Fighters React To UFC’s Tough Stance Against PEDs Via Twitter

February 18, 2015
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Following Wednesday’s announcement that the UFC plans to revamp and improve drug-testing procedures, fighters took to Twitter to react to the news.

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  • Sir_Roy

    Very interested to see what happens in the next 12 months. Should be a lot of movers and shakers …

  • Darin

    The UFC saying they want to take a tougher stance, or intend to take a tougher stance on PEDs is meaningless. They can take (or could have taken) any stance they want at any time. They can’t ban guys from fighting altogether, but they can certainly ban them from fighting in the UFC.

    I will be a believer when I see this multi-year ban applied to a guy that sells PPVs. Canning prelim guys means nothing.

    • Sir_Roy

      There’s something to be said about increased and regular testing though. A fighter gets caught, even if he / she is not “banned” or even suspended for overly long, testing positive will get them fined and far worse, it will tarnish their reputation effecting their endorsements, marketability and, therefore, their overall profitability.

      In short, I’m more jazzed about the increased testing than anything else.

      • deepgrim

        the out of competition testing is where you really find the cheats, most fighters know how long the p.e.d’s will stay in there system to pass the pre/post fight tests but keeping the tests random will really help to clean the sport up. i wonder how many previously awesome looking fighters are going to become very average looking now

  • solo

    The ones who didnt wrote anything are probably on something.

    • Groinkick

      The people who did post have probably used lol. How foolish some of you are. “I am against PED’s Anyone who use them should be banned for life” Bam instantly a bunch of fans think they area clean fighter.

  • Raymond Gonzalez

    Cool. More ambiguous jargon from the UFC. I’m not saying anything until I see something concrete in writing. This is probably just damage control. How about a little transparency regarding the recent popping of Anderson Silva and Hector Lombard? Also, I hope the UFC will finally admit that pot isn’t a performance enhancing drug unless the sport is forgetting where your keys are or eating ice cream.