Fighters React to UFC Champion Jon Jones’ Failed Drug Test for Cocaine Via Twitter

January 6, 2015
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News broke on Tuesday that UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones tested positive for benzoylecgonine, the main metabolite in cocaine, in an out of competition drug test a month prior to his UFC 182 title defense against Daniel Cormier and has entered a treatment facility. Fighters immediately took to Twitter to react to the stunning development.

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  • Piotr

    Anyone excusing him, especially the UFC are total hypocrites and pick and choose who to support due to $$$. Supporting trash is your prerogative and might line your pockets for now, but just know it isnt good for the sport long term.

    What a joke.

    • Seth

      Normally you are a tool, but I can’t say that here. Agree 100%, UFC has to punish him. Stripping him would be LIGHTEST punishment he should get. UFC can’t afford to fire him – Bellator’s management would do ANYTHING to see JBJ fired, so they can snatch him. But suspension? Taking away his title? Why not. He deserves it, as well as any fighter that breaks the rules.

      • tmac

        know wonder its so easy to cut weight

  • Darin

    This is seriously the funniest stuff I’ve read in weeks. Matt Riddle’s comments are not only hilarious, but 100% relevant. If the UFC is going to hold lower level fighters to a higher standard than the champ, just say that’s what you’re doing and stop the hypocrisy. Jones has had a DUI accident, threw a punch at DC at a presser, now tests positive for illegal drugs. How many passes will one guy get while others have their career ended over far less?

    Fire Jones. The winner of Gus and Johnson can fight DC for the belt.

    • dj7u

      Darin, you’re right the UFC fired Matt Riddle for weed. Now, they’re letting Jones skate on Coke? Any other job Jones would be fired for Coke use.

      For all we know Jones even used Coke 15 minutes before the fight (Coke has a short 1 hour half life so it leaves the body really fast) so he couldn’t feel as much pain and have more energy. Remember, when only Cain Velasquez was the only fighter with energy at 205 or above weight classes? Now, we know how Jones does it.

      Poor DC even cried in the post fight conference interview. Not realizing anybody can give the fight of the night on Coke.

      Supposedly, NSAC is saying UFC knew Jones tested for Coke before the fight. That makes UFC evil for not caring. Especially, when a Cormier’s health is on the line. Definitely helps a person win easier in a fight than weed does. Coke is a stimulant and weed is a depressant.

      It feels like UFC knew Jones was going to win in advance since they knew Jones was on Coke beforehand. Seems more like WWE now. Forgone conclusion fight outcomes.

  • Stephen seeley

    here’s a link to his postfight interview. please everyone, rewatch it, and realize he KNEW he failed his pisstest for coke and that everyone was about to find out.

    • Broken Lander

      Around 7:30 Stann nails it!

  • JonSnuffJones

    My take is strip him of the belt and have AJ Rumble and Gus fight for the vacant 205 title and then Cormier can challenge the winner. When Jones’ gets his ass out of rehab (all theatrical to make himself look good) then he can fight the loser of Rumble vs Gus so he can earn his title shot. Rumble vs Gus should not even be an interim title, just make it an official title fight. Yes Dana, quit trying to cover up for your poster boy. If this failed cocaine test is nothing, then why even bring it up. Let Jones get his act together privately if he really wants to make a good impression. Don’t bring it to the public to try to cover up and make him look good just because he “admitted himself into rehab” LOL morons!

  • stickthatupyanose

    What’s worse than Jon Jones having a loophole where he is not stripped of his belt and all prize money taken back, is the hand wringing apologists coming out of the woodwork. “Poor widdle Jon…”
    DC comes out the real winner here.

    • dj7u
      • SlyDevil

        Now that is a falacy as of now. For one the person stating is not an expert and is stating off of acquired knowledge. Two he even said “Disclaimer: The below is speculative and should not be construed as factual information or reporting.” Before making accusations maybe you should cite a source worth citing. Nowhere in that article did it say an expert stating he did steroids. Also there was a correction at the bottom of the article, might want to check that out.

        • dj7u

          Hardly, any person with common sense see’s “Jones 3rd PED test” and thinks its “suspicious” just as the former head of WADA does.

  • marcie

    I am boycotting the UFC who cuts fighters for weed but allow Jones to do coke. = Dana is a tool.

  • UfcUltimateFloorCuddling

    i’m at tears reading mack’s twitter! Lol jones as dave chappelle is the funniest sh!t ever!

  • Darin

    Will anything ever stick to Teflon Jon? Perhaps he’ll pick up Coca Cola as a sponsor off this.

  • Seth

    Guys like Ozkilic shouldn’t be allowed to speak up publicly. I don’t like Nick Diaz and I highly doubt I will ever be fan of his – but damn, he got what? 9 months of suspension for weed? Im not saying weed is good, coz its not – but between those two, it’s not rocket science to know which one is harder drug :/ And JBJ gets away with coke because “he has a problem”? Damn right he has. Even two – one is coke, second is violating UFC drug rules.

    Unless of course UFC doesn’t have a word written in there about doing coke. That’s a joke…

    • Jesoos

      Other fighters have been cut for weed. If the UFC was a legitimate business, Jones would be cut too.

      • Seth

        Agree with the part about UFC being fair – but they just can’t AFFORD to cut him. Bellator would sign him asap and that would be huge hit for UFC. But they could strip him and suspend him for a year.

        And UFC is legit MMA promotion. It’s not part of their sports-related decisions, so I would say they aren’t legit company (from business standpoint), while they still have the best fighters etc, so from sport standpoint they are as legit as they were.

    • Muaythai4life

      While I don’t at all agree with it, the UFC may not really be allowed to do much to punish him. There are a lot of state and federal laws that restrict an employers ability to punish a person who admits to having a drug problem and seeks help. Now that is ussually only the case with employees and not contracted individuals, so it probably depends.
      I do think the big difference being first and foremost, Jon Jones is their champ. They wanna protect their investment.
      Secondly, Jon at least admitted he has a problem and sought help. Nick Diaz and Matthew Riddle never called what they did a problem (that I know of) and while they regretted getting caught, they didn’t pretend that they had a substance abuse issue.
      That being said, I think Jones played the “I have a problem I need help” card to get out of a stern punishment, perhaps even prodded to do so by the UFC. Remember Jones “had a problem” with alcohol and got a DUI? He’s played the victim before.

      • SlyDevil

        Another thing that may play a role is that Dana said those tests were supposed to be PED tests and they “accidently” ran narcotics tests… Not sure if that may play a role in the decision.

  • Mars

    Lmao at the dude saying “Jones is a coke head, hahahahaha “

    • Sniggih Smalls

      “Joe Rogan, there’s something you don’t know about me… I smoke rocks!!” – Tyrone Biggum

  • Phil

    Stop praising a guy for trying to save face by going into rehab after he gets busted. If not for the positive test he’d probably being doing a few lines right now.

  • I call BS

    A poor example. It is damn funny that weed and roids will set you back in a big way in the UFC but the “Champ” can do Coke and nothing happens? Dana, play fair dude. Make an example of Jones. Fire a champ and earm major respect.

  • dj7u

    Attention all Jones fans. Chew on this. This just in, Jones does popped for steroids too:

    • SlyDevil

      I suggest you read again. The author made corrections to his article at the bottom. Also he mentioned he is not expert and what he stated is speculation, from reading articles and such. Not to you do not believe everything you are told on the Internet. I will wait to hear what the experts have to say. Also was stated in the article that the urine tests are less accurate than the blood test and that Jones was only administered urine tests.

      • dj7u

        Anybody with common sense & see’s the test results on “Jones 3rd PED test” feels it’s very “suspicious” just as the former head of WADA does.

  • Teddy B

    dana white will never do anything because jones is sponsored by the ufc and reebok.
    not to mention the dirtiest fighter in the sport.
    zuffa cannot afford to loose the face of the sport. even if his face is buried in a kilo of coke.
    now we all know jones failed the Pepsi test, he’s a coke man all the way

  • Teddy B

    the only reason he got caught is because ufc is using wada testing, something gsp pushed for, and dana white say is not worth the investment, because Nevada state athletic commission is the best at testing then in other sentence condemn them for incompetence.
    wada caught lance Armstrong, Miriam jones and now jon jones, he would have been fired if it was cannabis, but since its only cocaine they will commend his strength, next fight jones and ?
    “straight outta rehab”
    now we all see ufc plays favorite.

  • packerfan

    this is just ridiculous, UFC champ tested and proven positive for cocaine. UFC lost a very loyal fan because of this stupid stunt of letting Jones fight. No more $54.99 pay per view from here. WHAT A SHAME TO UFC