For Brian Hall, Winning the Legacy FC Belt is About More than MMA

October 17, 2014
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For up and comer Brian “The Law” Hall, 2014 could very well be his breakthrough year.

Back-to-back wins in Bellator and Legacy FC have helped right Hall’s ship this year after suffering the second loss of his career to close out 2013.

One reason Hall feels he’s been able to have a strong year so far is his decision to move down in weight after spending his entire career fighting heavier than he probably should have.

“In previous years I had been 135 pounds and as an amateur I was 145 pounds, and have fought at 155 pounds before as well, but 125 pounds is my natural weight class,” Hall told “I’m always faster than my opponents, but I feel stronger and that my power is what has made the difference fighting at 125 pounds.”

While he’s pleased he’s won out so far this year, Hall feels that he’s still got some work to do to get to where he wants to be.

“I’m still getting used to the caliber of fighters I’m fighting,” said Hall. “It’s better than ever, so I’m not used to going into the deep water. I usually get them out in the first or second round, but lately I’ve been going to the third round, so that is something that in competition that I wasn’t used to before.”

Hall does feel he’s making progress though, and should be able to handle longer fights with more ease in the future.

“I usually come very hard and strong in the first round and I think I’ve had over 30 fights, including amateur, and never lost a first round,” he said. “My coaches and everyone knows that the first round is in the bag, so I’ve just got to stay calm, cool and collected coming into the second and third.”

Hall (7-2) will seek to pick up his third straight win when he returns to Legacy FC on Friday night in Allen, Texas, to face UFC veteran Damacio Page (18-9) for the promotion’s flyweight championship.

“We’re the same height, same size and same age, so I think it’s just a perfect match,” said Hall of his bout with Page.

“His (physical) strength is his strength and my strength is my speed. We’re both wrestlers and both have good punching power. But I believe I’m more athletic than him, and that’s going to be the difference in being able to overcome what he has to offer and then put out what I need to in order to get the victory.”

While a win over a veteran like Page would do big things for Hall’s career, it’s winning the Legacy 125-pound title that is the most important thing to him.

“I’ve been an amateur champ, but never a pro champ, so that’s the most important thing for me to be champ for Legacy and defend the title as much as I can do,” said Hall. “I want to be one of the faces of Legacy because I’m more than a fighter – I’m also a father, a coach, a police officer – I have more to offer than being a fighter.

“I want to live a positive life and show people that you can do so many things and be successful, not only in your career, but life.”

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