Floyd Mayweather Says He Won’t Be ‘Brainwashed’ into Thinking Muhammad Ali Was Better Than Him

April 20, 2015
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Over the weekend we wrote something about Conor McGregor saying headline-grabbing things. And here we are at the beginning of the week and still having that same feeling, this time with Floyd Mayweather.

“Money” was interviewed by ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith and said he won’t be “brainwashed” to believe that Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali were better boxers than him. Smith responds in typical Smith fashion, of course, getting flabbergasted at Floyd’s assertion.

The boxer goes on to give props to Robinson and Ali for paving the way, but continues to explain that fighting in one weight class and a loss to a young Leon Spinks hurts Ali for GOAT status over Floyd.

Oy vey. To the footage!

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  • jimmy777

    Dont care for the guy but at 47–0 how ya gonna argue that hes not the greatest?

    • a Historian of Boxing

      Mayweather is a Joke so lucky to be fighting at this period of time when there really are no great fighters accept for Paquiao whose actually a blown up 130 pounder & which he’s been ducking for so many years & just goes to show how much he knows about the greatest Ali such a shame some people even compare them well for your information fighters are judged in their prime & their competition not when he fought Leon Spinks when he was just a shell of himself

    • uncle

      He beat bums the greatest is when you could put Floyd in any boxing era and win
      Sugar Ray Hagler and Duran would destroy Mayweather

      • Logan

        Its unlikely. If you dropped Floyd into their time period, he would absolutely mangle them.
        Sports Science has come so far over the years that athletes are just a different breed now then they were years ago. Not to say that I think Floyd is the best to ever live, I am just saying its not a fair comparison

  • Ozzy Greenwald

    Has he ever been “really” called “The Greatest”? I don’t think so and a fluke loss doesn’t change the fact that Ali will ALWAYS be “the Greatest”! ! !
    He will have to explain his loss to Manny soon enough! ! !

  • jack lee

    remember mayweather fights little guys ,below 150 lbs,take a lot more punches at that weight than over 210 lbs. Floyd great little fighter in the ring ,on the street hed be beat by ronda rousey easily,maybe in the ring . he is the best of hes size. ali was more hype than anything else ,an had more rounds to win fights 15 .

    • uncle

      Chael Sonnen is hype ,Ali was a champion and he was no joke to take Foreman out. Floyd
      never fought anybody that was a threat besides Hatton, he ducked Vernon Forrest and others
      for years .Ali talked trash and walk the walk.

  • Rube Kegal

    Floyd is the greatest and anyone who says “he beat bums” is a bum plain and simple. He crushed 33-0 Diego Corrales, TKO’d 43-0 Ricky Hatton, dominated 35-1 Jesus Chavez, beat Jose Luis Castillo twice, beat Arturo gatti like noone beat Gatti before, beat De La Hoya, beat Cotto, beat Mosley, oh yeah and also happened to DOMINATE Juan Manuel Marquez, the same guy who knocked Pacqiauo the eff out!!! Canelo Alvarez was supposed to beat him, but what happened there?

  • SixToedPete

    Floyd Mayweather is a very talented boxer who will never be considered the best P4P fighter by serious boxing fans or historians. History will always rank Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Robinson, Jack Johnson, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Rocky Marciano, Henry Armstrong, Willie Pep, Roberto Duran, Jack Dempsey and several others higher than PBF.

  • James Southington

    skill wise, yes he is more talented than Ali…accomplishment wise, absolutely not…Ali fought KILLERS…Ali’s heart and fighting spirit was much greater than floyds as well