Florida Commission Closes Investigation; Clears the Way for Fallon Fox to Fight

April 3, 2013
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Fallon FoxCourtesy of Damon Martin and official MMAWeekly.com content partner Bleacher Report.

Transgender fighter Fallon Fox has tackled the latest obstacle in her hope to remain a competitor in the state of Florida, and she will be allowed to compete at her next scheduled bout for Championship Fighting Alliance on May 24.

On Tuesday, the Florida Boxing Commission closed the investigation into Fox’s licensing application, which means she will be able to compete in the state in future fighting events.

Fox was issued a fight license by the state in early March, but the application she submitted was under review for “alleged discrepancies.”

“Fallon Fox was issued a Florida license on March 2, 2013. Our Department had been investigating alleged discrepancies in the information provided on the application, and during that investigation Fox’s license was not suspended or frozen; it was still active. The investigation was concluded yesterday,” said Sandi Poreda, Director of Communications for the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, in a statement emailed to Bleacher Report on Wednesday.  “Currently, there is nothing that would prohibit her from being proposed on a fight card in our state. We have not received any fight cards for future fights for her at this time.”

Fox has been at the center of controversy for the last several weeks after she revealed that while born a male, she underwent extensive treatment and eventually surgery to become female. The 37-year old fighter was competing in the CFA women’s 145-pound tournament where she recently knocked out her opponent in just 39-seconds.

On her application for a fight license, Fox had not disclosed her medical status as a transgender female.

Upon further review, the Florida commission didn’t believe there was enough information to support further action.

“The evidence does not support prosecution of the specified violations of Chapter 548, Florida Statutes, or the rules promulgated thereunder. Therefore this case should be closed,” read a statement by Roger Maas, Assistant General Counsel to the Florida commission.

The MMA world has been buzzing ever since she revealed her transgender status with everyone from UFC commentator Joe Rogan to former Strikeforce champion Miesha Tate weighing in on the subject of whether Fox should be allowed to fight women having been born a man.

While several doctors have argued the point of Fox’s body chemistry as to whether or not she should be allowed to fight, the decision to allow her license to remain in tact ultimately came down to the Florida commission who will oversee her next scheduled fight.

That decision has now been made and Fox is cleared and her license remains valid.  Her next opponent is scheduled to be 2-1 fighter Allanna Jones, who stated as of earlier this week that she would face Fox in the next round of the tournament in May.

The finals of the tournament could come into some question however as Peggy Morgan, who sits on the other side of the bracket opposite of Fox, has stated that she will not face her should the two of them be paired together in the finals of the tournament.

“I do not think there is sufficient hard evidence to show that Fallon does not have physical advantages over the women she has fought,” Morgan said in a statement via her management’s website.  “I understand why people are advocating for Fallon and I appreciate that it is important to protect her rights, but I think it should be just as important to protect the safety of the other women in the tournament. Until I am presented with conclusive evidence that a fight with Fallon would, in fact, be fair, I will not be entering the cage with her.”

The CFA tournament will continue regardless with their next event in late May and now Fox has been officially cleared to return to action for her next fight regardless of who she may or may not face if she makes it to the tournament finals.

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  • jeremy

    why dont you post the real pic of it ? the one in the weigh ins, it looks just like a dude. and i hope every woman real woman turns down fights with this screwed up dude.

    • bajafox

      At the end of the day “it” is still a person, show some respect.

      I don’t agree with her fighting as a female fighter, but I’m no doctor either so I can’t argue why she shouldn’t.

      • Gary Fredericks

        Baja, you can’t put two and two together and see this is a MAN that had his nuts chopped off and is fighting women now? You tell Jeremy to show some respect as “it” is still a person when this nutsackless woman beater isn’t showing ANY respect for the women he legally gets to beat on (at least in Podonk, FL).

        Gay is one thing. What a man/woman does in their own beds is nobody’s business. That has no bearing on the advantages or lack thereof afforded by the gender of a fighter such as natural hormones, musculature, and experience since women fighting is relatively new. Bottom line, if the transgendered want to fight, make a transgendered MMA division and let these people argue with each other about what’s fair….and that is the argument….fairness. The “it” was born a man and should be classified as one in combat sports.

        • bajafox

          Like I said, I’m no doctor to be arguing whether or not she should fight. I thought just like you and Jeremy until I had to work with one. They’re just people, same as you and me, the only difference is their brain is telling them they’re in the wrong body.

          • Gary Fredericks

            Maybe so, and I do agree, Fox has every right to be who he/she is. The plight of the transgendered isn’t at the top of my philanthropic endeavors by any stretch, I just disagree that Fox gets no recourse for not disclosing the fact that she was originally equipped as a man, especially when the WOMAN he knocked out in 39 seconds is registered as a legit KO on Fox’s record while Florida and the promotion have no balls to tell this guy where to go for his next fight….which should be against a man.

            I do find it interesting that they let Fox fight women while at my work, the transgendered sexes must use solo-bathrooms in the workplace medical office…and it’s legal.

          • MuayThaiFood

            I’m not taking a side here because I’ll admit I don’t have enough information nor do I care to devote the time to research it. That being said, have you seen the WOMAN that Fox knocked out?? I can’t believe she had any physical advantage in that fight. Check it out and see what you think.

          • macgrubber

            completely wrong bro they are not people and def not the same as you and me. Maybe you but not me bro.

      • Giovanni

        That “it” may still be a person but look at this way He’s in “no-man’s land” LOL And since he’s not a real woman; hence, the “it” title. So yes I totally agree that if this it-diot wants to fight then let some freak show MMA organization start a transgender division where this women wanna be’s can beat the crap out of each other, but don’t you dare try to go beat on women knowing you have a physical advantage over them. A real woman is naturally born, NOT MADE punks!

  • rob

    The real question is WHO is “she” going to fight?This is not gonna go well the longer it lasts.Is she classed as a male fighter or a female fighter.These things will cause problems later down the road in the MMA ring.But,best of luck to “her”.

  • Gary Fredericks

    So Championship Fighting Alliance AND the state of Florida are both surgically rendered female as well since they both don’t have the proverbial BALLS to tell this He-Bitch that he/she should be fighting men or not fighting at all?

    Crap like this ALMOST makes those Westboro Baptist Church freaks seem like they make a compelling argument, or at least understandable! LOL

  • Jay Mcgarrity

    get **** chopped off and beat up women as a profession? no point in getting into it when joe rogan covers it all here. http://fansided.com/2013/03/18/joe-rogan-on-transgender-fighter-fallon-fox-you-cant-fight-women/. Extremely f***** up imo though and someone is going to get seriously hurt if this continues.

  • GARY

    OK..This is stupid. Look at this in reverse. If some woman that had transgender surgery and wants to fight men it would not be allowed. They still have the body of what they were born with. Regardless of what their brain is “telling” them. Fox should not be allowed to fight women. If IT wants to fight in a sports bra and pink tights fine,but IT still needs to fight in the gender IT was born in.

    • Time to make cyborg vs edgar superfight happen….Cyborg technically gone through a sex change already, by pumping male testorgene into her body

  • George S Anderson

    Like i said about this situation… I heard about cutting weight… but cutting off your penis to gain an advantage is just… wow… sad day it is

  • justin_e

    Good for the one chick for refusing to fight her. People should refuse to watch and that would be the end of it.

  • Ksmma

    She still has male bone structure. Nothing will change that and it is an unfair advantage.

  • Joshkramer

    People are more screwed up than I thought. It’s a sad day in America.

  • Cereal Killer

    He should not be allowed to compete in any gender specific sport at all!

  • Ron Wheeler

    OK, treat her like a woman – who has admitted to taking massive levels of testosterone for 20 years. This is not about rights, this is cheating.

  • Bigger Hands, Bigger Bones…Big Mistake for these woman to fight this guy!

  • cpa5oh

    What I’m about to describe was all I needed to hear with regard to whether a transgender person is 100% woman or not (and this is gross and I don’t mean any disrespect to transgender people for describing this) – they have to keep something up inside their “neo-vagina” to keep it from closing, which their body is trying to do because their body thinks the “neo-vagina” is a “gaping wound.” I had heard this on the Howard Stern show years ago (he had a regular guest that was transgender) and looked that up again when I first read about this Fallon Fox issue. If you just google ‘vaginal stent’ the first website that pops up explains it.

    The fact that your body is fighting your attempt to become a woman (by trying to close your “neo-vagina”) is a clear indicator that you are not close to 100% woman.

    There are plenty of other valid arguments that prove transgender ‘women’ to be something far short of 100% woman, too.

  • taylor2008

    Sorry but I agree with Mitrione. Someone being gay or lesbian is something I am perfectly OK with, but a guy getting a sex change then fighting women….I dont support that at all. They should have NEVER Ok’d that. What were they thinking? That person is still a guy no matter what they say! A guy beating up on women!

  • if transgender will have a license to fight…there should be a division for them to beat each other up…no offense but this this just gives men a chance to beat a woman. in a legal way…

  • We have many transgender people visit us and although in their mind they are a woman, they are in a male’s body. Taking drugs and hormone to alter this does some changes, but it seems if men who are taking performance enhancing drugs get banned – the same should apply to Fallon.

  • trenton

    transgenders should have their own group to fight other transgenders, simple.

  • keeping it real

    yes, he is not a she, he is an it! what kind of it likes to beat up women?Dana White let me whoop your wife’s ass im a man! how would you like that?

  • His DNA will clearly show that he is a male and not a female. It should really be that simple.