indestructible god who could beat Superman and Hercules at the same time, with one hand tied behind his back (oh, and with a hurt rib as well).

        I cannot freaken believe how all the Silva hero worshiping love children take such vehement exception to an elite wrestler with strong BJJ actually posing a challenge (a combination of skill set Silva has yet to face and which consequently play on his one known weakness). Suck it up kid, Silva is just a man and bleeds just like every other, and puts his pants on one leg at a time.

        • Spartacus

          If it bleeds it can be killed

  • Adam Vogt North Yarmouth

    I have nothing against Weidman. He is a solid fighter, seems like a good person, and if he wins, more power to him… I will openly admit I underestimated him. But I honestly think Anderson is going to destroy him. Every now and then someone comes along with a record impressive enough to allow the promoters to chalk him up as the next big threat to the throne. In reality, Weidman is a guy who fought mostly cans, then had a split decision against Damien Maia (a small MW who Anderson thrashed) and an impressive performance against Munoz who is a world class grappler and great all around guy, but not even in the same universe as Anderson in terms of BJJ or striking. Anderson is going to prove once again why he is one of the best, if not the best ever, and then we will have to wait another year or so until someone else comes along that we will all be persuaded to believe is going to pull off the upset.

    • Baller31

      Weidman and Silva both beat Maia by unanimous decision, and I would certainly not say that Silva’s performance against Maia was any better than Weidman’s (who had 10 days notice to prepare for the fight, and who wasn’t afraid to go to the ground with Maia). It would have been nice for Weidman to have another fight to prepare for Silva, especially after having surgery, maybe against Belfort to determine the #1 contender. However, plans often go awry in the UFC and if Weidman didn’t seize this opportunity to fight Silva it may have never happened.

      • Adam Vogt North Yarmouth

        I agree with you to a certain extent, except that Silva destroyed Maia until deciding to give up and run for the last 10 minutes, and Maia went to a close split decision with Weidman. I like all three of those fighters, so nothing against any of them, but I think it is hard to compare Weidman’s performance against Maia with Silva’s. But I completely agree that it would have been nice for Weidman to have one more fight, and Belfort or Bisping or even possibly Rich Franklin would have been perfect for that. But like you said, he needs to seize this opportunity and make the most of it. If he loses, he can still work his way back to a rematch fairly easily with one or two good wins over top MWs.

  • DJ Jab

    I think UFC should of put Chris against Yushin Okami and then a title fight if he won. I hope Anderson doesn’t embarrass Wiedman like he did to his last few opponents.

  • Spartacus

    I hate how people categorize you as hater or nut hugger if you have a thought and express it. I’m not and AS or a Chris Weidman fan. I am a fan of FIGHTS. I easily recognize AS as one the top 3 fighters ever in MMA. That debate of who the GOAT is better served AFTER the fighter has finished his career and their resume is complete and can be compared to those other fighters with similar status.
    As for this fight, I think Weidman is confident becuase he knows he has a deeper skill set than Chael had when he fought and dominated AS. IMO I beleive when you fight AS you better be confident, AS is an octagon predator and any weakness is exposed and capitalized on.
    I do think people saying Chris doesn’t have the experience is unfair to him. AS came to the UFC from pride and beat Chris Leben and then got a title shot. The same Chris Leben that is one of the most HITTABLE fighters ever in UFC History. AS has gone on to outshine anyone’s predictions, whose to say CW can’t do the same? Weidman has earned his title shot as much if not more than AS did when he got his.
    Let’s let the fighters fight and all of us enjoy what has the potential to be a legacy fight.

    • Fred Harlan

      Well put and I agree with you 100%.

  • MMA

    I have a silva blow up doll.we got a date tonight

    • MMA

      I hope you have fun with that you poser, make sure you bring flowers!