Following War Machine Conviction, Christy Mack Recounts Emotional Trial

Former adult film star Christy Mack underwent a turbulent time as her former boyfriend War Machine (born John Koppenhaver) stood trial for numerous counts after attacking Mack and a friend of hers.

Though he was not convicted of two attempted murder charges, War Machine was convicted on 29 counts that included kidnapping and sexual assault, stemming from the altercation between him, Mack, and Corey Thomas, which took place at Mack’s Las Vegas home. He now faces the possibility of a life sentence.

Mack was interviewed by HBO’s Real Sports prior to the trial. Following War Machine’s conviction, Real Sports revisited Mack. Not surprisingly, even though War Machine was convicted, Mack hasn’t had an easy time coping. 

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The full episode premieres Tuesday night on HBO, but you can watch a clip of the show below…

(Video courtesy of HBO | Viewing may be limited by broadcast rights restrictions)

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  1. Holy crap, she’s going down the Jenna J route of face surgery! I almost didn’t recognize my past favorite whack material.

    • Most pornstar do this, they start really beautiful and end up looking awful i remember Dayna Vendetta was super hot when she started then got a nose job and gained 30 pounds…. with full of tattoos sad in deed

    • I don’t know. She’s pretty darn adorable to me. This is obviously a more conservative look, less make-up and a normal hairstyle than in her movies.

    • She needed facial reconstructive surgery after the beating…

  2. This is such a bs hit piece being run by a network that has a vested interest in a competitor to mma, boxing. When they first ran this nonsense, they cherry picked, and flat out lied about statistics related to mma. They attempted to compare mma fighters in general(which is insane because that could cover such a wide variety of things) to the major team sports leagues- who only have a few thousand players.

    They keep bringing up War Machine and were acting as if he A. was still employed with the UFC, B. this was the norm for UFC fighters and C. there weren’t other sports leagues with athletes who’ve done 10x worse to normal girls(unlike this pornstar who enjoys being beaten and dp’d on a regular basis).

    Where’s Dana White when you really need him to trash someone. He should be all over this trash.

    • Is that you John?

      • Is that you meatcrusher???

        • That must be you Jamie Eyeles, back to your signed Lousey DVD set for you.

          • That must be you meatcrusher. Back to your holly blow up doll and Jamie’s box set dvds of his life since you are so obsessed with him.

          • My dvds are on there way to you. Hopefully watching them and cuddling with your holly blow up doll will cease the endless tears and sadness you experience everyday being obsessed and jealous of my life.
            Get help……

      • What did I say there defending John Koppenhaver? I was pointing out that this was a hit piece against mma, not him.

        • Not a bit piece at all, just stating what is going on. In related news, yet another MMA fighter Michael Graves also released for domestic violence.

          • What’s a bit piece?

            They aren’t stating what’s going on. They are exaggerating what’s going on and falsifying/cherry picking stats.

            Who cares if Graves was released for domestic violence? Do you know what a sample is? Why aren’t they doing this on football? Boxing? The very face of boxing, Floyd Mayweather was arrested for domestic abuse. Why no segment covering boxing?