Fighters Took to Twitter to React to Robbie Lawler Winning Welterweight Title at UFC 181

December 7, 2014
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The welterweight belt changed hands at UFC 181 on Saturday when Robbie Lawler defeated Johny Hendricks by a controversial split decision. Fighters reacted to the fight via twitter following the event.

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  • shakejunt

    cathal summed it up pretty well.

  • Blaze

    true. all they want is a money-making third fight. Hendricks won 2-4, Lawler 1 & 5

  • Anthony Cefalo

    Only people saying hendricks won are the wrestlers who think getting on top of someone for five seconds is equal to significan strikes

  • Adrian Kimmett

    the fight metrics are very very interesting on this one. Robbie clearly winning the striking game, Hendricks even more clearly winning the grappling game, round by round it goes to Lawler 3 rounds to 2 but overall the metrics give the fight to Hendricks. I thought the decision was going to Hendricks based on points for sure but the end of the fight Hendricks really folded and all but gave up and lost his warrior spirit and Robbie turned it on and went super aggressive at the same time. The ref could have stepped in at at couple points when Johny was turtled up and Robbie was dishing out ground and pound. If you are going to go to decision that’s definitely the last impression you want to leave in the judges mind.

  • 4g63mark

    Notice the only fighters who thought Johnny won are wrestlers……. Especially Phil “the sweaty blanket” Davis. Phil is second to none when it comes to lay n pray.

  • cheflacsto

    I agree, the wrestlers who lay on guys and don’t do any damage are the guys saying Johnny won. Johnny himself said he did nothing in rounds 4&5. 17 takedown attempts and only 5 complete, less than 30% and putting his head between Robbie’s legs when he was doing fine in the striking game, his own corner told him he needed round5 before it started.

  • Sir_Roy

    Hendricks doesn’t work enough in the grappling game to warrant too much attention be put on his take downs. Hopefully, the Judges are making a statement.

    That said, very close fight and up till the last round, I believe the take downs might have had things running his way. Had he buckled down and gave 110% of everything he had left in the final minutes of the last round like Lawler did, he might have had a better night.

    Sadly (for him) he did not do so, and Robbie did indeed show who wanted it more.

    Another trilogy in the wings one way or the other. Should Mcdonald win (pending on how decisively he wins), I see the UFC holding a 3rd match-up to see who gets the next crack at Rory. If Lawler wins, well, his next opponent is a no brainer.