Following Quick UFC 184 Submission Win, Ronda Rousey Offered Cat Zingano a Rematch

March 1, 2015
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Leading up to UFC 184: Rousey vs. Zingano on Saturday, women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey showed a level respect for her opponent, Cat Zingano, that she hadn’t afforded previous challengers.

During the weigh-in face off on Friday, Rousey shook Zingano’s hand before engaging in an intense staredown. It was a small gesture, but something Rousey doesn’t typically do.

After becoming the latest victim of a Ronda Rousey armbar finish, Zingano sat on her knees on the Octagon canvas inside the Staples Center in disbelief and disappointment. In just 14 seconds, it was all over.

In that moment, as Zingano sat alone reflecting on all the hard work she’d put in and the adversity she’d overcome to be there, Rousey kneeled before her to console the 32-year-old mom.

It was an incredible display of sportsmanship and respect. Rousey later told the media what she said to the devastated Zingano during the event’s post-fight press conference.

“I said that we should do this again. I think she definitely deserves another shot, and sometimes fights just go down like that,” revealed Rousey.

“I’m lucky to have a lot of experience in Judo, and there were times that I walked out and just got dumped on my head right away. I wasn’t myself that day. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t deserve to be in that fight, or that I couldn’t beat the other person. It was just that for some reason I just wasn’t there,” added the champion. “I understand that feeling. I know what Cat is capable of, and I’d definitely like to see more of what she’s capable of.”

Zingano asked UFC president Dana White what she needed to do to get back to a title bout during the post-fight press conference.  She wants to face opponents that are going lead to a rematch with Rousey.

“I just want to know what I need to do to get in there again. I mean, who is No. 2? I’ll fight them. I’ll get back. How do I get this again,” she asked the UFC president.

“I need fights. Let’s get it done. Whenever you’re ready,” he replied.

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  • Chloe ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I like Ronda’s attitude towards her opponents. It’s pretty simple. She’s the master, carrying the belt. You respect the master (as in bow) first, the master accepts (bows back). Disrespect the master and you get your ass handed to you. You then have to earn forgiveness because it’s not given back easily. You defeat the master, you become the master and he bows to you first, showing his respect, forgiveness not needed. She’s been dealing with this philosophy all her life. Miesha disrespected her and hasn’t earned the forgiveness. I think Cat has this figured out. Ronda gives you what you have shown to her.

    • Seth

      Well siad and pretty accurate. But since we are in the internet, your wisdom will be taken as being “nuthugger” and you will be hated by those who doesn’t understand it, so they just hate it without any logical reason.

      • danisdoodoo

        I disrespect idiots. Rhodna is a fake like the UFC. P.S. Rhodna has no nuts to hug

    • danisdoodoo

      f**k Rhodna!

  • steeltown65

    the short version ( MESHA TATE REALLY IS A SORE LOSING BITCH) Ronda said it before. when she said ” have you ever seen me having a problem with any of my other opponents?” in tates defense. i would hate anybody who whipped my ass twice for money!

    • cheflacsto

      Your comment makes no sense, have you seen Miesha have problems with any of her other opponents. It means nothing, Miesha made some comments before the first fight and Ronda beat her. After the second fight Miesha congratulated her and offered to shake her hand. Ronda can say or do whatever she wants but to say Miesha is a sore loser is silly. Miesha lasted longer in their with her than the rest of her opponents combined I believe. Fact is nobody is beating Ronda anytime soon.

  • sean

    Completely agree on every aspect of what you said!

  • Sarge

    A rematch would be nice.

  • blaaah

    Not happy about the rousey hype. She fought guys, competed with them, Beat them….I don’t think any women can beat her at the moment. She to much of a dude.. More dude than Cyborg, She had training since she was kid.. On top of that her mom competed also… Eventually when some of the girls in mma actually train in their younger years. They would be better. I don’t think is to much fair but if girls had training since then also when they were kids.. they would be as good as her. Ronda i feel like she very lucky and fortunate to be in a league where she better physically and mentally.

    I want her to lose but i doubt she can not at the moment atleast

  • godcmevup

    Ronda is so highly skilled it seems unfair. Did you see how she reacted to zingano going wild on her and tossing her? That was extremely fluid like clockwork. Cyborg needs to get her weight down and come over to the ufc asap for the biggest women’s fight in the world.

  • danisdoodoo

    Do you believe soap operas are real life?

  • Sarge

    zingano is a beast, i’d welcome a rematch. i wanna see the barnburner fight fans were suppose to get

  • cheflacsto

    I really thought Cat was going to give her some sort of a fight. Not interested at all in seeing any kind of a rematch for a while. It was Ronda’s fastest victory to date. You don’t get beat in 14 seconds and then ask for a rematch. I understand anything can happen in a fight, but there is no reason to give a rematch. She is going to have to go out and win 3 or 4 fights. At least another year and a half till she gets the fight. She will be older and Ronda will still be in her prime. Jessica Eye, Miesha, and others are going to get a shot first. If she does work her way back, Ronda will be there because I just don’t see anyone beating her. Aside from all of this how in the world could the UFC sell this fight again, and get good PPV buy rates.

  • cheflacsto

    You are a fool. Tate did nothing but compliment Ronda the fighter as she has always done. She was even doing it during the weigh in show on Fox Sports 1. Miesha even said that she is not ready to fight Ronda again and will work her way up. Every fighter that loses has a reason why the rematch will be different and why they lost the first fight. If you are a pro and go into a fight thinking you are gonna lose or this opponent is better than me, you have no chance.

    • steeltown65

      read what i wrote again. after the first fight and before the second fight. the ufc filmed a behind the scenes piece. they aired it after the 2nd fight. and meisha was trashing ronda. the whole time. she was talking about how ronda got in her head before the 1st fight. and how she ( meisha) was letting ronda think she was this time. she predicted she’d knock ronda out in the second round. she even ran her face about how ronda will never get her striking game right because she relies on her arm bar to save her. you can call me a fool. it is lost in your lack of knowledgeable facts about their rivalry. take it from a guy who has been in plenty of fights. both in the ring and cage. and in the streets. when you hate somebody and you get to square off and you get your ass kicked twice. you won’t praise her unless you’re being paid to. after the 2nd fight ronda said she respected meisha the fighter. but she despises her as a person. you talk about a persons family and you’re an enemy for life! meisha is and was the bitch in this relationship. that’s a fact!