Fighters React to UFC Implementing Uniforms Via Twitter

December 3, 2014
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The Ultimate Fighting Championship announced on Tuesday that it had secured a multi-year deal with the sports apparel brand Reebock. Part of the partnership will be fighter uniforms starting in July 2015. Following the announcement, fighters took to Twitter to react to the news.

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  • KingLettuce

    Know who is classy? Kaufman.

  • anchorman

    Meanwhile pro golfers are still able to wear their sponsor’s logos on their hats, shirts, golf bags, etc during PGA events. Golfers are more similar to fighters in that they are both individual sports. The UFC comparing itself to the NFL is a ridiculous comparison.

  • Parental_Advisory

    RIP MMA clothing brands. Smart move, Dana.. send all the big well known sponsers to your rival.. while irritating your own fighters by costing them money.. when you already don’t pay them well enough for the job they do.. I’m on the verge of refusing to watch this promotion anymore.

  • Shamlam Doobly

    8=====D~ ~

  • benoit

    How can some fighters be happy with a deal they don’ know?Just licking Dana’s ###.

  • Sweetchuckknowsbest

    Dog s—!!! My pot smoking nephew where’s reebok cause some tight pants wearing rapper wears them….how bout you hire someone with some telescopes Dana and sign with Chippewa, Carhart, and Levi. The working man buys pay per view. And he is tougher than the 8% that wear reebok to the club or the gym.

    • Jorge

      Dana’s a whore for anything that will bring more money to the organization.. not the fighters

  • Straight Talk

    Nate Diaz gave one of the only real responses on there.

    No surprise he had the most favorite/retweeted response.

    • Jorge

      Probably because it was one of the few honest ones. If a fighter can build a solid fanbase they deserve a lot of sponsors regardless of where they are ranked (as apparently the ranking determines how much the fighter will get paid with the uniforms).

  • dana no brains

    MLB and NBA can implement uniform because players are salaried. when you have the fighters working per fight bases this is a robbery.

  • Jorge

    How can you give the same uniform to a bunch of people who aren’t on the same team?
    I really don’t like the idea, I think it will take away from a fighters individuality
    Also I am pretty sure a lot of fighters don’t really like it they are just saying that to stay in the UFC’s good books

  • vince arizala

    So there will be no more Tapout, Bad Boy, Hayabusa, Dethrone, Venum?

  • William Skrainski

    Time for new leagues and fighters union