For Bobby Moffett, Nothing But an Exciting Finish Will Do at RFA 24

March 3, 2015
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In the nearly two years since his MMA debut, featherweight prospect Bobby “Wolfman” Moffett has made significant strides forward, despite the occasional setback.

Even when things have not gone his way, Moffett maintains a positive outlook and feels he’s ultimately come out a better fighter for the difficulties he has faced.

“I’ve had some bumps in the road, getting injured and stuff like that, but I’ve fought through that and I’m healthy now,” Moffett told

“I had my first loss a few months ago. I didn’t see it as setting me back because after the loss I just got more motivated and started training harder and more efficiently. I feel like I’m really stepping up my game, so I want to go out there and step up and fight harder people.”

Initially a wrestler, Moffett has become quite adept at submissions, and while striking is still something he’s adjusting to, he feels he’s made significant strides in that area since he started fighting.

“I think I’ve made a massive jump,” he said. “I know my style of fighting and have made small tweaks and stuff, but now as a fighter I’m more complete. Before I would take a few punches and just shoot in on a person, but I feel more comfortable now striking with someone than I did before.”

Moffett (6-1) will take the biggest step forward in his career when he takes on Dan Moret (7-1) in a featherweight feature bout at RFA 24 in Prior Lake, Minn., on March 6.

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“To win this fight, I have to close the distance and make it a gritty-type fight,” Moffett said of fighting Moret. “He’s tall for 145 pounds at six-foot, so he’s definitely got range on me and long legs. So I can’t stay on the outside and wait for him to attack, I have to come forward and work really hard in this fight.”

Though his record and Moret’s record are very similar, Moffett feels like people are making him the underdog in the fight, which is helping drive him towards wanting to win and place himself on the national stage.

“I feel like every time I fight, when people make predictions they always pick the other guy, so it motivates me,” said Moffett.

“This is definitely the biggest fight of my career. He’s someone I really need to beat and I can’t win boring, I have to get my name out there and for them to see me, so finishing someone like him is huge for me.”

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    Occasional setback? He’s only lost once lol do some research