Floyd Mayweather Admits His Showtime Reality Show Is Not Real (Video)

September 24, 2014
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Floyd Mayweather went in front of the Nevada Athletic Commission on Tuesday to answer for questionable scenes featured in his Showtime reality series “All Access.”  During the hearing, the boxing superstar admitted that his reality show is not real.

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  • Eric

    What business does the NSAC have with what goes on his his gym. They overstep their boundaries… They have No business and the questions they asked we’re ridiculous.

    • Rocco

      If anyone gets a break from the NSAC its Mayweather.

  • Eric

    The blonde woman on the panel is obviously some congressman’s learning disabled sister.

  • Rocco

    News Alert News Alert…Reality TV is rarely real?!?! For realz??

  • taylor2008

    Who cares? Most reality shows are not real anyway.

  • Muay_Thai

    Floyd just need to MAN UP and fight a real fight, a fight he’s been avoiding for a VERY long time…..Pacquaio