Floyd Mayweather Tops Jon Jones and Anderson Silva for ESPY; Would He Get Killed by a Wrestler?

July 18, 2013
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Floyd-MayweatherJr-wikipediaJon Jones and Anderson Silva were nominated for ESPN’s Best Fighter ESPY, but once again, they were beaten out by boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The ESPYs are voted on by fans and were awarded Wednesday night in Los Angeles.

Jones and Silva have each been nominated for the award three times since its inception in 2007, but no mixed martial artist has ever won it.  Mayweather has won the award five times, while Manny Pacquiao has won it on two occasions.

ESPY voting takes place online and is open until the time the award is handed out, so much of the voting came after Silva got knocked out by Chris Weidman at UFC 162 on July 6.

While fans may have voted Mayweather the top fighter, UFC broadcaster Joe Rogan, in the August issue of Inked magazine, pointed out that boxing is too limited when comparing fighters from that sport to mixed martial arts.

“MMA for sure is more of a realistic contest, more of a realistic test as far as using the body in martial arts competition,” said Rogan. “Although not considered a martial art, boxing is really a martial art. It’s a very limited martial art as long as you agree to just box. It’s only hands. There are no kicks; there are no takedowns. It’s effective in competition, but in an actual physical fight against someone who’s just a wrestler, you’re going to get killed.”

He went on, specifically pointing to Mayweather and the limited skill set that boxing provides.

“Floyd Mayweather would get killed by an average college wrestler. There would be no competition,” Rogan proclaimed.

“If you took Floyd Mayweather today and made him fight against your average college wrestler, that college wrestler is going to shoot on him, pick him up, drop him on his head, and knock him out.

“There’s nothing that Floyd can do about it. He’s going to get knocked out by getting slammed on his head. A judo guy would do the same thing to him. A jujitsu guy would strangle him, no question about it.”

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  • Mike mckinney

    Rogan may be right, but I don’t think that’s what the award is about. First, its voted on by fans so its pretty much crap out of the gate. Second, its not asking “who would win in a fight between these guys?”
    If that were the case either JDS or Cain would get the award. (Likely winners anyhow)

    On a side note, there’s been guys in te past you could really wonder about from boxing. A prime Tyson would have been a really scary proposition for anyone to fight. A guy who creates that much power and s so compact would be scary vs. anyone.

    Back to the fan voting being crap… Did you see how many votes the Alabama football e got for “team of the year.” It’s just silly.

    • bajafox

      “First, its voted on by fans so its pretty much crap out of the gate.”

      Spot on.

      Also Rogan sucks

      • redmar

        you suck.

        • Joe Rogan

          He’s right, I do suck

  • Jordan209

    I think Joe Rogan is taking this a bit far. Whilst an average college wrestler does have the tools to beat Mayweather theoretically, he would have to deal with Floyd’s unmatched speed, reflexes and footwork. It’s not as straightforward as Joe’s making out in my opinion. A trained mixed martial artist obviously beats a straight boxer almost every time though.

    • Pablo Vasquez Jr.

      what do you think of when they tell you who is the best fighter on the planet Mayweather?

      • Pablo Vasquez Jr.

        what does a none trained mixed martial artist look like?

        • fern

          floyd mayweather 🙂

    • Sikk

      It’s only “not as straight forward” to you because you obviously don’t know s*** about you’re talking about.

  • mike

    “Best Fighter” (quote/unquote) lol

  • robert reanier

    Mayweather is the fedor of boxing he use to fight the Best but now fights nobodys all the t ime he would be a skid mark on the ground if he fought any mma fighter.mark bocek would beat his ass

    • Jimmy

      Agreed. He’d a been a skid mark on the ground if he hadn’t been fighting tomato pickers for the last few years too. He’s just a boxing douche bigellow with a bunch of gay fans on his nuts.

      • Marcus Miles

        Who are the nobodys he fought. the fight before last was against Coto. He fought Gurerro who was ranked the number two or three in the devision. Now he is fighting Canello who is undefeated, who just fought Trout who was undefeated and had alot of hype. He fought Ortiz (f3ck that fight). Before that fight he schooled Suga Shane Mosley, Mosley before the Floyd fight had one of the biggest wins of his career. Prior to that fight, he shut out Juan Manuel Marquez. Before that he knocked out Ricky Hatton who was number two and undefeated with a 33-0 record. If you think he fights nobodies then you probably dont follow boxing as much as you used too before you got hooked on UFC. He fights people who are the best in the division and they all have the most hype. The only fight he has no made is against manny. Floyd may be a d-bag but is the best at what he does. Tell me who has he fought who is a nobody?

      • candelario

        tomato pickers … fu@k you

  • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

    Rogan is missing the point badly, that seems just a rant against Boxe …
    really I love MMA but so sick of hardcore fans thinking it’s the definitive sport, the path of a true warrior, the complete combat sport, …

    no point to do such a comparison with another combat sport …
    even MMA has rules and limitations, try to do a double leg against a Krav Maga master and watch out your spine!

    • Lucas Freire

      You just said everything I wanted to say.

      • Carlos Ponce

        Apparently you didn’t want to say much of anything. Elaborate on the rules and limitations and how they would actually be a hindrance. He’s obviously just a fan of Krav Maga. Really? Krav Maga? please

        • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

          No Carlos I’m only a MMA fan but I think we must be rationals talking about comparisons between combat sports. Even unified rules in MMA are hurdles if then you bring MMA into a street fight contest: no strikes on the back of the head or on the spine, can’t pull hairs, no bites, no headbutts, … imagine a skilled opponent that can use all of these dirty techniques … I pointed out Krav Maga but it could be the early days Valetudo too …

  • Lucas Freire

    Well that’s just stupid.

    He goes on to say that a wrestler/judoka/jiu jitsu guy would destroy Floyd on their respective “sports”, but what about putting this guys on a boxing match against Floyd? lol

    • Lucas Freire response

      He doesnt say in a BJJ match, or wrestling match, or judo match… he says in a FIGHT, he would get destroyed:

      ““If you took Floyd Mayweather today and made him fight against your average college wrestler, that college wrestler is going to shoot on him, pick him up, drop him on his head, and knock him out.”

      No mention of a wrestling match… he means just a regular ol fight

      • Carlos Ponce

        You’re right. Good point.

      • Marcus Miles

        How do you know the college fighter can fight. My boy is a D-1 wrestler and he cant scrap to save his life. He can take you down and position you. Thats it. Kos couldnt even throw blows in his EARLY DAYS of ufc. He would smother an opponent. The 2012 NCAA champ Jason Boroughs says he doesnt like getting punched in the face and would never do MMA, You think he is gonna go pick a fight with floyd. Not every wrestler is a “fighter”. Rogan can say what he wants, 9 time out of 10, Floyd would whip his ass.

    • brandizzy

      well no s*** floyd would beat them in a boxing point. you’re missing the point.

    • Carlos Ponce

      Na. It’s not really that stupid. You just don’t get it. Boxing is limited in an antiquated and pointless way for today’s standards. Why have a competition/form of entertainment with restrictions that makes it more boring and less of a real test of who would beat who in a hypothetical street fight. Let’s face it. The hypothetical street fight aspect is relevant to the entertainment factor. I believe the only reason he stops at comparing a boxer to single disciplines is because there is no point in comparing a boxer to an MMA guy. I grew up on Julio Ceasar Chaves, Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson… I’m sorry but I have to agree with Joe’s comment that the guys that are famous in boxing now are the last one’s to be famous from that sport. It’s on it’s way out, and rightfully so.

      • Lucas Freire

        Because that’s one of the requirements to be accepted as a sport. We can proceed on this kind of talk all day long, then start talking about how obscure self-defense martial arts nullify common movements of wrestling and so on.
        The fact is that you can’t compare a top level athlete like Floyd Mayweather with some amateur level college wrestler. He may not have takedown defense techniques, but dear god, what about a whole life doing boxing drills/footwork drills and everything else? If some amateur level anything tried to knock down Floyd Mayweather, he’d be KTFO without even noticing it. I’m a HUGE fan of MMA, but that’s just disrespectful of Joe Rogan to underestimate a champion like Floyd.
        Above everything else, like comparing fighters from different divisions, you simply CANNOT compare them. One’s sport is boxing, the other one’s is MMA. And done. Floyd’s career on boxing is much more successful than any MMA fighter career, period.

        • Carlos Ponce

          It’s a matter of probability and simple deductive reasoning. What’s more likely?… that someone who has no learned takedown defense is going to be able to avoid being taken down by someone that has been trained to take people down very efficiently? On the other side of the coin, you could say the same thing about the wrestling guy and the likelyhood of him being able to avoid getting KTFO while he’s attempting the take down. Personally I’d put my money on the college level wrestling guy vs the top level boxer. Let’s face it, it’s easier for fights to end up on the ground, even when both guys have good takedown defense.

          • Marcus miles

            Where do you get your statistics from. You dont have any raw data.

        • redban


          olive garden butthole

        • Marcus Miles


    • kbroesq

      Why is everyone saying ‘Duh Rogan, of course they would win in wrestling, or judo, or BJJ…that’s what they do!”

      Rogan isn’t saying they would win at their respective disciplines; he’s saying they would win in a fight USING those disciplines.

      Also, as I said above, Rogan is saying all this in the context of an interview in which he’s being asked questions and is answering them. It’s not like he’s making unsolicited statements.

  • Kyle Rayner

    Well no sh*t Joe Rogan! That’s like saying “In a meat eating competition, a T-Rex would defeat a brontosaurus” Yeah, the T-Rex is a pro at eating meat, the brontosaurus doesn’t do it period. Just as Mayweather doesn’t wrestle, train Judo or Jujitsu

    • kbroesq

      Rogan didn’t say that the wrestler would beat Mayweather at wrestling; he said that the wrestler would beat Mayweather in a real fight USING wrestling.

      Furthermore, he was probably responding to a question someone asked him, so it’s not as if he’s out there just making unsolicited statements.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Seriously, this shows us that MMA is still way less popular than boxing. Boxing sucks IMHO.

    • Carlos Ponce

      Agreed. Boxing sucks. However, some people are still all up on boxers nuts… convinced that they are amazingly skilled athletes. But it’s just like Rogan said about his self and all of the time he spent becoming “bad-ass” at
      taekwondo. Once he realized that he couldn’t use his hands for much and would likely get his ass kicked by a more well rounded fighter, he said that he’d devoted a huge percentage of his life trying to perfect something that’s stupid. It takes guts to be that honest with yourself. It takes way less guts to just accept that your a fan of something that is inferior to something else that’s come along more recently, but people just need to drop off of boxing’s collective nutsack and face the music.

      • Baller31

        Boxers are strikers on a much higher level than mma fighters. I agree they are not very well rounded, but if you know your history, boxing started as a mixed martial art. In the 19th and early 20th century, takedowns were permitted in bare knuckle contests, and signaled the end of a round. What boxing has become is too specialized, but it’s still important because when mma fighters want to evolve as strikers, they still train with boxers.


    I dunno… both a Ju-Jitsu and Wrestler would have to get close to him, and boxers have crazy fast hands and good feet movement.

    I’m not saying a boxing guy would beat an elite MMA fighter… but Floyd wouldn’t just get smashed in a ‘street fight’ by any collage wrestler or any MMA/Ju-Jitsu trained fighter. Street fights just.. happen… and in that moment, if you get hit in the face even once, you’re out cold. Boxers hit HARD.

    • Eric_D_Read

      I think Rogan overstated his case a bit, but in general he has a point.

      If an elite boxer and an elite wrestler square off in a street fight ten times, I think the wrestler gets his takedown and pummels the boxer 7/8 times out of 10.

    • Manuel Lopez

      In a street fight anything goes, kick to the balls, back of the head blows, biting, knees to the head or body in any position… to get in a debate with Rogan or anyone about if Mayweather could be beaten by Aldo in a street fight is just playing ‘what if’. it’s fantasy. Nothing is true until it actually happens.

      • kbroesq

        I see what you mean, but it’s not total fantasy. Asking who would win between two boxers in a street fight is total fantasy, but not between a boxer and a mixed martial artist.

        MMA is as close to a street fight as you’re going to get, so I think it’s a pretty safe bet that the mixed martial artist would win.

        • Manuel Lopez

          Ricardo Mayorga a tough as nails boxer recently fought an mma guy, the mma guy was obviously way superior in ground skills and he was smart enough to avoid a stand up war with Mayorga who has dynamite on his hands and an incredible chin. But here’s the thing, despite Mayorgas lacking ground skills he was hard to handle… Check the fight out, Mayorga is very street tough. Supposedly he won, but the win was overturned. I only bring it up because its a great example of a boxer vs mma guy. Of course it remains to be seen if a Mayweather is as gutsy as Mayorga is. And get this.. Mayorga was out of shape!! The fight was in Nicaragua, my home country. And Mayorga was a true top contender in his day Nd fought the best in boxing.

    • kbroesq

      I don’t think anyone, including Rogan, would disagree that a boxer has a chance to win the fight by KO’ing the opponent before he can get taken down. However, that is not likely going to happen.

      When Rogan says it WOULD happen for certain, I think he’s just being hyperbolic.

    • Joe Shmoe

      “If you get hit in the face even once you’re out cold”…??? I am assuming you have never been hit in the face before. I have seen terrible fighters take a horrible beating and still come out on top with a lucky shot in street fights and in the UFC. Hell, even in boxing for that matter.

  • fern

    MMA is closer to a real fight than boxing may be but it is still far from an absolute fight for your life, no rules, no holds barred fight.
    In that instance there are so many tactics that can be used that are currently not allowed in modern day mma. Elbows to the spine, thumb or blow to the trachea, eye gouges, biting, groin shots, small joint manipulations. Even in the very first UFC eye pokes and biting were not allowed..
    My point being that the comparison is a bit silly and unrealistic.

    • redban

      all of those would help the wrestler though, right? Not only will he be able to take mayweather down, he’ll be able to jam his knee into his balls at the same time.

      • fern

        Perhaps but not necessarily. Elbow strikes to the spine or the neck can be utilized on the wrestler as he’s shooting in. It would have to be fast though. But if you know you are going to face a wrestler then you will be quick to employ those tactics. Also the trachea chokes can be applied from where-ever including bottom. Might depend on who has longer reach. Personally if a wrestler got me down (and I didn’t know how to grapple) and tried to pin me I would have free biting access to many parts of his body, lol. Also finger bends and what not as he’s trying to pin me. You just need to inflict a split second of intense pain so you can wiggle your way out from under and stand back up. However if the grappler was smart, they would simply trip you to the ground and try and soccer kick your head instead of laying on you and exposing their body parts to bites, eye gouges and finger bends.

        This is a conversation for soldiers who have seen seen unarmed combat to the death.

  • Raymond Gonzalez

    One Mayweather uppercut would probably be lights out for your everyday college wrestler, but having the confidence to throw a hard punch with no ground game would be a problem. Mayweather is EXTREMELY athletic and incredibly talented as a boxer, but 7/10, he gets double-legged and submitted.

  • joe

    your right mr rogan but floyd earn gazzilions more than you or any mma fighter and besides floyd has many body guards with guns even before any of your boytoy college wrestler comes close they get beaten down hahahaha

    envy envy envy mr rogan floyd will donate his pubes to make a wig for you

  • Manuel Lopez

    The question is, can mma famous be as good in straight boxing match? I can’t see gsp out boxing Mayweather, I don’t see Aldo outdoing Paquiao. It takes real guts to take stand up punishment without resorting to a takedown to prevent getting knocked out.

  • el loco

    love joe rogan but here he is talkin s***. of course mayweather would get killed in an mma fight, because he doesnt know other things other than boxing, if he would he would kill everybody #superathlete

  • Big Mike

    At the end of the day, Mayweather was/(maybe still is) at an elite level of his sport. Regardless of whether he could beat up a wrestler in a fight or not doesn’t take away from that. Personally, I don’t believe MMA makes you any better a ‘fighter’ than boxing. And for the record, I hate boxing but love MMA.

  • Mike McK

    Whoa hold on people. I won’t debate any of the “who wins in a street fight” arguement, but acting as if boxing should go away because something “better” has come along as silly.
    I’m not sure that boxing was ever suppose to be a street fight simulater, but even if it was it has grown into something much different. Saying that boxing should die would mean that all the other single martial arts should as well, following that logic. No more wrestling, BJJ, judo, etc. they all have their place, and they’re seperate talents.
    Just because guns and silencers have came to be doesnt mean the now and arrow need, or should disappear. They all have their place, and they’re a seperate skill set.
    I’m not much of a boxing fan myself, but you shouldn’t just piss on an entire sport, and its people because you think something else has came along you think is better.

    I would also point out its been a long time since mma fights have resembled street fights. It might be “closer” than boxing, but its now way off.

    Now from a fighting stand point mayweather isn’t exactly a knockout artist. He’s the size of Brock’s leg. You take a guy like Tyson with that kind of speed, and power and a wrestler may never see a single leg. Hell a guy like a prime Tyson wouldn’t be a treat to have on his back. Mma is yet to really have a fighter with that kind of power, and probably never will since it takes years of punching alone to get there. Too much other stuff to work on.

    • Mike McK

      Bow and Arrow*

      Damn auto correct.

    • Marcus Miles

      Thank you for understanding the importance of boxing. Boxing will never die.

  • Dee

    Who cares? Mayweather is not a wrestler he is a boxer? If he was an MMA fighter then yeah I can understand where Rogan is coming from but since he is not then why is this comment even relevant? Floyd is the best boxer in the game and Jones Jones is the best MMA fighter in the game. The fans choose who they felt was the best fighter. Come on Joe! Drops mic. Exit stage left.

  • Chaddy

    I guess it’s just the same as you put any UFC fighter in a boxing ring with Mayweather and he would destroy them.

  • bill sunday

    Are you kidding me!?? Did this article come out 20 years ago?? Who would write an article like this acting like this is News and some strange revelation from Joe rogan?
    Isn’t that just common sense today? Everyone knows a high school wrestler would have the same success against mayweather. What a dumb article to post on an mma website. Thats like saying” Joe rogan says jiu jitsu would have success over boxing”.
    Would someone please help mma weekly out and start writing some real articles ???????please……anyone out there with an ounce of writing and reporting skills??

    • kbroesq

      MMA Weekly brought it up within the context of a current story about the ESPYs, which is directly relevant to comparing the combat disciplines. It’s not like the story is entirely focused on Rogan’s comments.

  • amenvaf


  • Werdoomb

    Who cares if he would get killed by a wrestler?

    He makes more money than any MMA bum out there.

    This is so doomb. And Rogan can be very doomb at times. No wonder the viewership of MMA never changes. All blue-collar WWE hick fan boys.

  • Matt

    I agree w Joe! A boxer would get crushed by a MMA fighter. Hands down! Boxing is dead……and so are their fighters.

  • Jim

    Rogan’s don’t know crap, all Mayweather need do would be a simple eye gouge, stopping any wrestler dead in his shoot.

  • Manuel Lopez

    You all want to see a boxer vs an mma guy? Check out Ricardo Mayorga. Lacking jj skills and out of shape, the mma guy could not put him away.

  • Seppo

    The attitudes of the boxing society towards other combat sports is a disgrace. If we talk about a fighter of the year, there is no way that no one else than a MMA-athlete should win it.

  • joshy Josh

    Silva or Jones are more deserving I guerintie if Silva faught Floyd he would kick him in the face and if Jones faught Floyd by taking him down and elbowing him in the face floyds only chance of beating either is if he was like alrite I’ll fight you but your not aloud to kick me or take me down punches only there should be a boxer of the year and a figherrt of the year Cruz boxing is boxing and fighting is everything rolled into 1a.k.a mix martial arts

  • Baller31

    Rogan is an idiot. First of all, this is about who’s best at their respective sport, and it’s clearly Mayweather. As for if he would get killed by a wrestler…plenty of stirkers beat wrestlers–Liddell, Silva, Aldo, etc…so it depends on if Mayweather has takedown defense (probably not, but it’s an unknown.) If Rogan wants to talk realistic fighting, mma is a far cry from streetfighting, where there are no rules, headbutts, groin kicks, neck strikes, knives or improvised weapons can come into play, the fighters don’t wear gloves, etc. Rogan likes to pretend he’s an expert on everything he talks about…maybe he should step into the ring with Mayweather and we’ll see how he does.

  • onehitwonder

    boxing sucks, a bunch of huggers, no and i’ll say it again, NO boxer has lasted more then one round against a MMA fighter, and never will.

    • Baller31

      So, I’m guessing you didn’t see Ray Mercer ko Tim Sylvia, a former UFC champion, in 9 seconds???

  • dana whte

    Well rogan just indirectly said that mma fighter and wrestlers are worst paid fighters to say they would engage in street fights, floyd would never fight unless he gets paid , besides floyd can buy rogans asz anytime

  • Ariel Gonzaga

    @e59a4521cadcb16484baf31e8210aa6c:disqus coz mayweather knew pacman would kick his funky ass.when manny was the best at that time.

  • Jase

    Don’t get it twisted, I love mma but that are so many ways to defeat an opponent in the sport. In boxing, just one way which makes it more of science.

    Yes Floyd has not fought the best lately, but you cannot argue that he is one of the best defensive boxers of all time. At age 36 vs a 23 year old undefeated Canelo, he completely out boxed him, yeah people will argue that he keeps running but really, its called boxing IQ, less hits to the head the better. Ali is the greatest but look at the price he had to pay.

    Joe Rogan says a wrestler will drop Mayweather and that is true, but how many amateur wrestlers are out there? alot!! how many Mayweathers are out there..NONE!