Following Brutal Knockout, Rony Jason Sends Himself to the Hospital in Backstage Incident

November 10, 2013
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Rony Jason first Ultimate Fighter Brazil winnerEmotions are always a part of mixed martial arts.  Whether it be joy, anger, sadness, or any other emoticon you type to express your brain thoughts, the ups and downs of life are amplified ten-fold in the fist-fighting business.

On Saturday night at UFC Fight Night 32 in Goiania, Brazil, featherweight Rony Jason suffered a brutal first-round knockout at the hands of Jeremy Stephens.

Apparently, after the devastating loss, Jason retreated to the bowels of the Goiania Arena and in a moment of frustration, punched a wall. In the process of sending his hand through the structure, he tore a gash in the back of his arm.

“He punched a wall, and had to go to the hospital. That’s exactly what happened,” said UFC president Dana White when asked about the rumored hospital visit for the Brazilian.

“He punched his arm through the wall, and sliced the back of his arm wide open. So he had to go get stitches. I don’t know how deep it is or how serious it is.”

Serving as UFC president for the past decade, there is little that White hasn’t seen over the years.  He wasn’t surprised in the least at Jason’s disappointment and subsequent outburst.

“Listen, this stuff happens, man. Especially young guys with a big loss like that – a devastating loss like that,” said White. “You know, you do stupid stuff sometimes. I don’t think he was expecting to slice his arm open and get hurt, but stuff happens.”

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  • Corey Hutton

    Trying to prove you’re a man to wall and only proving that you’re a bitch.

    • Milosc

      The guy just lost in a bad way in front of all his friends and family. Forgive his emotional reflection

      • b-soc

        Yeah, its not abnormal for guys to get really upset with themselves after fights. I remember Mark Coleman in Pride after he lost to Fedor throwing a complete hissy fit. The only difference is the guy got injured doing it. I think most of us have gotten frustrated and hit something at some point.

        • james j

          Jason stood right in from him and did not move laterally. Hence, KTFO.

  • james j


  • RedSoxDynasty

    Corey Hutton, the same way you’re unable to show yhat you’re a man when with a woman i presume phaggot!

    • shakejunt

      too much

  • damonmarcus

    He got KTFO!!!!

  • Shawn Steinberg

    He was also repeatedly punching himself if the face as he walked to the back from the octagon and had to be subdued by his corner men. Disappointment is one thing but this is a tad bit over the top. I guess he figure he didn’t get to knock out Stephens so he might as well take someone out, even if it is himself.

  • dandezz

    J BOMB!!!!!! luv seeing Americans win.

  • Kramer

    it happens all the time in the fight game. i remember the first time i went to watch some amateur muay thai bouts in brantford, ontario. this one kid got head kick KOd even with the headgear and shin pads on. shortly after the fight i went outside for a cigarette and noticed the kid screaming at the top of his lungs in anger. it was the middle of winter and he was still rockin the muay thai shorts only lol. so yes this happens OFTEN when you lose a fight. more so if you’re knocked out than anything. its a f***** up feeling i can vouch for and the only time ive ever been knocked out i remember flipping my s*** after the fight