Following UFC Albuquerque Loss, Ross Pearson Feels He ‘Lost Half a Paycheck’

June 8, 2014
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Diego Sanchez vs Ross PearsonHe thought he won his fight against Diego Sanchez, but Ross Pearson got a surprise when his hand wasn’t raised at the end of the night.

At UFC Fight Night 42, Pearson dropped a split decision to Sanchez when the collective MMA universe scored the fight the other way around. It was a moment of bewilderment when Pearson realized he wouldn’t be collecting a win bonus.

The judges, Pearson said, took money right out of his wallet.

“He put on a tough fight, but I think I won every round,” Pearson said of the bout with Sanchez. “It just sucks. I’m hurting right now. I believe I’ve lost half a paycheck. The judges here, they don’t lose half a paycheck. I feel that I’ve been robbed.”

Judges scored the bout 30-27, 27-30 and 29-28 in favor of Sanchez, much to the delight of his hometown crowd. The local fighter after the bout said he felt 100-percent certain that he won the fight.

“I definitely thought I won the first and third round,” said Sanchez. “I can’t really assess it, but definitely thought I won the fight.”

Even the UFC broadcast team thought the decision was a farce. Color commentator and former UFC standout Kenny Florian said he thought Pearson won the fight and that the judges should be ashamed of the decision they made.

Regardless, the result is official and no changes will come about. Another aspect of the fight that won’t change is Pearson’s view of how he performed on Saturday evening in New Mexico.

“I think I outclassed Diego,” he said. “I picked my shots well. I think I won every round.”

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  • Sanchez will get knocked out , and he still thinks he won the fight. Ross won that fight hands down.

  • Big Jeff

    Easily one of the worst decisions in UFC history (and I was rooting for Diego). The judge that scored it 30-27 for Sanchez should be arrested, charged with criminal misconduct, and imprisioned.

  • Pat Garret

    These judges should be immediately investigated, and stripped of there titles as judges.

  • drkdisciple

    Diego seems to be well connected. In my mind he lost this fight as well as the one against Gomi and Kampman yet the judges gave him a decision every time.

    • Lucas Freire


    • Mark McDowall

      It’s not Diego…apparently any Jackson fighter that fights in NM seems to get the nod no matter how badly they lost.

      But those other fights were clear losses as well.

  • snapdad

    not the most exciting fight, but ross clearly one. and 30-27 for each fighter just shows how these judges are not on the same page. horrible decision.

  • Jason Priest

    Shameful decision. Unbelievable.

  • savant

    How can one judge have it 30-27 and the next judge have it 27-30? Something needs to be done….


    This is how the UFC judges were scoring this fight !!!

    • natpaukar7

      AMAZING! haha, that is the accuracy is amazing

    • moodyledzep71

      smh you maybe on to something

  • TheCerealKiller

    There should be a camera on each judge during the entire fight! I remember clips of Cecil Peoples judging with his eyes closed. Is this happening again?!?!?!

  • thepoliticalronin

    Sanchez is a f-cking joke. How the f-ck does he think he won anything? White needs to do something about this.

    • George Sperry

      Definitely a poor decision but Sanchez didn’t make it, he was gifted it.
      No reason to attack the fighter.

  • Gary Fredericks

    I believe a little bit of my love for MMA/UFC waned a little after that decision. Pearson won hands down! Stevie Wonder, Helen Keller, and Ray Charles could have seen that were they judges.

    I think the UFC would be better off getting rid of the judges and borrow the WWE’s Earl Hebner and other ref’s….they are sooo much more honest and fair! LOL

  • Lucas Freire

    Just like Sanchez vs Gomi

    • Supaman

      yup, crazy thing is Gomi even had hometown advantage in that one.

    • Austin, TX

      yeah. that was almost as unbelievable as this one. he always does that, gets handed his *ss to him and then gets the split decision. That’s Sanchez.

  • natpaukar7

    I was tired last night and turned it off after the fight without even a slight thought of Diego winning….I am going to rewatch it right now but I believe this was officially a worse decision than Hamill Bisping. I literally remember thinking at one point last night that Diego was quite simply outclassed and probably done as a fighter.

  • Matt Templin

    Something you have to remembe is that the ufc and dana white dont pick the judges. The athletic commision or whatever governing body does. If you knew dana white had picked those judges everyone would say the fight doesn’t matter they already had their winners. He says it time after time, do not let the fight go to the judges. They are not mma experts and in most cases no little to nothing about mma, just boxing.

  • BobGyro

    wow if i were those judges i would hang myself, there is no excuse for that, not even the age old phrase “don’t leave it in the hands of the judges” that was phucking horrible they should all be fired

  • put me in the sauna coach

    Ross got robbed of half a paycheck and a W on his record, you can’t lose too many fights in the UFC and stay on…unless you’re Diego who gets wins on his record even after he gets dominated. Ross outclassed him in every aspect of that fight except crowd attendance.

    • Gianni Lee

      Outclass is too strong a word. If you can outclass a guy, you should finish him. Then the judges have no bearing.

      • moodyledzep71

        i disagree ross picked diego apart that is why he was outclassed he is not a guy you ko easy

  • Truthcore

    Lol… Diego gets gifted several decisions…

    This one Ross definitely won, probably all 3 rounds, but I guess I could understand how maybe 1 rd went to Diego, but gimme a break.

    Then there was the fight w/ Martin Kampmann, where Kampmann got robbed..

    The fight w/ Takanori Gomi was a HUGE JOKE, b/c GOMI dominated DIego every round, but Diego got the bogus gift decision in Gomi’s backyard of Japan.

    Diego, moves forward and swings alot… problem is, that most of his strikes miss and he ends up getting hit more times, more cleanly, and by heavier shots. Diego also ends up showing more damage b/c he’s the one getting lit up. Moving forward and getting punched in the face shouldn’t be giving you the round.

    • Advance*

      The thing is he didn’t even really swing that much last night. That’s why I think this decision was worse than the others.

    • moodyledzep71

      amen well done the fact one judge had it 30-27 for diego is a joke

  • Me

    An absolute farce of a decision. Watching it, when Buffer called ‘One judge scored it 30-27, Pearson’ I though, there’s no way that they could call it a SD, then when the 2nd score was 30-27 Sanchez, my jaw almost hit the floor. Daylight robbery, and for once, the farcical nature of MMA scoring can’t be blamed. That was two judges just not seeing the same fight as everyone else. In decisions like this, the judge(s) should be held accountable, be made to sit in front of some commission or other, watch a replay of the event, and explain their decision. Have to stop typing now, ‘cos it’s getting me annoyed all over again.

  • Odysea Industries

    Sanchez must be a heck-of-a’guy because the judges gave him a gift. He was beat and if he watches this fight himself, I’m sure he’ll know it inside. He lost.

  • Mark McDowall

    There’s no doubt he lost half his paycheck. This is Diego’s 3rd BS decision win. And with the beatings he is taking…he needs to retire ASAP…not only because he isn’t a very good…and completely unevolved from when he started in the UFC…he just absorbs too much punishment. If the most common thing said about a fighter is that he has heart…chances are it’s because he is just to dumb to go down when his head is getting beaten in.

  • Dan

    Ross U were ROBBED..U Won The Fight

  • broseppi

    The judges were likely local hacks that made $100 to judge the event…I highly doubt the NM commission pulls them in for any type of meeting.

  • Austin, TX

    You won man. It was just one of those things, everybody knows you won Ross. Hats off man.

    • Austin, TX

      ps. Sanchez. You’ve been awarded not just one, but several fights that you lost now. This was like, number 3.