Five Weeks In, TUF 17 TV Ratings Remain Steady

February 21, 2013
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TUF 17 Logo Team Jones vs. Team SonnenThe Ultimate Fighter: Team Jones vs. Team Sonnen is five weeks into the season and seems to be settling in on its audience.

The TUF 17 TV ratings for the fifth episode drew an audience of 1.13 million viewers, according to That is slightly under the season’s average of 1.28 million viewers per episode.

This season signaled a major shift in the series’ timeslot, which moved from a difficult to draw Friday night to a more viewer friendly Tuesday night position.

And aside from coaches with major star power – UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and the polarizing Chael Sonnen – TUF 17 has taken a more documentary-style approach to the show’s filming, focusing more on the fighters and their backgrounds, toning down the typical bombastic drama that has accompanied the series in the past.

TUF 17 TV Ratings:

Week 1: 1.51 million viewers
Week 2: 1.30 million viewers
Week 3: 1.20 million viewers
Week 4: 1.25 million viewers
Week 5: 1.13 million viewers

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  • diazfan209

    I enjoy watching Team Jones lose

  • Matte

    The quality of the production is the best ever by a margin this season. I dunno if they got a new producer or what it is. The participants are much more human and diverse portrayed as opposed to polarized and simplified. The production is much more clean and nice looking.

    Apart from that some interesting fighters and interesting/good coaches.

    Best season ever in my opinion.